2010 NFL Draft: Will Raiders Owner Al Davis Cause More Head Scratching?

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2010

ALAMEDA, CA - JANUARY 23:  Newly hired head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Lane Kiffin (L), smiles as Raiders owner Al Davis reacts to a question during a press conference on January 23, 2007 in Alameda, California. Kiffin, a 31 year-old offensive coordinator from the University of Southern California, was named as the new head coach to replace Art Shell who was fired after going 2-14 for the season.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If there is one thing that is not certain in the 2010 NFL Draft is it what the Oakland Raiders and owner Al Davis will do when they're up to pick at No. 8 in the first round.

The 2009 NFL Draft caught everyone off guard when the Raiders selected wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey from Maryland at No. 7 and defensive back Michael Mitchell from Ohio in the second round with the No. 47 pick.

There have been many cases made for both players, whether they were a reach or not. Heyward-Bey was definitely a reach, since he was projected in the middle to late first round. Mitchell, on the other hand, wasn't even projected to get pick until somewhere in the third or fourth round.

The big question is, what is going through Davis' mind?

It's like trying to figure out what is going on in the television show LOST .

Too many questions, and not enough answers.

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We all know that he loves players with speed and ridiculous physical attributes, but at what cost?

Drafting both Heyward-Bey and Mitchell in 2009, where perhaps two of the most ineffective draft choices that any team could have made.

Heyward-Bey has nine receptions for 124 yards and one touchdown.

Mitchell had 13 total tackles, 1.5 sacks and two fumble recoveries.

Both did not have an impressive rookie campaign at all especially seeing as how the Raiders were predicted to pick receiver Michael Crabtree, who despite holding out with a contract dispute still managed to end the season with 48 receptions for 625 yards and two touchdowns in 11 games.

Now comes the arduous task of predicting what Davis and the Raiders may do in 2010, which is no small task.

They may go back to a more normal selection and perhaps go with a very conservative pick in choosing an offensive tackle like Rutgers' Anthony Davis, who fits the "freak of nature" mold with his physical attributes that Davis loves so much.

Then there are the possibilities that Davis will pick a player from left field like quarterback Tim Tebow who is easily one of the most physically gifted athletes in this draft class.

Also, one would have to consider defensive end Brandon Graham out of Michigan who lit up the Senior Bowl and is another who fits that mold of player Davis likes.

Finally, you would have to wonder, who Davis may just pick out of a hat like he seemingly did with Mitchell.

Whichever route the Raiders go, they really need to consider going with the non-sexy pick in a lineman on either the offensive or defensive side of the ball because Davis cannot afford to have his high drafts picks not make any impact in 2010.