Dan Moore Jr. NFL Draft 2021: Scouting Report for Pittsburgh Steelers OT

BR NFL Scouting DepartmentContributor IMay 1, 2021

American Team offensive lineman Dan Moore Jr. of Texas A&M (68) prepares to block National Team defensive lineman Jonathon Cooper of Ohio State (0) during the first half of the NCAA college football Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala, Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Rusty Costanza)
Rusty Costanza/Associated Press

 6'5 5/8"

WEIGHT: 311 lbs



—Solid athletic ability with long, muscular arms and big hands.

—Pops out of his stance with an efficient, smooth first couple of kicks in his vertical set.

—Has the length to strike and establish first contact on rushers.

—Enough lateral quickness to transfer his weight and mirror inside to cut off inside counters.

—Solid job using his hands and torque to pry open the frontside end on outside-zone kickouts.

—Has the girth and length to cover up, press and displace defenders in inside-zone concepts.



—Struggles to find landmarks with persistent over/under sets that open up a two-way go.

—Marginal grip strength that allows skilled rushers to unlock his wrists and disengage with ease.

—Scrambles to transition to his anchor against speed to power and find his footing to halt momentum,

—Leans into rushers on the way up the arc, allowing easy access back inside at the top of the QB's drop.

—Will lean/tilt in the direction of a run and give noticeable tells in his stance on some backside cutoffs.

—Would benefit from a more aggressive, attacking nature in the run game.



—Started all 10 games at left tackle.



—44 career game appearances with 37 starts (36 at left tackle, one at right tackle).

—The 2020 A&M O-line unit had four senior starters and was named a finalist for the Joe Moore Award.

—Originally committed to Oklahoma State but switched after an official visit with former A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

—Training with Duke Manyweather in Dallas, Texas, in preparation for his pro day and the draft.



Moore is a three-year starter with 36 consecutive starts at left tackle inside Texas A&M's zone-based run scheme. Moore has solid athletic ability with the initial quickness and fluidness out of his stance to get into his vertical pass set efficiently with long arms to initiate first contact on rushers.

Moore uses his length and girth well in the run game to cover up, press and displace defenders on angle blocks. While the movement skills are there at the start in pass protection, Moore struggles to find his set points against Wide 9 rushers with a bad habit of opening his hips early, taking an extra kick and oversetting or setting short, giving rushers a two-way go.

He also has a tough time rooting his feet and transitioning into his anchor against speed to power with unreliable grip strength that skilled rushers expediently unlock. Moore's size, length and athletic ability offers backup value with the upside to develop into a spot starter if he can improve his footwork, weight distribution and anchor.


GRADE: 6.7/10 (Round 6)




Written by B/R NFL Scout Brandon Thorn