Expect Dallas Cowboys to Continue to Stay Quiet in Free Agency

Derek MajorCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

The Cowboys have been very quiet in free agency so far, not even interviewing a player or showing the slightest bit of interest in anyone. And you should expect it to stay that way. 

The Cowboys have good reason not to jump the gun in free agency, but that doesn't mean they won't make a move eventually. Last year, the Cowboys took their time and landed safety Gerald Sensabaugh, defensive end Igor Olshansky, and linebacker Keith Brooking for under $30 million. 

The biggest reason why the Cowboys haven't signed anyone is that they have no pressing needs. Jerry Jones isn't shy about throwing money around, but he really has nowhere to throw it. The Cowboys retained everyone who was a restricted free agent and only lost Montrae Holland, who no one will miss. 

The final eight rules also tie the Cowboys' hands at this point. The price is still high on free agents, as we're about two weeks into the free agent period, and the Cowboys can only sign someone if they make more than $5.8 million in their first year or less than $3.8 million.

With the Cowboys starters lined up on both sides of the ball and most of their backups in the fold as well, they don't need anyone of significance this season, meaning they'll wait until the prices start dropping.  

Last year's draft picks Mike Hamlin, Robert Brewster, Jason Williams, and Brandon Williams all missed significant time last year. But the Cowboys still expect them to contribute this season, meaning even less room for a free agent. 

Despite all this, Jerry Jones said earlier this week that although the Cowboys haven't made a move, it doesn't mean that they won't be aggressive when the time is right. However, you have to wonder just who would be appealing to the Cowboys. 

Former Cowboy Greg Ellis said on Tuesday that he wouldn't mind coming back to Dallas as a third-down pass rusher, something he was opposed to in the past, leading to his release. He had seven sacks last year with the Raiders, but injuries hampered the second half of his season. 

Whoever the Cowboys go after, they'll most likely be nothing more than a supporting player. Jerry Jones said that he won't be complacent, but the fact is there's not much the Cowboys need. 

Which means, like Jones, we'll have to take a wait and see approach. 


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