Michael Jordan shoots and misses again in the NBA Draft

John GrayCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

Bobcats had two #1 draft picks ( #9 and #20) this draft and once again Michael Jordan shoots and misses as a GM.  The Cats should have drafted the primary need of a big man first and instead went small.

The Bobcats could have had their choice of all the big men at #9.  If they had someone targeted they could have traded down a bit to get a secondary big and a future pick, instead of risk waiting until #20. Unfortunately, once the Cats went small with Augustin at #9 a run on bigs naturally occurred. 

I would have loved watching the draft board room squirm as eight players 6'9" or taller were drafted and the Cats were left scrambling for the unheralded French center Alexis Ajinca.  To add insult to injury, the Jordan did not even bother drafting the raw but promising center from California DeVon Hardin, who was projected much higher, with their second round pick #50 instead of 6'6" Kyle Weaver and his 12 ppg senior average.

If the 2008 Draft was not bad enough, just wait until the draft that the Bobcats give up their #1 pick in the future since they threw it away for Denver's #20 this year on the French nonoffensive center.  

Denver will get Charlotte's first-round pick next season if the Bobcats make the playoffs. If they don't, Charlotte keeps it. The pick would then be protected by a sliding scale, where Charlotte would retain it if it's in the top 12 in 2010, top 10 in 2011, top eight in 2012 and top three in 2013. Charlotte would have no protection for the pick in 2014.

Instead of trading your future high #1 why did they not just buy the New Orleans' pick as Portland did at #27?


Michael Jordan's biggest flop? Kwame Brown has done little since being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 draft.  There wasn't too much to choose from that year, but better off trading for proven player and picks. 

Otherwise, Tyson Chandler was #2 but took years to develop.  Clippers got Elton Brand for his draft rights though.  Paul Gasol was at #3, Joe Johnson at #10 and Richard Jefferson #13.

For the Wizards, Jordan's best personnel move came when he returned as a player. That helped the Wizards sell out every home game the last two seasons, giving Pollin a tidy profit.

Jordan loaded the Wizards roster with Jerry Stackhouse, Bryon Russell, Larry Hughes and Charles Oakley in an effort to get to the playoffs one last time, but the chemistry was bad from the start. Playing alongside the person who is also in charge proved too awkward for many of the players.

Before Jordan arrived, the Wizards were a nondescript perennial loser with no national profile. They haven't been to the playoffs since 1997, haven't won a playoff game since 1988 and haven't won a playoff series since 1982.


In 2006 drafting the 6'7" shot happy, defensive liability Adam Morrison instead of rookie of the year Brandon Roy or explosive Rudy Gay.

In 2007 was alright since Michael wised up and traded their #8 pick Brandon Wright to Golden State for proven scorer in Jason Richardson.


The Cats should have drafted Brook Lopez, Marreese Speights or Roy Hibbert at #9 or soon after if able to trade down, since the risk of losing a must needed front court help was too big.  With the #20 pick they could have then drafted Mario Chalmers (went #34) or Chris Douglas-Roberts (#No. 40) who they still could have drafted with their #38 pick. 

The New Jersey Nets picked behind Jordan with each pick and chose better.   The Nets have been rated A by many as they took their needed big Brook Lopez at #10, scorer Ryan Anderson at #21, and guard Chris Douglas-Roberts at #40.  Charlotte have been commonly graded C or less by many analysts as Jordan drafted PG Augustin at #9,  French Center Alexis Ajinca at #20 and then Kyle Weaver at #38.

With the #9 pick Jordan had the Bobcats select small with Augustin.  The opportunistic Nets, also needing front court help, immediately took the top rated big man at #10 with Brook Lopez.

Ten picks later in the first round, after eight players 6'9" were selected, the dejected Jordan at #20 was left with the front court scraps with a project in Ajinca.  The Nets complimented Lopez with a front court scorer in Ryan Anderson from California.

In second round, usually an afterthought except for the truly wise or lucky, Jordan & crew selected Kyle Weaver 6'6" from Washington St and his pedestrian 12 ppg senior year average.  The ever lucky and opportunistic Nets had Chris Douglas-Roberts (CDR) fall to them for their back court help.  Many analysts projected CDR to be selected in the first round.

Time will tell but it looks as if the Nets cleaned Jordan's clock with all three picks though they selected after him.


Looking lottery bound in 2009 and for years afterwards.  Hope Jordan does not bother resigning and overpaying any of his failed draft picks or overpaying for the garbage of other teams. 

For Charlotte is is best to keep cheering for their Hornets and what should have been.  Hopefully, Jordan takes his Haines and heads back to the golf course.  Mike was great shooting hoops, but keeps missing on his draft selections.


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