Amari Rodgers Talks Trevor Lawrence, Dabo Swinney, NFL Draft, More in B/R AMA

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistMarch 15, 2021

American Team wide receiver Amari Rodgers of Clemson (3) celebrates a score during the NCAA Senior Bowl college football game in Mobile, Ala., Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)
Matthew Hinton/Associated Press

All Amari Rodgers did in his four years at Clemson was play in four College Football Playoffs, win a national title and catch 181 passes for 2,144 yards and 15 touchdowns. Not too shabby. 

As the talented wide receiver prepares for the NFL draft, he joined B/R for an AMA that touched on a variety of topics, from his Clemson quarterback of choice and which NFL wideouts he models his game after to his pick for NBA MVP and some of his fondest memories from his time with the Tigers. 


@fitchkarma66: What was your favorite memory from Clemson?

Definitely winning the national championship. Feel like that was my favorite year, in terms of team chemistry. And we went undefeated. 


@fitchkarma66: Which NFL team are you most interested in?

Growing up, I was most interested in the Falcons. I have some family in Atlanta, so I always followed the Falcons.

@andrewcagle: Which Clemson QB you taking - Deshaun or Trevor Lawrence?

Trevor Lawrence.


@johnny_gators315: Are there any NFL players that you look up to?

Jarvis Landry for sure. He's the player that I study the most. I was training with him and I got to pick his brain a little bit so that was pretty cool.


@vinsanity123: What are you looking forward to most in the NFL?

Just playing teams twice. I only did that once with ND this past year. 


@WiscoSports123: Lots of experts are predicting you are going to be a Packer, thoughts?

I've heard that a lot, they need a slot or a guy like Randall Cobb since he left. I feel like I can go there and fit in right away. 


@NeedaQB: How soon do you plan on becoming the best WR named Amari?

Haven't really thought about that one. Amari Cooper is definitely elite, so I have a lot of work to do for sure. 


@colennovak13: Which CB was the most challenging to play against?

Carlton Davis. He was at Auburn and he was very good, he got me warmed up for college football.


@Thatwiseguy: Who is your NBA MVP so far?

LeBron. If someone is having a better season than him, I'm still picking LeBron. 


@joeyrinaldi: Who was your favorite player not on your favorite team growing up?

Steve Smith Sr. His confidence more than anything was what I loved. He had that heart and that drive, and he wasn't going to be stopped. 


@ja70: How are you so swag?

It took some time to get there. When I first got to college, I couldn't really dress but I saw how other people did it and made my own little swag. 


@CTheMan07: What is your biggest influence in life?

Making a name for myself. Being who my dad is, he was very successful at Tennessee where I grew up. I want to show the world that I'm a great player and I don't just get what I get because of who my dad is. I want to show that I'm elite. I've worked for everything that I've gotten so far and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


@Lil_buddy: What was your favorite locker room moment?

After every win. We'd go in and blast music for 10-15 minutes. Doesn't matter who we beat, we'd celebrate like we won the national championship. 


@Not_BobanTheGOAT: Who do you try to model your game after?

Jarvis, Sterling Shepard. Stefon Diggs. It's not really good to study people that don't compare to me and my skill set. 


@cadenpoulin10: How good do you think Trevor Lawrence will be?

As good as he wants to be. He's exceeded expectations already, and I'm excited to see him at the next level. 


@Travell2: What's your goals for year 1 in the NFL?

Just want to go on a team, get comfortable and show that they can trust me. And I want to try and win a Super Bowl early. 


@Cr4w: What CB do you want to face most in the NFL?

Jalen Ramsey, just because he's from Tennessee too. 


@Perdue4545: Was the team mad at Coach Dabo for giving fuel to the Buckeyes?

No, we weren't mad. We couldn't use that as an excuse. Everybody says stuff before every single game. We can't be mad about that. We knew they were gonna be fired up anyways no matter what he said. We knew we had to come with fire just like them. We didn't think too much about what Coach Swinney said even though they hyped it up. You can't really do nothing about it. What's said is said, you gotta go out there and play ball.


@Not_MattStafford: What did it feel like when you won the championship?

It was fun. It was crazy because the night before the game we all knew we were gonna win. Jerry Rice talked to us before the game and he gave us an incredible speech. We were like, "We got this now." We were locked in. We didn't expect to blow them out like that but we went out there and were clicking all around and just ran with it. We had a great game plan and we put it all together. After the game, celebrating with my teammates and seeing how emotional everyone was made me happy and proud.


@LetsGoPens87: Which QB in the NFL do you think you'd make the best duo with?

Trevor, we've already been together for 3 years so we can keep it riding. 


@hectorcorleone7: What made Clemson special to you?

Just the fact that they care about us as a man. They care about how we carry ourselves off the field. Preparing us for life after football. Coach Swinney gets us ready for the next step and gave us all the tools to dominate that next step in life.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Best Dabo Swinney moment?

In the dance circle this year, the Griddy was the fun dance everyone was doing. We told him to do it and he tried it... and it did not look good.


Favorite movie ever?

Doctor Strange. I'm a Marvel guy, and I love watching superhero movies. 

Favorite sneakers?

Jordan 1s low, I've got like 9 pairs of those.