5 Best Feuds for Roman Reigns After 2020 WWE Draft

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2020

5 Best Feuds for Roman Reigns After 2020 WWE Draft

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Roman Reigns is still The Big Dog in the SmackDown yard after this year's WWE draft. He is riding high as the universal champion, but there are some new faces waiting to battle The Tribal Chief.

    During his time with the company, Reigns has faced a lot of big names, but he has done almost all of that as a babyface. Things are much different now.

    Not only has he established himself as a heel since returning at SummerSlam but he has also aligned himself with Paul Heyman, so he has someone in his corner who is more than willing to break the rules.

    His current feud with Jey Uso will be over eventually, and then Reigns will need a new challenger who is worthy of facing him in combat.

    Let's look at the best options for potential rivals now that the draft has been completed.

Big E

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    When it comes to personality, Reigns and Big E could not be more different. The Big Dog is serious while The New Day man likes to have fun, but they also have a ton of similarities.

    Both men are powerhouses who rose to prominence as members of a trio but now find themselves in unfamiliar positions. Reigns is a bad guy for the first time since he was part of The Shield, and Big E is by himself or the first time in many years. 

    Pairing these two up for a feud would not only provide us with a fresh combo, but it would also elevate Big E in ways no tag team feud ever could.

    Even if he doesn't win the title in his first encounter, Big E having a good showing against a guy such as The Big Dog is going to help him ascend to the main event scene on a more permanent basis. 

    This would be a fun, physical feud, which would also give E the chance to test his mic skills against someone as talented as Paul Heyman. The promos could be epic. 

Kevin Owens

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    Kevin Owens and Reigns have been both allies and enemies in the past, but The Tribal Chief being a villain this time around changes their dynamic.

    KO is currently in a storyline with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. If he comes out of it as the victor, he would be in a prime position to claim he deserves a title shot.

    The exchanges between Heyman and Owens would be awesome, but the real appeal to this feud would be the in-ring action. Owens is among the best WWE has while Reigns is finding his groove as a dominant bully, so this would be unlike anything we have seen from them before.

    This is the kind of storyline WWE could use for any pay-per-view, including WrestleMania 37 next year. Since they have previous history to draw on, it wouldn't take much effort to build this program in a short time. 

The Mysterio Family

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    The last time Rey Mysterio and Reigns were in the ring as opponents was during The Big Dog's run with The Shield. A lot has changed since then.

    Reigns has become one of the top stars in WWE, and Mysterio is the veteran trying to teach his son the finer points of the business. 

    What's great about this combo is the underdog quality of both Rey and Dominik Mysterio. They are significantly smaller than Reigns and even in a handicap match, they would still be at a disadvantage.

    It's too early for Dom to be thrust into the title picture, but Rey's reputation means he can be inserted into a championship feud at any time. 

    All it would take is for Reigns to beat up Dominik one time to kick-start a storyline with his father. It might be similar to what happened with Seth Rollins, but this would feel like its own story after a week or two. 


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    WWE gave Otis the Money in the Bank briefcase but has since done almost nothing to make him seem like a potential world champion.

    A big part of what made Otis special was how the fans reacted to him. Without live crowds, he is just another comedy character.

    A feud with Reigns is what would make or break him as a main event talent. If he can hang with The Tribal Chief, he will prove he is more than just a tag team guy who dances and rubs his belly.

    Having Otis cash in his title shot by challenging Reigns instead of sneaking up on him would help maintain his good-guy image and make it more acceptable when he doesn't win the title.

    Let's be honest, Otis will not be the guy to dethrone The Big Dog, but he can have an entertaining feud while trying. 

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan and Reigns almost had a feud last year, but when it was revealed that Erick Rowan was behind the attacks on The Big Dog, The Yes Man severed their alliance and fought alongside Reigns.

    They have come close a few times, but Bryan and Reigns have never had an extended singles feud. They have fought each other before, but it was never a long storyline. If The Planet's Champion returns soon, this would be the perfect time to make it happen.

    The Tribal Chief showed us his new personality against Jey Uso. He is a bully who masquerades as a leader. Bryan is the ideal person to attempt to take him down.

    We have seen the former world champion defeat many men who were twice his size, but he would still be the underdog. If WWE wants to make Bryan into one of its top stars again, being the man to take the universal title from the champ is a great way to accomplish that goal. 

    The blue brand has a lot of great talent, but the five people listed here are the most likely to feud with the universal champion in the near future.