49ers Draft Two Lineman in the First Round

Pacifica Slug@azovrkzContributor IMarch 18, 2010

Surprised? Most would be.  

Looking at multiple mock drafts from the major sports outlets, you tend to think that the 49ers would be best served to draft one lineman and a combination of WR/RB/S/CB/QB/OLB/DT.

They might be right. But I think the key is who is available when pick 17 rolls around. If one of the big tackles or guards are still there, my guess is that they will draft them.

Before you tell me how stupid this would be, consider this: the 49ers have only one lineman that would be considered a solid starter on most other successful teams, Joe Staley. That means they have four other positions that need an upgrade.  

How important is the offensive line anyway? I happen to think that the offensive line is the most important position on the field other than QB. The reasoning is that your offensive line is the only position other than QB that has direct influence to the success on each offensive play.

A WR may catch the winning touchdown play, but if it wasn't for good protection and an adequate throw from the QB, the ball never gets to the WR to make a play. A star RB like Barry Sanders would have had much more yardage had the Lions had a better offensive line. Imagine if Barry hadn't had to make three moves before he crossed his own line of scrimmage each play...

This brings me back to needs. The 49ers need a better offense. If they do not draft another QB in the first round, I would not be surprised if they took a second OT/OG, or trade down to take another OL in the second or third round.

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The other thing to consider is that it takes a year of seasoning before offensive linemen typically gel with the other linemen. Wouldn't it make sense to draft two this year so that they are ready for the 2011 season when you are possibly rolling out Nate Davis or Jimmy Clausen as the starter?

Make the un-sexy, smart play while you can. Draft two top o-line positional players this year and have at least three solid starters for the next five years.

Possible players to drop to the 49ers at pick 17:

Anthony Davis, T, 6'5" 323 lbs. Rutgers (Assuming Trent Williams was taken by SF at 13, otherwise they take Davis at 13)

Bruce Campbell, T, 6'7" 314 lbs. Maryland

Mike Iutapi, G, 6'5" 331 lbs. Idaho

Maurkice Pouncey, C, 6'5" 304 lbs. Florida

Roger Saffold, OT, 6'5" 316 lbs. Indiana

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