Karo Parisyan Needs Our Support, Not Our Blind Disgust

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst INovember 20, 2009

As a fan, it's easy to let your heated emotions take control and cause you to unjustly lash out at an athlete that seems to be squandering his career opportunities. Such is the case for Karo "The Heat" Parisyan.

As you may all know, Parisyan recently pulled out of his UFC 106 bout with the returning Dustin Hazelett.

At first, it was unclear as to why, as no details were given, but the lack of information didn't stop passionate fans from tearing into Parisyan with little compassion.

Details did finally surface, and it appears that Parisyan has had a very difficult time kicking his addiction to painkillers.

So instead of carrying out the fight, only to fail the urine test afterwards, Parisyan decided the best thing to do is to come clean and avoid the post-fight piss test that he would have surely failed.

In my book, that was the smartest move he could of made in the given circumstances, and for that, he has forever earned my respect.

Still, even after the truth came out, Parisyan is receiving heavy criticism at the hands of the fans.

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One thing that we need to consider is that, despite being a skilled MMA fighter, Parisyan is still human. When a majority of the fighting community is crashing down on you, it can be very difficult to deal with in your vulnerable times.

It's not like he was taking the pills for pure enjoyment, he got stuck on them while undergoing rehab for his injuries. Parisyan admitted that he wanted to get off of the drugs, but the demon on the shoulder kept bringing him back.

The perfect life that Parisyan had established was seemingly flushed down the toilet, this is drug addiction at it's worst.

Take some time and think about your own personal life, is there anybody that you know in the same situation?

I have friends that have battled drug addiction, some coming away victorious while the others fell prey to their deadly vice. It is a very sad situation that only gets worse when your supposed loved ones turn their back on you. I have seen that happen firsthand and knows how it can be equally painful for the loved ones surrounding the victim.

So, I implore all of you to take a moment and think about what Karo Parisyan is going through. Despite blowing a number of second chances, Parisyan still needs all of our support and prayers.


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