2010 NFL Draft: Is Taylor Mays on the Road to Cincinnati Instead of a Receiver?

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent IMarch 18, 2010

When you look at the latest Mock Drafts they have interesting choices for the Cincinnati Bengals with their number one pick in the NFL Draft. They have Cincy picking USC Safety Taylor Mays with their first round selection.

After having so many issues with the offensive passing game this past season and so many talented receivers out there in the draft should the Bengals make this selection?

I think that if the Bengals think they can get a very solid receiver like Mardy Gilyard in the second round of the draft then this would be a terrific move for Cincinnati.

Taylor Mays was a very solid leader and play maker for the Trojans for as long as he has started in Southern California.

In his career at USC, Mays recorded a total of 268 tackles including 88 his senior season. He’s also added five interceptions and one fumble forced.

Mays may not be the ball hawk that the Bengals are used to, but he gives them something that they don’t have right now and that is a solid all out talent at the safety position.

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Chinedum Ndukwe is a solid safety for the Bengals and Chris Crocker is the smash mouth player that you want, but Mays is one of the best pure athletes in this draft, blessed with uncanny athleticism and agility. He’s solidly built with raw power; he possesses incredible range and even better coverage awareness.

He has the acceleration and sheer speed to assist cornerbacks over the top and top notch closing burst and pursuit speed to rundown ball carriers and stay with wide receivers downfield.

Cincy resigned Roy Williams who is on the down slope of his career as well, and probably won’t see as much playing time for the Bengals except for running situations.

When you think of talented safeties out of USC the first one who comes to mind is Troy Polamalu who has been a beast for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Without their star safety this season the Steelers defense was mediocre and vulnerable. Yes, he was that important to his team.

If Mays is half as good as Polamalu then he would be a tremendous player to have on your team and definitely a game changer.

The Bengals have been known for the past two seasons to draft a Pete Carroll coached player like Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga.

Rivers is still learning and growing into his role, but Maualuga has made immediate impact and I would expect the same out of Taylor Mays.

Quite frankly I want them to pick a wide receiver in this season's draft and if they don't get a solid one that will help the team win then they are taking a risk that could have them sitting at home come playoff time.

The offense needs a lot more help than the defense because the defense is already a solid group. However I do think that the defense is missing one more piece to be completely domineering and perhaps Mays is that player the team needs.

This just adds to the questions that need to be answered before draft day, and should the Bengals go out and sign Terrell Owens just for security on their wide receiver predicament?

This all just adds to the excitement of the 2010 NFL season.


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