Greg Jennings Talks Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Packers, More in B/R AMA

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistOctober 21, 2020

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings reacts after catching a 5-yard touchdown pass during the second half of an NFL football game against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)
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Greg Jennings spent 10 seasons in the NFL, was a two-time Pro Bowler and starred in a famous viral video. The former wide receiver took a break from his retirement and stopped by B/R for an AMA session.

The 37-year-old tackled a number of topics including his experiences with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, and the highlights and lowlights of his career. Jennings also weighed in on the importance of voting in the upcoming elections. 


The following is the full transcript from the B/R AMA session.


@Steve_Perrault: Why is it so important for people to vote?

For me, the reason why it's so important is, it's the one opportunity you have as an individual to be a leader, to be in control of what you can control. There's so many times we put ourselves, or are in positions, experiences or situations where we can't control a thing. For us, obviously, votes are tallied and you can't control that part of it. But when you have an opportunity to take ownership and make your vote count, you gotta take advantage of that.


@BayLegend: What was the biggest difference in playing with Favre and Rodgers?

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I would say the biggest difference is in the huddle. Their demeanors in the huddle. They both have great personalities. Brett would put you at ease, he would crack a joke. We're in Denver, overtime game. Start of overtime, we're all in the huddle, he's like 'Guys come on come one come on, focus. And we're like 'what?' And he passes gas and when I say…..we're outside and the STENCH. He's grabbing everybody close to him and not letting them break the huddle. And everybody is just trying to get out. Things like that. Next play, overtime, touchdown, game over. But yea, that sticks out.


@kevin_rammage: Craziest Lambeau Leap memory?

I don't have any personal stories that were crazy, but I wanna say it was Jordy who...there's a way you Lambeau Leap, you don't go face first. You gotta jump and turn, can't go face first because the photos that are captured when you go face first and your head is in a guy's lap and his hand is patting your butt...the optics just do not look good. I remember it happening to guys so many times and I'm like dude...


@Sleepy_Hollow: What did you think when you made the Pro Bowl?

I was like wait, i can't go? Because my first year making the pro bowl, we won the super bowl. I kid you not, i wanted to go, because i earned it.


@pkrish: How much did the Polamalu hit hurt in the Super Bowl on that td catch?

I didn't even feel it, dead serious. I got asked that so much coming off the sidelines...to be honest, the hit, never felt it. There was a hit later in that game, not directly on me, but i came back to block a defender and man i wish i had never done it because i was on the plane and my shoulders hurt.


@BroBamba: Do you regret going to the Vikings after years of playing with the Packers?

I don't regret it because life happens the way it's intended to, that's the course of action my life took. However, it was different, the cultures, approaches, and it was something that was a challenge to adjust to. I don't think I ever quite embraced it...I don't want people to take that the wrong way, but when I got to the Vikings, I heard 'beat the Packers.' I was like, what? That can't be the benchmark. When I was with the Packers, we never talked about beating the Bears or Vikings, it was win a Super Bowl...the culture was revolving around beating the Packers. But then what? We lose the other games?


@LazerBam777: What was it like playing on the Dolphins?

My time there was…..yeah…..just like that. Hahaha. Everybody has the forgotten files. It was different. That's really all...


@JermSully: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?

There's been so many. There's one that stands out so vividly in my brain...we were in Pittsburgh and we're on the sideline, and apparently I hadn't scored in fantasy for this guy behind our bench. He yells, 'You suck in fantasy! I'm taking you off my goddamn team!' Literally the next series I break for this 80-yard TD...I go back and tell him 'You better not put me back on your team!' To be honest, I was laughing cause I had stunk. But at the same time I'm gonna give you something if I make a play. You better be able to take it. He was laughing like how I was laughing.


@LegendBoy: Favorite locker room moment?

After we won the NFC Championship game, Charles Woodson is in the locker room and he talks about how Obama wanted to meet the Bears but he's gonna meet us! His passion, conviction, it was so real. He told us right then and there: One goal, one mind, one ego. Everybody's individual ego is out the door. This is the one moment we have to do it right. It's on our Super Bowl rings, it gives me chills now. His quote is engraved in our Super Bowl rings.


@JamesE5: What is your all-time favorite sideline moment?

In the Super Bowl. They captured this on NFL Films. I was doing this all game, saying that we gotta run the corner route. Troy Polamalu is literally gonna jump the post...throw the corner route. Being the nice guy that I am, I had to present it in a way to where I didn't appear selfish. Because I'm unselfish but I'm like look, this is my film study and it's happening - put me right here! But I didn't say that. I said 'You can put anybody right here! Just run the corner route and I guarantee it will be wide open!' And it took us so long to actually do it. That probably bothers me to date more than anything and we still won. I was saying it from the first quarter. Just call the play. Just do it. You would be shocked about how few ingame adjustments are made on the sideline, just saying.


@vossam29: What is your current relationship with the Packers organization?

That's a great question. I would want it to be better. I'm really uncertain, to be honest, I would like to be re-accepted if you will. I've called games there, sat with Aaron and talked and our relationship is better. But as far as my experience and what I was able to do with that team, I would love to feel like, welcome home. I don't know what I can do, do they want me to get down on bended knee? It is what it is. Part of me is a little stubborn because I've apologized, kind of rectified everything with everyone...so now I'm like, I've done my part guys, what do you want me to do? Also one more thing...Everyone comes up to me and says 'Why did you leave Green Bay?' I didn't leave, they didn't bring me back.


@BleedGreen_99: If you could play with one player, past or present, who would it be and why?

Barry Sanders. Grew up watching him, I'm from Michigan, I tell people I was a Barry Sanders fan, not really a Lions fan. I had no idea what Barry was gonna do, just that he was gonna do something special.


@Not_dingusbrees: Who do you think is the GOAT?

Jerry Rice. I just can't give it to a QB because even though they do special things, skill guys, man...when you look at Jerry's numbers, the numbers he put up are ridiculous. Like how? And he's actually out there showing his talent and athletic ability. QBs kind of sit back and look pretty and throw the ball.


@SportsFannBeast: If you had one player to Moss who would it be?

Darelle Revis. I have all the respect in the world for him but I never felt like I got the opportunity to go after him.


@BayLegend: Do you have a favorite young receiver to watch right now?

I like Justin Jefferson, he's in my backyard, I'm in Minnesota right now. I think he needs more opportunities. I like Calvin Ridley too...there are a lot of guys, it's a great group of young receivers right now.


@VINCENZOTHEGOD: Who would win in a fight, Aaron Donald or Derrick Henry?

I'm going Aaron Donald. He is just physically immortal. I have watched him grab a guy and just snatch him. I'm like dude, that's a grown man, that's a lineman bigger than you...his strength is just ridiculous.


@just_in_time: Is there a creative TD celebration you wanted to do but never had the chance to?

No, but there was something I always wanted to do but never did...I never spiked the ball, one time, ever. If I could go back, it would be to spike the ball just one time.


@MWWLI: Who is your favorite player to wear #85 other than yourself?

Ocho, man. Watching him was like watching art. He did a lot of things that you just don't have the freedom to do at receiver, but he did it anyway. I loved watching Chad, I stole a lot of his release moves and his routes.


@elijahmcclure: How does it feel to put the team on your back?

'Put the team on my back doe! This is what I do! Darren Sharper! One of the hardest hitting safeties in the league! It don't matter!' That's how I feel. It doesn't matter, I always put the team on my back hahah. That was one of the most epic YouTube videos that you will ever watch. I just happened to be the video game receiver that he was playing with and that the glitch happened to. The question I get asked more than anything is 'Remember when you broke your leg? How did you run with a broken leg?' At this point I just answer it, because if you haven't seen it I just go along with the story. 'Because I had to put the team on my back'


@jonathanweber: Tell us about All In With The Jennings. What's the goal of the IG page and YouTube channel?

It's just our everyday everything. Every one of our kids are unique and have their own sports and extracurriculars going on. We wanted to find a way to capture it, reflect on what we did, and we want to be all in when we do something. It's challenging to remind ourselves to grab a camera and record, but it's our day-to-day how we navigate life, the crazy life we all lead as parents, employees, business owners, that's what it is.


@jonathanweber: How'd you get into bodybuilding? What drives you in the gym?

Actually my wife. She ran a marathon, didn't know she had signed up for a full, thought she was going to do a half...but I watched her as she completed it and all i can think selfishly to myself is...what are you gonna do, buddy? I'm gonna celebrate her, but I'm thinking, I gotta do something. That's what inspired me. Now that I'm in it, I'm inspired by just being better, creating a better physique everytime i'm in there. And it's a lifestyle where I can be a great example for my kids.


@ChickfilAisbetta: Chickfila or Popeyes?

Chick-fil-A for me. I don't really do either, but if I'm gonna do one, Chick-fil-A.


Rapid-Fire Questions

Favorite play ever?

OT play, Green Bay vs. Denver. 


Favorite movie ever?



Favorite sneaker ever?

I'm a Jordan 2 guy, They're simple, clean...I don't wanna go too far into it, but the Jordan 2.


Favorite food?

Sushi. Maybe because of what I do now, that's my 'cheat meal,' but bring on the sushi.

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