Out With the New, in With the Old? 2010 Packers Are Set for Change

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2010

Tradition. It's something that is basically branded on the Green Bay Packers. From the old to the new, from the skinny to the thin, from the loud to the quiet, the Green Bay Packers are the "backbone" type team of the NFL, and if football is their game, tradition and loyalty are their life.

It came as a slight surprise today to hear that the Packers are now making a small wardrobe change. No, Mike McCarthy isn't getting a larger sweater. This time it's for the players.

Decades it's been, yes decades, since the Packers have even considered changing uniforms. People have speculated before claiming that "The Packers' old green and gold is beginning to grow weary." For those people, I have seven simple words for you: you don't know what you're talking about.

However, the latest news that has entered the newsroom and is fresh off of NFL.com is that the Green Bay Packers are set to bring back the old Acme Packers uniforms.  Finally, the navy blue is back, and judging by the picture to the right, it may be something a little more modern.

Unfortunately, the beautiful gold 'Acme Packers' on the front won't be featured, and instead of a sweater type jersey, it will be more of a throwback type style. Still, it's a change that I personally welcome, and it's a change that will hopefully raise a few eyebrows.

For years we've been the 'green' team. Catchy headlines, quirky shirts, and the odd green flag here and there. Now though, the color blue is back in business, and the avid cheesehead fans may have to paint their beloved yellow hats blue for the occasion.

Looking over the other 31 teams in the NFL, there a few that standout that have lost their historic roots somewhere along the line. The Pittsburgh Steelers still favor the Terrible Towel, the San Francisco 49er fans are still seen in old school Joe Montana jerseys and the Kansas City Chiefs haven't changed one bit. Nor have the Packers, and quite frankly, Vince Lombardi would be smiling in his grave at the mere thought of it.

Although the Packers are set to alter the Acme Packer jerseys, President/CEO Mark Murphy says to take a chill pill, and not to worry.

“Some teams use different colors, like the Bears have had an orange jersey, but for us, what really makes sense is to have an historical jersey and uniform,” Murphy said, according to the team’s Web site. “What’s exciting about this is it’s so different. The colors are different, and I think our fans will really enjoy this.”

If you're a Packers fan, chances are you know Green Bay's storied history. You know who Vince Lombardi is, you know who Ray Nitschke is, and you sure know our uniforms from every stitch to every seam.

Welcome the old jerseys back, someone has to keep the league in touch with its roots, right?


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