What Happened To Allen Iverson?

Wesley MairContributor IMarch 2, 2010

There's a lot of A.I. fans that would make excuses for him as to why he's playing the way he's playing.

Someone could say he is old. Well I really can't agree or disagree about his age because I am not 34 so I have no idea what 34 feels like. However, seeing other people like Shaq, Jordan, and Ray Allen prove themselves at 34 just lets me know that A.I. cant have that excuse.

Some others will say it's because of his ill daughter. Well yes, that can really have an effect on a player's game because there focus is on their daughter. However there are players that have ill family members and play their absolute best for their family members like Derrick fisher, and Olympians that have won gold members for their respective family members.

I do understand that everybody cant do that and maybe Allen Iverson is one of those people that finds it hard to play in that situation, and that is understandable.

I just want to say that Allen Iverson's daughter was not sick for the past three years in which he scored 18.7, 17.4, and now 12.3.

What he is averaging now, he almost averaged two times that in his rookie season. However I once again understand that because he was healthy in his rookie season, he didn't have as many injuries as he has now, but hey when he went to Denver he was really beaten up and he still averaged over 20 and he was playing with high-offensive scorers Carmelo Anthony and JR smith.

Being in Detroit, I was hoping he would still be the same "answer"—maybe even better—but he came out struggling so much so that he lost his starting job to a rookie in Rodney Stucky.

If you're a former MVP, scoring champion, All-Star, and a franchise player, how in the world do your lose your starting job to a rookie? That is sad. That is almost worth tears.

I really could not believe something like that would ever happen to the great A.I.

This man was the man who crossed Jordan and shot a jumper in his face. This is the man that was known at one point to be better than Kobe Bryant...he was the best in the league.

He was known as one of the greatest scorers to ever play this game. His speed was untouchable, his crossovers undeniable. His shot-making ability was unbelievable. Now A.I. is just not able, so now I want y'all to tell me WHAT HAPPENED?


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