2010 NFL Draft: Big Name Prospects the Seattle Seahawks Should Avoid

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 13, 2010

In the past few months, I've seen many Seattle Seahawks fans squabble over who and what the organization should do in the following months. Many say they should take Eric Berry at number six, some say a left tackle. There are even those who believe Jimmy Clausen is the answer.Β 

No one knows what the organization is going to do come April.

But what I do know is that there is a list of big names on the draft board that the Seahawks just simply should not draft.

1.) USC S Taylor Mays

Mays can hit, and hit hard, but his field intelligence just isn't there. He lacks awareness, and simply put is just another LB in the secondary ( Michael Boulware, anyone?). Yes, Mays has amazing speed and strength, but he really never wraps up when he tackles and he doesn't get low for the tackle. Imagine Mays trying to blitz and hit Stephen Jackson: the outcome would almost always be in Jackson's favor.

I wouldn't mind getting Mays in the second round. However, it's more likely that he'll disappoint some other team that drafts him in the first round.

2.) Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen

Clausen isn't a leader. I love Matt Hasselbeck because he is the face and leader of the offense. You won't get that from Clausen.

Clausen also throws side-armed; man it's going to be annoying when the ball gets batted down six to seven times a game. He really reminds me of David Carr...how's Carr's career going, anyways? Clausen also didn't win in college. Yes, Notre Dame's defense was horrible, but college is a talent league. Manning didn't have much talent surrounding him but he won.

Also, Clausen's arm strength is suspect. I'll be honest, all things considered, Clausen is the best West Coast Offense QB in this year's draft. You will just never hear him say, "Give us the ball and we're gonna score."

3.) Iowa LT Bryan Bulaga

Bulaga is going to be a dominate tackle in the NFL, starting on the right side. He has short arms for a left tackle, but why is that important? Well, some say football is a game of inches, and I believe that. A left tackle needs longer arms, because when it comes to pass protection, those extra two or three inches of reach could be the difference between a first down and a forced fumble.

Secondly, Bulaga's body already looks like it's at max mass. His frame is already filled out, where as if you look at Charles Brown, it appears as if he could add 10 pounds of muscle or bulk.

Thirdly, Bulaga can be bull rushed. I don't know about you guys, but when the Vikings come to town, I don't want to see Jared Allen shoving our promising left tackle into our QB.

4.) Maryland LT Bruce Campbell

Man, of all the left tackles in this year's draft, Campbell is the best of the bunch. Campbell is the strongest, most gifted, quick-footed left tackle in this year's draft, and I still hope he won't be wearing a Seahawks jersey come September.

The guy is just injury prone. He started 17 games over the last three years. He missed much of last year due turf toe and a torn MCL. When a left tackle loses his knees, he losses strength and mobility. I truly hope Seattle doesn't spend number six money on him.


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