Not So Fast: Green Bay Packers Answer Chicago Bears Defensive Plans

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2010

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 28: Safety Nick Collins #36 of the Green Bay Packers grabs a football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on September 28, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

If you thought the Green Bay Packers' defense couldn't get any scarier, well you've just been proven wrong. Two of the Packers' powerhouse players were resigned on Friday after originally being doubted, and the backbone of the Packers' defense is now in tip- top shape heading in 2010.

Nick Collins and Ryan Pickett were always questioned in regards to their future with the Packers, but in the long run, all the worrying and stress has calculated in a strong and convincing signing that is set to keep Collins and Pickett in Green Bay for a number of years to come.

Ted Thompson, who has been criticized as of late by Packers fans for his poor motivational skills during free agent signing, has now arguably redeemed himself by gifting Nick Collins with a $23.4 million contract, and a spot in the Packers' lineup for another three years.

But what does this small, but meaningful signing actually mean in the long run?

Sure, the Packers' 3-4 defense is going to be just as solid as it was in 2009, but realistically, the bigger picture is Green Bay faithfuls no longer have to worry about the Chicago Bears taking over the North, and winning with their talented defensive roster.

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As hard as it is to forget Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher, surely the mere fact that Charles Woodson and Nick Collins are making a return in 2010 sends Green Bay to the top of the defensive favorites. Not only that, now 100 percent healthy and fit, Al Harris makes his return to the Packers, and I think it goes without saying that he brings a well- felt presence to the cornerback position.

Fortunately for Green Bay, the offense is still just as solid. No wide receiver, quarterback or running back issues, and the 2009 Packers may just be outdone by the 2010 Packers. 

Not that I can say the same for Chicago, who have already had their fair share of quarterback worries with Jay Cutler, and the wide reciever corp is still lacking with Devin Hester being the only real notable talent on the lineup.

I know it may seem like I am more or less "bagging out" the Bears, but it has come to my attention that the Chicago fans are liking their chances this season, and that is something that Packers fans should take a good, hard look at when considering a possible Super Bowl winning season.

But what about that other team? The Minnesota Vikings. Well at the moment, my guess is as good as yours. With Brett Favre still playing head games on the Tonight Show, and a possible LaDainian Tomlinson signing still hanging in the balance, Minnesota still isn't going anywhere just yet. 

Still, with a good few months to go until the regular season even looks to kick off, the NFC North is heating up. Interestingly enough though, it is the offenses that are being ignored, and the defenses that are receiving the main focus.

With Pickett and Collins now back, along with the barrage of other talent such as Clay Matthews and Atari Bigby returning, there is no reason not to believe in the Packers' chances next season.

I won't predict the Super Bowl just yet, but the North is up for the taking. With free agency nearly over and the draft firmly around the corner, the sky is the limit for the Green Bay Packers. Let's just hope Ted takes advantage of it.

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