Deciding When WWE Should Break Up RK-Bro, the Mysterios and More Tag Teams

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2022

Deciding When WWE Should Break Up RK-Bro, the Mysterios and More Tag Teams

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    The moment two Superstars form a tag team in WWE, the clock starts ticking on when they will be split up.

    Rarely does a team stick together for more than a year. Sooner or later, they end up feuding with each other or the company just decides to break up the team with no plans to push any member.

    Recently, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss had a falling-out, MVP abandoned Bobby Lashley to join up with Omos, and Carmella and Queen Zelina lost their titles and broke up. And on Monday's WWE Raw, Rhea Ripley turned on Liv Morgan.

    Let's assess the current crop of tag teams and pinpoint if or when they should part ways.

RK-Bro: Sooner Rather Than Later

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    WWE missed an opportunity to split RK-Bro and set up a match between Riddle and Randy Orton for WrestleMania 38, but it's unlikely they'll stay as a unit until next year's Show of Shows.

    The Usos will likely walk out of WrestleMania Backlash on May 8 as the unified tag team champions. From there, what is the story of RK-Bro?

    If they stay together but don't have titles to fight for, why are they even bothering to still be partners for meaningless matches?

    Perhaps WWE can stretch things out just long enough for them to split in time for a match at SummerSlam, but it could well happen before then.

    As much as The Viper is having fun alongside The Original Bro, Riddle can't play second fiddle to Orton forever. If he is going to achieve something more in the singles division, he can only do so by moving out of his shadow.

The Mysterios: When Dominik Is Ready for Solo Career

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    Eventually, Rey Mysterio is going to want to retire, so he should enjoy teaming with his son for as long as possible.

    The 47-year-old has already made history as the first father-son tandem to win the tag team titles, which was their biggest achievable goal. Now, the focus should be on Dominik soaking in as much knowledge as possible from his dad to advance his career.

    The next logical step in their story is a breakup. As predictable as it might be, the tale is too good not to be told. Dominik will grow tired of his dad and want to branch out on his own, starting a feud between them. Ideally, that will culminate with Rey passing the torch in some fashion, possibly with the legendary mask and moniker up for grabs.

    However, that should only happen when Dominik has gotten to a level where WWE can trust him to carry half the feud on his own. He's not there yet, so it's a waiting game until he reaches that point.

Naomi and Sasha Banks: A Few Months Down the Road

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    Naomi and Sasha Banks are in a position many Superstars find themselves, wherein WWE put them in the tag team division because there is nothing else better for them to do as singles stars.

    Both are babyfaces, so unless they were to turn heel, they won't be the proper opponents for Bianca Belair or Ronda Rousey, who is likely to defeat Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash.

    Until those champions have run through their other options and need Banks or Naomi to step in, Boss N' Glow are better served focused on the tag team division.

    While holding these titles, they won't be lost in the shuffle and can go between Raw and SmackDown. That allows more flexibility in their pool of opponents and lets WWE use their star power for either program that could use an appearance by them.

    A few months from now, when there aren't any tag teams left to face and the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship scenes could benefit from these two re-entering the title hunt, that is when this team should split apart.

Alpha Academy: No End in Sight

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    At first, Chad Gable being paired with Otis felt like WWE tossing two random people together because they had nothing better for them to do.

    However, it then came out that they had been friends for years prior, which explains their chemistry.

    Both have had a few failed chances at singles runs. Otis was on the cusp of something great when WWE botched everything and turned his Money in the Bank run in 2020 into a complete waste of time.

    That is unlikely to happen again for him, but he can stay the big man alongside Gable, who is arguably having his best character run right now.

    This formula works, and WWE should keep it going for the foreseeable future.

Butch, Ridge Holland and Sheamus: Mid-2023

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    WWE was smart to put Ridge Holland with Sheamus, and even putting Butch in this faction opens a door for new character growth alongside a multi-time world champion.

    The Celtic Warrior is not only the main star of this trio, but he's also the veteran who can pass along tips he's learned over the years to help their their growth.

    This group needs a name, though. After that, WWE needs to experiment with a possible title reign for Butch and Holland, with Sheamus as their mouthpiece and outside interference.

    Eventually, once there is confidence they can handle being on their own, they can do the traditional split and feud with the Irishman, but that won't be realistic until at least the middle of next year.

Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura: Upon Boogs' Return

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    As strange as it is to say, even a tag team title reign wouldn't be able to top what Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura did by opening WrestleMania 38.

    This partnership has done wonders for making Boogs a recognizable name, which was the primary goal. It was never really about giving The Artist another tag team partner.

    When Boogs returns from injury, he can introduce himself and play his own theme to the ring, rather than Nakamura's. They can go their separate ways, partnering here and there in random matches, but they shouldn't be beholden to each other.

The Street Profits: Only When WWE Pushes Montez Ford

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    If there is a Marty Jannetty of The Street Profits, the distinction goes to Angelo Dawkins. He's fun to watch in his own right, but Montez Ford has always been the more charismatic and athletic of the two, with more potential to make it higher on the totem pole.

    They're easily one of the best babyface acts on the main roster and haven't even played with a heel run yet. There should be no rush in breaking them up.

    Only if and when WWE is ready to push Ford to the next level as a singles star should a split be considered. Breaking them up has to be worth it, with Ford making something of going solo and not just having a few weeks of wins before fizzling out. At least the Intercontinental or United States Championship should be in his near future post-split.

    However, they may prefer to stay a tag team and build their legacy that way. If so, there's no need to end The Street Profits.

Tag Teams on Last Legs

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    Natalya and Shayna Baszler haven't technically ended their partnership, though WWE uses them together sparingly. Since Natalya is focused on NXT and Baszler has Ronda Rousey to either feud or partner with on SmackDown, their team should be put on hold.

    Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are a team just because WWE has nothing else for either of them to do. There isn't any magic without MVP and Bobby Lashley in The Hurt Business, so WWE can split them at any time and nobody would notice.

    Jinder Mahal and Shanky, as well as Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez, are merely teams consisting of a Superstar and a big bodyguard to take the hits for him. WWE has shown little interest in pushing Shanky or Azeez, so their departures wouldn't change what Mahal or Crews are doing at all.

    Dirty Dawgs has run its course. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode could both achieve better things on their own if WWE simply wanted to push them, as proved by The Showoff's recent NXT Championship run.

    As a tandem, they're spinning their wheels and barely getting any screen time. The sooner WWE ends the pairing, the sooner they can become more than just enhancement talent.

Teams That Should Never Break Up

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    Some teams just shouldn't break up. The Road Warriors were always better together than on their own, and a few teams on the current roster fit a similar mold.

    Jimmy and Jey have had some interesting solo runs, but The Usos are at their best as a team.

    The New Day have forged such a strong bond in their own right, too, where there is no benefit to them not being a unit. Kofi Kingston and Big E have both held the WWE Championship while part of the faction, proving it doesn't have to hamper their singles careers.

    Pretty Deadly from NXT are a package deal. Either of Kit Wilson or Elton Prince on their own would just become another guy on the roster. The Creed Brothers should never try to go solo, either.

    Having the support of Legado del Fantasma makes Santos Escobar a bigger star. As long as Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Elektra Lopez are in WWE, they should be backing him up. The same goes for how Mandy Rose is better off having Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne as the Toxic Attraction faction, particularly as they all hold gold.

    Imperium shouldn't have lost Fabian Aichner as is. Ludwig Kaiser has too many functions as a great star in his own right as well as a talker and the guy who can lose to set up Gunther's opponents or back him up in a fight, so those two should stay partnered for the long haul.

    The Viking Raiders breaking up would be a disaster. WWE would never maintain two separate viking characters. Soon enough, one or both of Erik and Ivar would be released.

    Humberto is far better off alongside Angel in Los Lotharios. He was struggling for screen time on his own and hasn't done anything to show that would change in another singles run.

    Lastly, the two members of NXT's Grizzled Young Veterans would not last in singles action if they were split. Zack Gibson is the better talker and won the 2018 NXT UK Championship Tournament on his own, but James Drake hasn't seen any success by himself. For his benefit, they should stay a team.

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