Looking Through the Smokescreens: Mock Draft Picks 1-10 Ver 1.0

Francisco QuinonesContributor IMarch 18, 2010

Okay, full disclosure up front.  My name is Francisco, and...I am a Raiders fan.  

Why I would even be interested in the draft is beyond me.  Like most Raiders fans, I clearly have a different drafting strategy than Al Davis, and surprisingly, he has yet to consult me regarding the discrepancy in our philosophies.  

I can't help it, though.  The NFL draft is my Christmas.  

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at Mock Drafts, arguing with seemingly no one about why "the Raiders will never pick that guy...would they?

I read reviews of tons of prospects, dreaming of each player dawning the silver and black and envisioning how they would single-handedly turn back this tide of defeat.  

Than I read their flaws, ask them to turn in their uniforms, and move on to the next prospect.  

Rinse and repeat.  

I channel my inner Al Davis and try to figure out which athlete he will blame his coaches for not developing next.    

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So basically, I am a football fan—year round.  

I don't watch any other sports anymore because, really, who has that much spare time?

With this in mind, I could no longer bare to see another ill informed mock draft out there (especially concerning the Raiders).  I am tired of reading bad jokes about Al Davis (although some are deserved) instead of a real explanation for a selection.  

So feel free to disagree.

Like I said, I am a Raiders fan.  

If you feel like you have a good beat on where you team is going, chime in.  But you better bring a good reason why and not the usual, "Because this guy is awesome ." 

Remember, the idea is to actually pick the player your team will draft, not who you think they should draft.  

All right, here goes:  

1) St Louis Rams : Sam Bradford :  If you can't see through this smokescreen yet, then I don't know which league you've been watching.  After all the talk, there are some basic rules that all teams follow come draft time.  The first rule is, if you don't have a franchise QB identified on your roster and you have a top 10 pick, you take one.  Clausen is a possibility depending on who the Rams like, but this pick will be a QB.  

2) Detroit LionsRussell Okung :  Draft Rule No. 2—once you identify your franchise QB and pay him a ton of money, you get some insurance.  Detroit is doing a good job of selling the notion that they are interested in Suh and McCoy, and I am sure they are interested.  But you have to protect your QB, and that usually means drafting a stud LT, unless of course you are the Raiders.  

3) Tampa Bay Bucs : Gerald McCoy :  I know Suh is still on the board, and I think the Bucs will think hard about this pick, but another rule of thumb in the draft is with everything else being equal, the team will favor the better pass rusher.  With all of the over inflated talk about running the ball and stopping the run, the reality is the NFL is now a pass dominant league.  And the best way to stop the pass is to sack the other team's QB.  I have yet to read anything that says Suh is a better pass rusher than McCoy. 

4) Washington Redskins Jimmy Clausen :  This is where things will get interesting.  If Bradford is here, he will be the pick.  Shanahan has looked at tons of tape of Clausen, and I am sure he has a definite opinion on this kid already.  If he like him, he is the pick (see Rule No. 1).  If not, the pick will be a LT, perhaps Trent Williams (see Rule No. 2).  I doubt Holmgren likes Clausen, but if he does, and Shanahan doesn't, a swap could be in play here.  

5) Kansas City ChiefsEric Berry :  The conventional thinking is the Chiefs will go LT here, perhaps Bulaga, but I am not so sure.  If they did go LT, they would have to move their whole left side to make room for this player, and continuity on the O-line is one of the mandatory precursors for QB and offensive success.  They could put this pick at RT, but do you really draft a RT this high?  It's possible.  I'm just not buying it since there are too many variables.  I know Cleveland would love Berry, so look for them to make a move to this spot if the Chiefs really do want to go LT.  

6) Seattle Seahawks Anthony Davis : Sorry, Seahawks fans, but with the money and picks they spent for Whitehurst, they are going to give this guy a shot, so their first priority becomes replacing Walter Jones.  There will be a lot of discrepancies in teams' LT boards, but Carroll offered this guy a scholarship not that long ago.  If Suh is still on the board here, look for Oakland to move up.  If Carroll doesn't like any of the LTs left on the board, he will take Suh.  

7) Cleveland Browns Derrick Morgan : If the Browns do stay put, they will likely be looking for a stud Rush OLB.  This could be Morgan, it could be Graham, or even Gibson.  I don't see Pierre-Paul making a switch to this position, and he is a wild gamble.  Other options could be Dez Bryant or Joe Haden.  I would be surprised, though, if the Browns aren't on the move come draft day.  

8) Oakland RaidersNdamakung Suh :  What a dream scenario this would be.  They may have to move up to six to get him, but I do think Suh will be the surprise fall come draft day.  The Raiders really want an LT here, but I am not convinced they will go for Campbell here.  They resigned Kahllif Barnes for a reason, and I'm sure they still like Henderson.  In all likelihood, Campbell will still be there in the second round, and they can take him there.   Is Campbell a real possibility here?  It's a hard pill to swallow, but you better believe he is.  So is Pierre-Paul.

9) Buffalo Bills Bryan Bulaga : The Bills just signed another Oakland RT castoff, so they must be desperate for O-line help, right?  Bulaga is a supposed "safe pick" and is a guy they can plug in right away to help out whoever survives training camp as their QB.  If they don't like any of the LTs that fall to them here, Joe Haden is still on the board.  

10) Jacksonville Jags Tim Tebow : Just kidding, I couldn't resist.  Jacksonville does a good job of taking players that fall to them, so if Joe Haden is here, he could very well be the pick.  Dez Bryant will be in play because he is so talented, but he is a huge gamble.  Either way, the Jags will once again take the best prospect that falls in their lap.  So Jags fans I wouldn't get attached to any one player. 


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