WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 14

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 15, 2021

WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 14

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The December 14 edition of WWE NXT 2.0 was far more than it looked to be on the surface, starting with some major moments and matches for key rising stars.

    The Rebel Heart of NXT is gone. Johnny Gargano advised that his future was uncertain with the real possibility he would never return. Grayson Waller made sure he did not walk out under his own power. The brash young star had much to answer for this week.

    Bron Breakker has called out Tommaso Ciampa for a rematch. However, it was another champion that answered his challenge first. Roderick Strong demanded a big money match, and Malcolm Bivens obliged.

    Two fierce rivalries would reach a new level of tension as Cameron Grimes battled Duke Hudson in a No Holds Barred match and Cora Jade looked to gain some revenge against Dakota Kai.

    Joe Gacy promised to finally let his monster loose with the in-ring debut of Harland. After getting in Tony D'Angelo's face, Andre Chase talked his way into a match against the undefeated upstart.

    Much was set up last week for this show, but it was even more important what this NXT 2.0 episode would set up for the future of the brand.

No Holds Barred: Cameron Grimes vs. Duka Hudson

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    Cameron Grimes brought weapons into the ring then went right after Duke Hudson at the bell. However, the power of the poker player was tough for The Technical Savage to match. He barely escape a Razor's Edge with a headscissors takedown but ran right into a uranage on a standing steel chair.

    Both men tried to roll each other up but could only get two. Grimes went for the Cave-In, only for Hudson to catch him with a powerbomb through a poker table. The poker player then tried to shave Grimes' head with clippers.

    The distraction allowed The Technical Savage to recover. He hit a poisonrana into a Cave-In to Hudson sitting on a steel chair to take the final victory in this rivalry.



    Grimes def. Hudson by pinfall.






    This was certainly the best match Grimes and Hudson have had in NXT 2.0, though it still showed that the two lack the necessary chemistry to be great together. The storytelling was the real selling point of his match as they went through each stage of their rivalry in this contest.

    This rivalry should end here for both men's sakes. Hudson certainly looked better with hair, but he does not look bad bald. He should move on and build himself back up while Grimes finds a new charismatic opponent to feud with.

Grayson Waller Does Not Value Friends Only Himself

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    Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter brought Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen to a country concert where they showed off their dance moves.

    Grayson Waller put himself over. He mocked the fans as he showed off Instagram footage of the aftermath of his attack of Johnny Gargano. He particularly picked on Vic Joseph for doing nothing as he beat down a good friend of the commentator.

    His final message was clear. He did not need or want any friends. He simply bet on himself.

    Later, LA Knight arrived and called out Grayson Waller. Tiffany Stratton and Io Shirai talked down Waller for his actions. Bron Breakker told Waller that he was not welcome in the NXT locker room anymore. Waller laid out Knight in the parking lot and stole his car, seemingly riding off with Stratton.






    Waller has been made as a heel in NXT 2.0. The crowd abhorred him. He struggled to speak over them at times. Honestly, it feels like anyone would be booed fighting him. His gimmick is clearly set for this kind of universal hatred, and NXT needed someone that the crowd will always hate.

    Even Wade Barrett, who is the heel commentator in NXT, was set up to hate him, which helps separate Waller from the other villains on the brand. When LA Knight returns to contend with Waller, he will be universally beloved.

Ivy Nile (w/ Malcolm Bivens) vs. Amari Miller

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Malcolm Bivens put over Diamond Mine as Roderick Strong told everyone to take care of their own business.

    Ivy Nile came into this match confident. Despite Amari Miller's best efforts, her smile never faded. Nile fought through Miller's bridging pinfall attempts and locked in a dragon sleeper for a quick tap out.



    Nile def. Miller by submission.






    The fact that Miller challenged Nile made this match more interested. It showed how Nile handles adversity. It made the win matter more. While Miller has not done much in NXT, she has been solidly highlighted in 205 Live enough to be a worthy challenger for the Diamond Mine competitor to overcome.

    Unlike Roderick Strong and even The Creed Brothers, Nile has not needed any help to pull off wins. However, she has also not faced the same level of competition. It is about time she faces NXT's best.

Harland (w/ Joe Gacy) vs. Guru Raaj

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    McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Xyon Quinn, who told Elektra Lopez he knew how to play Legado del Fantasma's game now. Von Wagner interrupted Robert Stone, promising to keep breaking anyone in his path because he could. It was finally revealed what was in MSK's bag, a variety of items including scooters.

    Joe Gacy told Harland to be himself. His power was obvious from the opening bell. He smashed Guru Raaj's head into the mat before hitting for the win. Afterward, Gacy let Harland smashed Raaj's head a few more times to feel better.

    As officials forced Harland to leave, he threw Brian Kendrick down the stairs. WWE medical staff put Kendrick in a neck brace after the impact and eventually sent him to a local hospital for further evaluation.



    Harland def. Raaj by pinfall.






    There wasn't really a match here. This was just an opportunity to begin showcasing how dangerous Harland is. It will take months to truly tell what he can do in the ring. He has the size and power though to make a massive impact with the right opponents and time to develop.

    What matters is that NXT not lose focus on Harland's gimmick. He is a destroyer. He should not lose that scowl. He should not lose carelessly any time soon.

Cora Jade vs. Dakota Kai

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Dakota Kai interrupted Cora Jade to warn her about associating with Raquel Gonzalez.

    On commentary, Mandy Rose enjoyed the damage The Captain of Team Kick did immediately to the left shoulder of Jade. While the young star had been cleared to wrestle, it was clear that she was not ready for the intense attack of Kai.

    Jade merely survived for a while, impressing the crowd and her frustrated opponent. The Captain of Team Kick pulled out a shovel. The referee stopped her, which allowed Jade to stack up her opponent for three.

    Kai attacked Jade after the match until Gonzalez ran her off. Toxic Attraction distracted Jade long enough for Rose to lay out her potential next No. 1 contender.

    The fight between Gonzalez and Kai continued into the parking lot where officials finally broke them up. Big Mami Cool challenge The Captain of Team Kick to a street fight to finally end their rivalry.



    Jade def. Kai by pinfall.






    This was a disappointing way of playing up Jade as a worthy challenger to the NXT Women's Championship. She got beat down throughout without getting any kind of real comeback. It was far too one-sided to be interesting.

    It is a shame because Kai can absolutely bring so much more out of the young star. It was too important to WWE that everyone be protected, continuing the story of Jade winning by roll-up against top competitors that grew old before WarGames.

    Hopefully, fans finally get to see Jade perform at a higher level when she gets her match with Rose.

Tony D'Angelo vs. Andre Chase

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    Tony D'Angelo walked out with his trophy, Pete Dunne's mouth guard. Andre Chase managed to take advantage of D'Angelo playing to the crowd so that he could beat the big man down. He even got a two count off a Russian leg sweep.

    Finally, D'Angelo got serious. He threw Chase into the corner and beat him down with gut punches. He hit a bridging German suplex into a swinging neckbreaker for the victory.

    D'Angelo grabbed a microphone, mocking The Bruiserweight until Dunne arrived. The Bruiserweight told D'Angelo he was not interested in talking, breaking the fingers of the big man and taking his mouth guard back.



    D'Angelo def. Chase by pinfall.






    While Chase has gained some attention as a little bit more than a jobber, he should not have controlled this match as much as he did. D'Angelo is not great yet at working from underneath, which led to a fairly flat match.

    However, the right man won in the end, and the feud with Dunne continues to grow. This rivalry had almost no legs up to this point, but The Bruiserweight sold the difference between these two that makes them great opponents.

Boa vs. Edris Enofe

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    Solo Sikoa watched closely backstage as Boa dominated Edris Enofe with strikes and suplexes. While Enofe fought hard to stay in this fought, he was out cold after a roundhouse kick to the skull.



    Boa def. Enofe by pinfall.






    This was the absolute best Boa has ever looked. He looked fluid throughout with his offense. Just as this gimmick has begun to find footing, he seems to be finding his own footing in the ring. If he can do that, he will a very important asset to WWE.

    The Chinese Superstar has been set up for a rivalry with Sikoa. If played carefully, both will benefit, but Boa is better suited for the win in that rivalry if he has truly found this gimmick that should be protected. WWE must not make the same mistakes they made with Mei Ying.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Jacket Time

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    Lashing Out with Lash Legend hosted Jacket Time. Kushida and Ikemen Jiro promised to make Grizzled Young Veterans pay for disrespecting them.

    Zack Gibson and James Drake tricked Kushida with a blind tag, setting up a combination suicide dive/Russian leg sweep to take over. The Creed Brothers arrived to watch the carnage.

    Julius and Brutus Creed distracted GYV, which allowed Jacket Time to hit suicide dives in sequence before a combination reverse DDT and moonsault sealed the victory.



    Jacket Time def. GYV by pinfall.






    Grizzled Young Veterans deserve better than the repeat losses, but unfortunately Drake Gibson remain a much lower priority to the top tag teams in the division. It is likely GYV will lose to The Creed Brothers in the match that will come out of this.

    Still, NXT deserves some credit for rebuilding the division as a whole. Jacket Time is starting to look like a real tag team, adding another team to a loaded division that looked bad not that long ago. Imperium could reign for a while with so many great challengers.

Roderick Strong (w/ Malcolm Bivens) vs. Bron Breakker

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    Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams confronted Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens backstage, which led to the two watching this match from the stage. Trick was left uncomfortable, finding a picture of him running from Dexter Lumis.

    Roderick Strong's veteran mindset was tough for Bron Breakker to match, but the rookie showed his power could get him out of the worst situations. He managed to power out of the Stronghold before catching Strong running with a Frankensteiner for a nearfall.

    The NXT cruiserweight champion fought back with a series of forearms into an Angle slam for a nearfall. Strong followed up with a suplexplex into a powerbomb for another nearfall. However, Breakker responded back with a military press powerslam for the victory.

    Tommaso Ciampa snuck in and hit his future challenger with a Willow's Bell on the NXT Championship.



    Breakker def. Strong by pinfall.






    This was easily the best match from Strong in a while. While a great wrestler, The Messiah of the Backbreaker needs opponents that brings energy to a match. That is where Breakker thrives, which allowed the two to thrive against one another.

    The finish felt a little rushed, but otherwise this was another great test for Breakker, who has truly not missed since arriving in NXT. If he does defeat Ciampa in their second match together, it will be an earned win, built through some of the best performances of NXT 2.0's legacy to date.

    Strong vs. Hayes seems to be on the horizon, which would be an easy way to faze out the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. A winner-take-all match would get rid of a title NXT is clearly not interested in moving forward. It should also be a great match.