2010 NFL Draft: The Crossroads for the St. Louis Rams

Dan SmithCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

SAN DIEGO - DECEMBER 30:  Ndamukong Suh #93 of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers looks on during the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl against University of Arizona Wildcats on December 30, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The Cornhuskers defeated the Wildcats 33-0. (Photo By Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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The Rams franchise has been on the move for its whole existence. Born as the Cleveland Rams of the AFL in 1936, it moved to the NFL in 1937.

In 1946, the Rams left Cleveland for Los Angeles and the 92,000 seats of the LA Memorial Coliseum. At that time the Rams also integrated their roster with Kenny Washington and Woody Strode. The Rams not only moved cities, they also moved for social change.

In 1980, the Rams moved to Anaheim. They were still called the LA Rams but were now outside of LA. You could say they were the Los Angeles Rams of Anaheim.

The end of the Rams in LA was a fascinating tale. It started with a phantom sack on Jim Everett in the 1989 NFC title game against the San Francisco 49ers. Jim Rome, an up-and-coming radio and TV personality in LA, began to call Rams quarterback Jim Everett "Chris" after the female tennis star of a similar name, Chris Evert.

The two met on Rome's ESPN2 show, where Everett was pushed by the words of the host for a historic physical altercation. With the fan base already withering away in the bustling city of LA (and Anaheim), the Rams began to look to start over again.

In 1995, the Rams moved to St. Louis. They became the second franchise to leave Cleveland and win a Super Bowl. Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk led the Greatest Show on Turf to a Super Bowl win over the Tennessee Titans.

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That was the high point for the Rams, and now history is repeating itself for this franchise on the move. With three wins in the last two seasons, the passing of owner Georgia Frontiere, and the team for sale, it is safe to say that the fan base is withering away yet again.   

The city of Los Angeles is in serious contention for two relocated teams, as the plans are set for a new stadium that can house two teams. As soon as they land a team, the construction will begin.

So the Rams in St. Louis are in desperate need of a great draft in 2010. The 2010 draft is one of the deepest in recent memory, and the Rams have the first pick.

The Rams have a stud running back in Steven Jackson. They have a young offensive line led by Adam Goldberg. They need help pretty much everywhere else.

Ndamukong Suh should be their first pick. This All-American defensive lineman will fit in nicely with Chris Long and give the Rams two studs on the defensive line.

With the first pick of the second round, the Rams can address their quarterback issue by taking Tim Tebow. There is a ton of speculation as to how Tebow will translate to the NFL. The guy has proven to be a winner, and that is what the fans in St. Louis want to see on the field.

With Suh and Tebow, the Rams will have two cornerstones for the next decade. They can fill in the rest of their needs by drafting athletes on both sides of the ball.

Marc Bulger can be the bridge to Tebow, or the Rams can start Tebow from the beginning. Starting Tebow right away would bring the fans to the stadium for the curiosity factor.

The future of the Rams looks to be in flux yet again. A great draft can be the first step to making their future more clear. They can draft two great college players with their first two picks.

King Ndamukong looks like a can't-miss talent.

Tebow, in my opinion, will be a great NFL quarterback. He proved his worth in the NFL farm system called the SEC and he wins games.

In the weak NFC West, there is no reason that the Rams should be as bad as they have been. They need to be competitive soon, or they might be on the move once again.


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