Agassi's Jokes Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2010

Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, two of tennis's all-time greats, recently participated in a charity tennis match to support victims of the Haiti earthquakes.

Now these two tennis icons have had their historic battles over the years so it should have been to no one's surprise that some friendly jokes were exchanged between the two.

In the midst of the friendly fire Agassi got a little personal with some of the bantering. Needless to say Sampras didn't find it funny.

His jokes included making fun of the way Sampras walks around on the court like a pigeon and then commenting on his reputation of being stingy.

In return Sampras let Agassi know he didn't find it at all appealing by directing one of his infamous serves right at him. It drew plenty of laughs and rightfully so.

Here's a link to the entire four-minute episode .

It's somewhat understandable that Sampras got a little offended by what Agassi said, but you have to let that roll off your shoulder and realize it's for charity.

This particular charity was a huge success as it brought in over $1 million to aid earthquake victims. With that said let's focus on the important things this charity did instead of a few jokes that went too far.

Agassi was quick to apologize much like most athletes do when they get into the media for something negative. Here's a piece of Agassi's apology that was released on Monday:

"It was out of line. It was innappropriate. The night was on fire. We were all all having fun. I was trying to be comedic. I only had a split second to make a decision. I went for it and it fell flat."

Agassi went on to say that he has since texted Sampras asking to apologize in person to him.

Let's be sure not to demonize Agassi for this mistake. We've all told a joke that went too far that we felt bad about at a later time. We're only human, right?

It's also important not to forget that comedians tell personal jokes that are 10 times worse everyday and we praise them for it. Agassi attempted to be humorous like many of us do and it didn't work out. Simple as that.

The least we can do is praise Agassi for participating in a charity event that ended up raising so much money for so many devastated lives.

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