Jets' Top Hypothetical Trades to Make Splash in 2022 NFL Draft

Jake RillFeatured Columnist IIApril 4, 2022

Jets' Top Hypothetical Trades to Make Splash in 2022 NFL Draft

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    With nine picks in the first five rounds of the 2022 NFL draft, the New York Jets will have a lot of important decisions to make from April 28-30. Whom should they take with their plethora of early selections, which includes two top-10 picks? Should they consider making any trades?

    Whether or not New York makes the right choices could decide whether it ends its 11-year postseason drought (the longest active drought in the NFL) in 2022. The Jets need to keep adding the right players to their core to try to turn around the franchise's fortunes.

    It will be interesting to see the path that New York takes because there are numerous ways it could utilize its draft capital.

    Here's a look at several deals the Jets could explore during the draft to help improve their roster.

Trade No. 10 Pick to QB-Seeking Team

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    Steelers Receive: No. 10 overall pick

    Jets Receive: No. 20 overall pick, No. 84 overall pick, No. 208 overall pick

    With the No. 4 overall selection, New York seems likely to take one of the best players in this year's draft class. But with the No. 10 pick, perhaps the Jets will be open to moving down in order to acquire even more selections throughout the weekend.

    There's a good chance that New York could have several teams interested in the No. 10 pick so they can move up in order to land one of the top quarterbacks. The Jets don't need a signal-caller, with Zach Wilson set to enter his second NFL season, so they will be in a position of power when negotiating with the quarterback-seeking teams.

    It wouldn't be a surprise to see the Pittsburgh Steelers move up considering Ben Roethlisberger retired and Mitchell Trubisky may only be a short-term solution under center. The Steelers may want to draft a young quarterback who can sit at first and be developed before taking over for Trubisky.

    Meanwhile, New York wouldn't have to move too far down, taking Pittsburgh's No. 20 overall pick while also landing several additional selections. A move like this would make plenty of sense for the Jets.

Trade for DK Metcalf

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    Seahawks Receive: No. 10 overall pick, No. 69 overall pick, 2023 fourth-round pick

    Jets Receive: WR DK Metcalf

    Or New York could go a completely different way with the No. 10 pick. If Seattle would be willing to deal DK Metcalf, that is. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported on SportsCenter on Sunday that the wide receiver's name has been "buzzing in league circles," so perhaps the Seahawks would be open to a trade.

    The Jets should consider pursuing the 24-year-old if so. New York needs a true No. 1 wide receiver to play alongside Corey Davis and Elijah Moore, and Metcalf has been one of the top playmakers in the league over his first three seasons.

    It wouldn't be cheap for the Jets to land Metcalf, as it would likely take a package of multiple draft picks. It's possible that the Seahawks would be looking for even more than the package they would be receiving in this offer.

    But if New York has an opportunity to land a player as talented as Metcalf, it should try to do so—especially because it has substantial draft capital and the need for a wide receiver of this caliber.

Turn 2nd-Round Pick into Another 1st-Rounder

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    Titans Receive: No. 35 overall pick, No. 111 overall pick, 2023 sixth-round pick

    Jets Receive: No. 26 overall pick

    Whether or not the Jets use or trade the No. 10 overall pick, they could look to turn their first second-round selection into an additional first-rounder. There may be some talented wide receivers on the board late in the first, and this would be an opportunity for New York to put itself in better position to land one.

    This deal could occur if the Jets don't land a wide receiver with either of their top-10 picks (or they don't trade for somebody like Metcalf). It may not cost a ton to move up a bit in a potential deal like this hypothetical one with the Tennessee Titans.

    There could be some talented wide receivers for New York to consider at No. 26, such as Arkansas' Treylon Burks or Penn State's Jahan Dotson. Either of those players could help the Jets take their passing attack to another level.

    So don't be surprised if New York ends up with three first-round picks as it continues to add the young talent it hopes will help the franchise turn a corner.