TUF 10 Finale: Roy Nelson Makes Fat People Proud, Kimbo Wins in UFC Debut

Jung Soo KimCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2009

This Saturday was an eventful and entertaining day for fight fans.

In the morning, K1 fans witnessed Semmy Schilt being crowned the 2009  K-1 Grand Prix Champion for the fourth time, all the way in Japan.

In the afternoon, MMA fanatics tuned in to watch The Ultimate Fighter 10 Heavyweights Finale , headlined by two light-heavyweight prospects Matt "The Hammer" Hamill (7-2) and Jon "Bones" Jones (9-1) in Las Vegas.

But of course, they were more interested in watching two other fights: Brendan Schaub (4-1) vs. Roy "Big Country" Nelson (15-4) and Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (4-1) vs. Houston Alexander (9-5).

How do I know people were more excited about those fights?

Just hours ago, I was at my campus cafeteria trying to grab some dinner when I overheard a bunch of employees chatting: "There's a free fight tonight on Spike." "Who's fighting?" "Kimbo Slice, man!" "I gotta watch that, what time is it on?"

Nelson versus Schaub: Fat Man Finishes Fast to Get His Burger In Time... And a 6-Figure Contract as a bonus.

I had Nelson as the favorite, but expected him to beat Schaub by dominating him on the ground and hopefully trapping Schaub in that favorite crucifix position of his.

Schaub used his height and reach advantage and peppered Big Country with jabs, but Nelson stayed patient and eventually took Schaub down to the mat. He effortlessly passed to side-mount and tried to latch on a Kimura, but Schaub defended it well and stood back up.

That's when Nelson realized that he had left his warm cheeseburger back in his car.

With a quick 1-2 combo, Nelson landed a right hook that caught Schaub clean on his temple. In just a matter of four minutes, Nelson was crowned the TUF 10 Heavyweight Winner and earned a six-figure contract.

What's next for Big Country? Nelson is not exactly a novice in the MMA world. He has faced household names such as Andrei Arlovski (15-7) and Jeff Monson (31-9).

He could get a rematch with Ben Rothwell (30-7), who is scheduled to fight Mirko "Crocop" Filipovic (25-7) next year.

I am quite certain that Rothwell is going to lose against the K-1 striker, and I am also sure that Nelson wants to avenge the split decision loss he suffered two years ago in the now-defunct IFL.

Nelson versus Pat Barry (5-1) also sounds intriguing, or Nelson versus Todd Duffee (5-0). It can be billed as the Battle of the Physiques : The Belly vs. the Buffness.

Slice versus Alexander: Black-on-Black crime...with SLAMS!

Commentators Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan kept talking about how this catch-weight fight (at 215 lbs) between two muscle-bound brawlers will never go past the first round.

What they did not expect was that Houston Alexander actually brought with him a solid, if not boring, game plan: circle around, keep the distance, and tag Slice with leg kicks.

It was evident that Slice himself was quite frustrated; I feared that a repeat of Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry might happen.

I wondered if Alexander had been secretly training with Lyoto Machida.

The first round ended with Slice eating about a dozen kicks to his left leg and not landing anything significant. The crowd started to boo.

The second round started in similar fashion, but Kimbo eventually managed to close the distance and to the surprise of many, wrestled Houston down to the mat.

He showed decent top control, but Alexander powered out from below, only to be violently tossed AGAIN to the ground, reminiscent of Fedor Emelianenko being rag-dolled by Kevin Randleman.

If this round showed anything, it was that Kimbo had raw power; the octagon shook with the impact of Alexander hitting the mat. If the first round was boring and uneventful, the second round was anything but dull.

Kimbo took the second round in dominating fashion.

The third and last round seemed to play out in super slow-motion as the two fighters were gassed; Alexander got the better of the exchanges and landed a leg kick that buckled the Bahamian street-brawling sensation and made him fall to the mat.

Alexander tried to capitalize on that moment but was apparently too tired himself.

Slice stood up and took Houston to the mat AGAIN, in an desperate attempt to steal the round.

The bell sounded to end a pretty entertaining fight: Slice took the unanimous decision of 29-28 (twice) and a 30-27.

What is the future for Slice?

With his first win, the former Elite XC star will probably never fight in the undercard, but someone who is as marketable as he is cannot be thrown into the wolves.

UFC match-maker Joe Silva should think about decent strikers who prefer to sprawl and brawl. Stephan Bonnar (11-6) sounds okay. If Slice really wants to fight at Heavyweight, Mostapha Al-Turk (6-5) is there for him.

Jon "Bones" Jones Disqualified for Illegal Elbow: Hamill gets fortunate win.

A laser-quick summary: Bones takes Hamill down to the mat and dominates him from the mount. Hamill offers basically no resistance and Bones is cruising his way to an easy win when he gets the bright idea to throw an illegal elbow, or a 12-6 elbow.

Referee Steve Mazagatti stops the fight and deducts a point from Jones; Hamill cannot stand up and fight the ends. Hamill wins via disqualification. Apparently this was the first time in Nevada that a referee used instant reply to judge his call, so I cannot complain.

I can just picture coach Greg Jackson's expression on his face.

A rematch is imminent, and that time, I think Jones will finish Hamill for good.

Overall it was a great night of fights. I was kind of disheartened when Matt Mitrione (1-0) knocked out Marcus "Big Baby" Jones (4-2) in the second round. Jones seemed to be effective in taking down Mitrione whenever he wanted to, but his striking needs a lot of improvement. He gets too wild at times.

In the undercard, James McSweeney (4-4) and Darill Schoonover (10-1) had an entertaining fight. McSweeney was the busier man and eventually finished "Titties" with a straight right hand.

Let's see... Anything else I forgot to mention? Oh yeah.

Tito Ortiz (15-7) and Chuck Liddell (21-7) are coaches for the next TUF season. Ortiz vs. Liddell 3 is going to happen in 2010. I am so excited about this fight...

In other news, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (30-7) is BA~~CK from Retirement!


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