Clipper Crystal Ball: Los Angeles Vs. Memphis 11/18/2009

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IINovember 18, 2009

In trying to describe the Clippers recently I used the word disjointed. I didn't realize when I used that word how accurate a description it was.

A quick Google look-up of the word returns the following: confused, lacking orderly continuity, not connected, and a basketball team from Los Angeles.

OK, I added that last definition, but no one would be surprised if it were there. The Clippers epitomize being disjointed. Tonight's opponent however seems to fall into the same category.

When you look at the Grizzlies scoring stats one can't help but be impressed. 

Conley      8.7
Mayo       18.1
Gay         20.5
Randolph  17.9
Gasol       14.8

Based only on those numbers this has the looks of a solid offensive team. Dig a little deeper into the numbers and you start to see some Clipper-like shortcomings.  Specifically a 108.7 points-allowed average and an 0-6 record on the road. Seems they can use a little fire-power coming off the bench to compliment a solid starting five. Isn't Allen Iverson available?


The Grizzlies are coming off a long rest not having played since a win on Nov. 14. Conversely, this game is the third road game in four days for the Clips. This will also mark the first game for the Grizzlies "officially" without A.I. 

ESPN Accuscore is once again Oh-No-Score in giving this game to the Yogi Bears from Tennessee. Idle hands are the devils tools, right?

Too much downtime for the Grizz and a motivated L.A. squad equals a Clipper win tonight.

Tonight's win will give the Clips a winning road trip and a second-straight win against the Grizzlies. Are Clippers disjointed? Yes. Is there hope in Los Angeles? Always. This team is too talented to not compete day in and day out. 

I'm sorry, you are curious about the score right? Coming off my amazingly accurate dead-on call of the Clippers point total in the last game I will tell you that the Clips prevail tonight 112 to 105. The Clipper Crystal Ball may bend, but it never breaks.


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