Cameron Grimes Beats LA Knight, Wins Million Dollar Title at NXT TakeOver 36

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2021

Photo credit: WWE.com

Cameron Grimes beat LA Knight at NXT TakeOver 36 on Sunday to become the new Million Dollar champion.

With the win, Grimes also prevented WWE Hall of Famer "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase from having to serve as Knight's butler.

DiBiase threw the championship belt to Grimes in the ring in order to distract the ref. That allowed the legend to apply the Million Dollar Dream to Knight on the outside.


The MILLION DOLLAR DREAM lives on!! @MDMTedDiBiase @LAKnightWWE #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/OaovvJ8H9R

He rolled a weakened Knight into the ring, and Grimes hit the Cave-In for the win.


AND NEW MILLION DOLLAR CHAMPION! 💵 @CGrimesWWE does it at #NXTTakeOver 36! https://t.co/eLYDFDgLmt

The angle between Grimes, Knight and DiBiase started when DiBiase attempted to show up Grimes on multiple occasions after he became rich due to some savvy investments.

While Grimes threw his money around, he was foiled by DiBiase on many occasions, as DiBiase bought a bigger, better and more expensive watch than Grimes, and also outbid Grimes on a house.

Grimes was furious, but his tune changed when DiBiase told him he was looking for someone to carry on the "Million Dollar Man" legacy. It was at that point that Knight entered the fray and began trying to impress DiBiase as well.

With both Grimes and Knight vying for his approval, DiBiase made a match for NXT TakeOver: In Your House between them. DiBiase added a ladder-match stipulation and declared that the winner would be the new Million Dollar champion.

Knight won and became Million Dollar champion, but he showed no appreciation for the opportunity, as he attacked DiBiase.

He later put the title on the line against Grimes with the stipulation that Grimes would have to become his butler in the event of a loss. Knight retained, and Grimes lived up to his word.

While Grimes continued to fulfill his duties as Knight's butler, DiBiase constantly gave Grimes pep talks and told him he wasn't being himself. That led to the NXT TakeOver 36 match coming together.

Knight initially refused to defend against Grimes again, but he changed his tune when DiBiase agreed to become his butler should Grimes lose.

The stakes were massive for Sunday's match, and with Grimes prevailing, he finally realized his destiny as Million Dollar champion and saved his mentor in the process.


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