Larry Brown: Allen Iverson Needs You

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent INovember 22, 2009

Allen Iverson is officially out of options.

The New York Knicks even turned him down. It is amazing how delusional the GM's and executives are in the NBA. They don't want to sign a player who can still average 25-30 points per game and carry a team to the playoffs if he is in the right situation. They say Iverson is a distraction and that they think he stunts the younger players growth.

What they really think is that he is a thug who is selfish and a brat. What they don't know is that he is one of the nicest players in the league and has matured a lot since he was 23. They don't know he does the most charity in the league and that he is a family man.

They see the cornrows, tattoos and the baggy clothes and get scared or think that he is a thug. They think Iverson is a brat and a distraction because he says things that they don't like.

They don't understand that Iverson isn't a push over and he won't take a back seat to anyone if he knows and the whole world knows he is better than the player ahead of him. He is the realest player in the league and he speaks his mind everytime and people think he is selfish because of that.

Yeah he has done some bad things in his life that have lead people to think he is a bad person, but all these league executives see are the negative articles. Everyone wants to read about how the scary guy with cornrows and tattoos is getting into trouble or is destroying a team. These people know that only negative Allen Iverson articles sell.

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It definitely isn't his basketball ability that is preventing him from getting on a team; he is arguably one of the top 25 players of all-time. He is one of the greatest scorers to ever play the game and currently only Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan have accomplished more things in this league than him.

He is a 10 time all-star and two time all-star game MVP as well as the 2001 League MVP. Iverson was the 1996 Rookie of the year and has four scoring titles. He averages 27 ppg for his career and 6.2 apg and 30 ppg in the playoffs for his career which is second all-time.

Iverson has 24,020 points and over 5,500 assists. In 2001, he single handedly took the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals. His best assets were Eric Snow and Aaron McKie. There has not been a less talented team in the Finals.

My point is Iverson's resume speak for itself, and if anyone is saying he is not getting signed because of his basketball abilities they are crazy.

A career like that deserves to end in a good way. When Iverson was with Denver his goal was to win a ring and complete his resume. He was shipped to Detroit and people said he needed to shoot less shots and not dominate the ball as much. Iverson did just that.

He took a career low 14 shots and played a career low 27 mpg while touching the ball only four times a quarter—major sacrifice if you ask me. He still managed to average 17.5 ppg and make the all-star team but people said he washed up and said he should come off the bench. In the summer, teams showed no interest in Iverson and he had to sign with Memphis. Everybody knows how that went.

Now Larry Brown, the one coach who knew how to coach Iverson the right way, is calling teams telling them to sign Iverson. Iverson and Brown had major problems when they were together in Philly. Brown figured out how to make the Sixers a winner and constructed a team around Iverson; they went to the Finals in 2001.

Larry Brown, currently coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, is calling teams and telling them Iverson would be a good fit for them —but nobody is listening.

One thing I don't get is if Brown thinks Iverson is still a good fit, why doesn't he just sign Iverson to his team? Everybody wanted Iverson to sign with the Bobcats in the offseason and thought it would be a good situation for both sides. The Bobcats would get a scorer and Iverson would be on a team where he can prove to everybody that he was still a great player.

But Larry Brown said there would not be enough play time for Iverson because he already has four guards. Those guards are: DJ Augustin, Gerald Henderson, Raymond Felton and Flip Murray. All four guys are not better than Iverson and have not accomplished much in the league. If Larry Brown cares so much about Iverson, why can't he just trade one of those players and sign Iverson?

Iverson may be forced to retire; Larry Brown can save this from happening. Brown is the only coach in the NBA who understands how to coach Iverson and he may be the only one who thinks he still can play at a high level.

Brown should trade one of those four guards and have a three guard rotation with Iverson, with Iverson playing at least 35 mpg. With him, the Bobcats could make the playoffs.

Iverson, Raymond Felton, Stephen Jackson, Tyson Chandler and Gerald Wallace would make a great starting line up and Iverson could be the go to guy while Jackson could be the second option. If Iverson likes his role, which he probably will if he gets the minutes, then the Bobcats would not have any problems.

Allen Iverson's career may just be ending and when we look back on it five to 10 years from now there is always going to be that dark ending to it. Larry Brown saved Iverson's career in 2001 when nobody wanted to trade for him, and now he has the chance to save it in 2009 when nobody wants him.

Allen Iverson is the "answer" for the Bobcats and Larry Brown is the "answer" for Iverson.

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