Vikings' Childress Signs Extension Through 2013 Season

Jerome HarrisonContributor INovember 20, 2009

A few months ago many Vikings fans thought Head Coach Brad Childress' job was in jeopardy. Sure, the Vikings did win the NFC North last year with a 10-6 record. But they lost in the first round of the playoffs with a dominant defense and running game.

Fan sentiment in the Twin Cities was that the Vikings needed a new Head Coach to get them over the hump of mediocrity.

Then a young whipper-snapper named Brett Favre came along. OK, maybe he's not so young anymore. But 10 weeks into the NFL season, 40 year-old Brett Favre has the Vikings off to an 8-1 start and a commanding lead in the NFC North division.

Brad Childress' ass four months ago :  Definitely on the Hot Seat

Brad Childress' ass right now :  Quite Possibly on a Gold Toilet Seat

Financial terms have yet to be officially disclosed, but ESPN is reporting that the deal is between $4 and $5 million a year through the 2013 season (for the sake of comparison, the Packers' Mike McCarthy is signed on through the 2012 season for about $4 million a year).

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Why was Childress on the Hot Seat, you ask? Well, we could go for hours on that topic. But here is a microcosm of Vikings fans' frustrations from the past few years under Childress:

3rd Down and nine.
Handoff to Adrian Peterson Off Tackle.
Seven-Yard Gain.
Vikings Punt.

Isn't it funny what a good Quarterback can do for a Head Coach? Despite having one of the best defenses in the league (no question best defensive line) and easily the best Running Back in the league, the Vikings could only go so far without a decent Quarterback.

While frustration over Childress' conservative offensive play-calling of years past is certainly understandable, it is also very misguided. What, besides the best Running Back tandem in the league (Chester Taylor would be starting for the Packers), is a coach supposed to lean on when he has no legitimate Quarterback?

Which brings me to my next question. How much of Childress' new contract is he forking over to No. 4 for essentially saving his ass?

Chili, give me your wife for one night and well call it even
"Chili, give me your wife for one night and we'll call it even"

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