Al Davis, Please Sign Terrell Owens—If Only To Spite Mike Lombardi

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2010

Everyone knows about the feud between Michael Lombardi (Raiders former Personnel Executive, false rumor mongerer and cynical douche-bag) and Al Davis.

In 2006 Lombardi threw a childish tantrum because he was allegedly never in support of the Art Shell hiring.

Like a 12-year-old girl Lombardi proceeded to make his displeasure known airing out all the Raiders dirty laundry for the world to see.

It eventually escalated to the point where the Raider executive had to be banned from the practice facility.

Art Shell even went as far as accusing Lombardi of contacting reporters to bad mouth the Raiders.

Though it can't be proved some have even gone as far as accusing Lombardi of sabotaging the Raiders by blueprinting the Randy Moss trade.

Eventually Shell and Lombardi were both fired. Lombardi searched for work in the NFL to no avail and had to settle for a job as an ESPN analyst. And Shell just retired.

Now Lombardi is considered by ESPN to be one of their most trusted analysts. Especially when it comes to anything Raider.

That's a pretty impressive title considering the terms he left the Raiders in, and the fact that he couldn't hold a job in any of his five NFL stops.

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But hey, Michael Lombardi did predict the Raiders would draft Darius Heyward-Bey.

Most of ESPN is reporting the Raiders are interested in Owens, despite no sources or scheduled visits.

But like Always, being such an expert and all, Mike Lombardi opened his mouth regarding the Raiders again.

This time he basically suggested the Raiders will not sign Terrell Owens or any other big name receiver. Why? because the Raiders aren't going to let last year's first round draft pick, Darius Heyward-Bey, sit on the bench behind a veteran like Owens.

That's suggesting Darius Heyward-Bey will start next season, regardless of who gives us the best chance to win and the Raiders will give him the go-ahead start next season.

Please Al , say it ain't so, don't let this cynical douche be right. Please sign a big name veteran receiver. Or at the very least don't start Darius Heyward-Bey unless he earns it. I mean we have Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy as well.

I mean why not bring in Terrell Owens? Despite being 36 going on 37 he damn near singlehandedly out produced all Raider receivers combined last year.

But production and a reliable receiving target for JaMarcus Russell is not all that Terrell Owens could bring to the Raiders.

He would have an effect on the field as well as off.

First off revenue, an area the Raiders have been struggling in lately. Owens would bring a mostly positive media buzz to Oakland, sell jerseys, and help fill up the stadium.

Terrell Owens has unparalleled work ethic and a rigorous training program which keeps him in top shape.

Sure Owens prefers to do his conditioning alone, but his routine and work ethic could rub off on some of our young guys. I think he could only push the other receivers to be as good as he is.

Owens has been accused of being a QB killer and a locker room cancer. Sure he may have been the center of some drama at his previous stops. But he has calmed down lately, was quiet in Buffalo. And so far has always been on good behaviour his first year with a team.

He is also pretty much hated by the media. But hey so are the Raiders.

The Raiders and Terrell Owens seem like a perfect match.

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