Iverson and the Knicks: What Could Have Been

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent INovember 20, 2009

Allen Iverson, one of the games greatest players and arguably the third best shooting guard in league history, was so close to getting a chance at resurrecting his career and turning the New York Knicks into a lovable team.

Fans were ecstatic when they heard Iverson was going to sign a deal over the weekend with the Knicks and people were already talking about how were going to get his jersey the first day it drops.

Tickets would have sold out and fans would have for the first time in a long time, got to cheer for a player on their own team.

The best thing New York gets is when Kobe, LeBron James, or Dwyane Wade comes to town. The crowds go crazy because New York loves stars. Especially those who can take over a game and make exciting plays.

Iverson could have been the star the Knicks have been searching for. He would prove to everyone how is still one of the best players in the league. He would be playing in a system that fits his style of play.

Iverson could have put up 25-30 points a night and lead the Knicks. Who knows, maybe he could have even led them to the playoffs as a seventh or eighth seed.

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I could picture it right now, it would have been just like his days in Philadelphia.  Iverson lacing up a pair of orange and white Answer 13's, getting handshakes from the celebrities sitting court side, and having those 40 point nights and running around the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

He would have his hand to his ear while the crowd chants his name and the Knicks would be winners again. Iverson's face would be all over the signs and billboards in Times Square. He would be the talk of the city.

His jersey would sell like crazy and Iverson would prove that he still has the skills he showed as a Sixer and a Nugget.

But the Knicks decided they didn't need a former MVP and four time scoring champion. They didn't want a player who has 24,020 points and is arguably one of the top 25 players all all-time.

They thought he would stunt the growth of the young guys on their team. The same young guys that are so good that they are supposed to attract superstars like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to play in New York in 2010. 

The Knicks blew it big time.

They could have done so much for Iverson, but Iverson would have done even more for them. They could have signed LeBron or D-Wade in 2010 and the Knicks could contend for a championship next season.

The Knicks had nothing to lose on this move but had everything to gain. Unfortunately, they decided to pass.

The Knicks do not have a leader. Iverson could have been that leader.

Iverson could have been that superstar the excites the city and makes the Knicks the talk of the league. 

Now the Knicks can have fun trying to win games with their current roster. They don't have a first round pick next season and they are NOT getting LeBron or D-Wade if their best player is Al Harrington. LeBron and Wade already have a lot of help where they are playing and they aren't going to come to New York saying, "Yes! I get to play with Danilo Gallinari."

The Knicks had a golden chance and they blew it.

Allen Iverson playing for the New York Knicks could have been one of the best sports stories of the year.

But Donnie Walsh has 2010 in mind. Good luck with that buddy.

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