Ready To Be Bullied?: Nick Busick Takes Sports Jabbers' Questions

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IDecember 10, 2009

Recently, a member of Sports Jabber who was also once a professional wrestler agreed to take the questions of the membership about his wrestling career, his personal life, and just about anything else that they could think to ask him.

With the wrestler formerly known as "Big Bully Busick" being ever so kind, I figured that the least we as a sports community at Sports Jabber was to shine some light on the man behind the persona. I give you, Nick Busick!

Busick debuted on the wrestling circuit in 1991 and is a former NGWA heavyweight champion. His brief stint in the WWF included a feud with the "Brooklyn Brawler."

He currently works as the head of security for the Mountaineer Casino and Resort in Wheeling, W.Va. His son, Branko Busick, is a freshman linebacker for the Mountaineers football team.

Q. What made you decide to take the jump into a pro? We have a member here trying to do that same thing...any advice?

A. I wrestled in HS and some college. Combine that with a passion for weight training, which led me into the sport of powerlifting. I grew up on pro wrestling in Pittsburgh and loved it.

A combination of the above put me into sports entertainment. Of course that was a different time and era. Today's sports entertainment world is far different than days of old.

Consider the MMA route first. You will be more likely to get booked. Get a couple of fights under your belt and the sports entertainment industry will look favorably on that. Good Luck!

Q. Do you keep any relationships with people you met during your wrestling career?

A. More some than others. I always attempt to talk to the Iron Sheik on a regular basis. Sheik and his family are very close to our family.

More recently through Facebook, I have had been able to reach out to many wrestlers that I worked with on simply a "Hello"-type setting.

Amazing how that worked. It was great to hear from them. I forgot how many different places I wrestled and who was on the card.

Q. How did you get involved in nutrition and specifically energy bars?

A. I have been an avid gym rat/powerlifter since I was 15. Since I am now 55, that makes 40 years of going to the gym on the average of four times a week in that 40 years. Man I been doing this a long time! LOL

Supplements have always been a part of training and have since developed into a science for athletes and even the general public.

Approximately five-plus years ago, I died—dead—gone—finished while running sprints on the treadmill. It was called sudden death cardiac arrest. They managed to zap me back and I had one big problem. I remained in chronic AFIB.

Long story longer—I hated the meds and vowed to get off, which I did. I studied amino acids and to this day firmly believe it was a key element in returning my heart to health.

There is something called nitric oxide that many athletes used for years. It is similar in a sense to nitro glycerin tablets people take that have chest pains.

Nitric oxide even has similar effects on men and women that Viagra and Cialis does [sic]. Simply put—it is great for circulation.

I decided to add it to a protein bar. That is how and why I started Big Bully Nutrition.

Q. Who was your favorite wrestling opponent, who made it the most fun?

A. There were many. Some that come to mind are Jerry Blackwell, Abdullah the Butcher, Mr. Wrestling II, and Bruiser Brody. I met and worked with many of the legendary wrestlers who I respect.

Q. What are the differences between the WWF/pro wrestling back then and the WWE/pro wrestling today?

A. The wrestlers today work harder! You don't see many old timers say that, now do ya?

Q. Did your son Branko get his passion for sports from you? And has he figured out a way to balance both football and wrestling for the Mountaineers yet?

A. His older brother was two-time runner-up and state champ along with [being a] state champion football team member. Both started wrestling at an early age.

Wrestling has always been a tool and the weight room just a part of our lifestyle. Branko was fortunate to be in that environment since he was little. Everybody becomes a product of their environment.

No exceptions. What you do with it depends on your passion.

No wrestling this year for Branko. Time will dictate what the future brings regarding wrestling. I know he would like to.

Q. Who is your favorite NFL team?

A. Blitzburgh, no doubt.

Q.You are the first "old-timer" I think I have ever heard that has said, "Today's wrestlers work harder." Can you please elaborate on that?

A. Remember, I said harder, not smarter! With today's elaborate media things are completely different, thus harder.

Q. Who is your favorite current WWE wrestler, or any other wrestler not on the WWE roster?

A. So much great talent—none in particular. This is mainly because the WWE is run by a marketing genius IMO.

Q. Do you prefer to work a match as a heel or face?

A. Heel

Q. I just gotta know, how much fun was it working a program with famed WWE (F) star, Brooklyn Brawler?

A. Brawler was known for doing jobs. He loves the business and helped make many stars. We did our job. I enjoyed working with him as much as Bret Hart, Anvil, Snuka, Von Erich, Sid, and the list goes on.

I'd like to personally thank Mr. Busick for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this little question and answer segment for Sports Jabber , we may not have met on the best of terms, but the man is truly a class act and has had quite the life. I wish nothing but the best to him and his family.

If you're interested in the nutritional stuff that he was talking about, be sure to check out his website on the matter: Big Bully Nutrition.


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