Quick Takes on Potential Roman Reigns WWE Faction, AEW Anniversary Show and More

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Quick Takes on Potential Roman Reigns WWE Faction, AEW Anniversary Show and More

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    It may not be long before Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are back on the same side.
    It may not be long before Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are back on the same side.Credit: WWE.com

    As riveting as the Roman Reigns-Jey Uso rivalry is on WWE SmackDown, the best may be yet to come from the Clash of Champions opponents.

    The blue brand has been significantly more enjoyable than Raw in recent weeks, largely because of the coherent storylines and compelling characters. Above all else, however, Reigns and Uso have done tremendous work in their feud over the Universal Championship.

    Regardless of the result of their encounter Sunday night, all roads must lead to them forming a heel super stable with Jimmy Uso. It promises to be infinitely better than Retribution, which has been confusing to follow every Monday night for the past month.

    It's going to be tough for the faction to bounce back after what went down on Monday, but the reveal of a "higher power" could salvage the storyline.

    Either way, the Clash of Champions lineup pales in comparison to what All Elite Wrestling appears to have planned for its anniversary edition of Dynamite on October 14. An AEW World Championship defense is already being advertised, but more marquee matches are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

    This installment of Quick Takes will tackle what else AEW should add to its anniversary show, a potential landing spot for Robert Roode upon his return, the Mysterio family continuing to feud with Seth Rollins and more.

Fantasy-Booking a Heel Super Stable with Roman Reigns and The Usos

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    Fans have been pitching the idea of a super faction comprising Roman Reigns and The Usos in WWE for years, and we appear to be closer than ever before to that dream becoming a reality.

    Reigns has been teaming with The Usos on and off since as far back as 2015. When The Usos went heel for the first time in late 2016, they had already been separated from Reigns by the Brand Split, so there was no way for them to reunite.

    WWE was so hesitant to turn The Big Dog heel for so many years that many fans assumed it was never going to happen. Now that Reigns has finally flipped the switch and become a bad guy, the endgame should be to get The Usos with Reigns in a faction managed by Paul Heyman.

    The rivalry between Reigns and Jey Uso has been proof not only that they work wonderfully together but also that Reigns is in his element as a heel. The Usos always thrived in that role as well, so there's no reason for them not to be a unit at some point.

    WWE can take the first step toward bringing them together at Clash of Champions when Reigns defeats Uso. He can lay a beating on him so brutal that he and Jimmy have no choice but to join forces with their cousin. Heyman can manipulate them into thinking that's the right move for them to make.

    According to Jey in an interview with TalkSport, Jimmy is expected to be back around January or February (h/t Andrew Ravens of WrestlingNews.co). Either way, they have the potential to be the most dominant faction SmackDown has seen in some time.

Projecting a Possible Card for AEW's Anniversary Edition of Dynamite

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    AEW's next pay-per-view event, Full Gear in early November, is fast approaching. Before then, fans have the special first anniversary edition of Dynamite to look forward to October 14.

    Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer for the AEW World Championship has already been announced, and it's bound to be a barn-burner based on the excellent matches they had in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In addition to that, every other title should up for grabs as well to make the show as special as possible.

    Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa clashed for the AEW Women's World Championship at All Out, and it's time for them to meet in a rematch for Rosa's NWA World Women's Championship. Their original encounter was so great that it would be criminal for them to not run it back again.

    Meanwhile in the tag team ranks, it would make sense for FTR to defend against either Best Friends or Adam Page and Kenny Omega. But the ruction within the latter team means Best Friends are the likelier option, which would also be entertaining.

    Finally, that show could be where Cody gets his rematch with Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship after making his return Wednesday. It could even end with Cody regaining the gold and resuming his weekly open challenges.

    Anything on top of those four matches would merely be the icing on the cake, as that lineup alone is befitting of a pay-per-view.

The Rey Mysterio-Seth Rollins Rivalry Has Jumped the Shark

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    Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio have been feuding since May, if you can believe it, when Rollins attempted to blind Mysterio on Raw. That led to them facing off in an Eye for an Eye match, which was widely criticized, before Dominik Mysterio was introduced soon after.

    To their credit, Rollins and Dominik worked wonderfully together at SummerSlam, as well as twice on Raw in the weeks that followed. All three matches, however, ended with Rollins winning, meaning there was no reason for the rivalry to continue.

    Seemingly devoid of ideas for Rollins or the Mysterio family, WWE opted to keep the story going on Monday's Raw by having The Monday Night Messiah question whether Aaliyah was legitimately Rey's daughter. The segment served to establish tension within the Mysterio family, and where that's supposed to be going is anyone's guess.

    It's high time WWE put this storyline to rest and begin to move everyone involved in different directions.

    Dominik can remain a regular on Raw alongside his father Rey or Humberto Carrillo in the tag team division, but he lacks credibility as a singles star. As for Rollins, he gains nothing from continuing to beat the Mysterios.

    The best place for WWE to pivot to from here is Rollins vs. Murphy. Rollins has spent the past several weeks beating up on his disciple, so Murphy reaching his boiling point and breaking away from Rollins is inevitable.

Why NXT Is the Perfect Landing Spot for the Returning Robert Roode

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    Per WWE insider Twitter account WrestleVotes, Robert Roode is reportedly due back on WWE TV relatively soon. As a Canada native, he's been away for more than six months because of the pandemic, meaning he hasn't been in action since the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in early March.

    The tweet specifically mentioned he would be returning to Raw (where he was traded to over the summer in exchange for SmackDown picking up AJ Styles), but NXT would be a much better landing spot for him. After all, that was where he called home for the first year of his WWE career.

    An unnamed Superstar appeared in a vignette on Wednesday's NXT threatening to take back what it was theirs. Fans have speculated it could be either Bo Dallas and Samoa Joe given their ties to the black-and-gold brand, but Roode would have the most to gain from such a return.

    It was on NXT that he had a strong NXT Championship reign and was booked beautifully as the brand's top heel. His main-roster run has largely been lackluster because of WWE not knowing how to handle him, but with NXT needing more notable names, Roode could fill that void.

    Were Roode to report to Raw instead, it's extremely likely he would be slotted right back beside Dolph Ziggler (who is floundering) and re-enter the tag team ranks. At this stage of his career, it would be a waste of his talent, especially since he still has so much left to offer on his own.

    If WWE isn't going to give him the singles spotlight he deserves, he may as well return to NXT and remind everyone what made him such a glorious heel in the first place.

Could Keith Lee Be Revealed as the Leader of Retribution?

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    Similar to the aforementioned stable with Roman Reigns and The Usos, simply because Keith Lee has fought Retribution in recent weeks doesn't mean he can't ultimately align with them. That isn't to say he should, but all signs sure seem to point to that happening sooner rather than later.

    Lee made an immediate impact upon arriving on Raw by targeting Randy Orton and beating him clean at Payback. Unfortunately, he hasn't managed to score an important win since then, not even when he went up against Drew McIntyre in back-to-back weeks on Raw.

    His friendship with McIntyre has clearly been thrown out the window, and it's logical to assume that he's fed up with not being able to beat him or Orton ahead of Clash of Champions. That could lead him to joining Retribution or being revealed as their leader, with his girlfriend Mia Yim and foe-turned-friend Dominik Dijakovic already a part of the faction.

    That said, Lee in Retribution would be a quick career-killer for him and should not be where this angle is headed.

    Orton might be a better choice because he hasn't interacted with Retribution up to this point, so it would make more sense. Lee, on the other hand, is a natural babyface and has no business being associated with the faction.

    There will likely be a "higher power" of some sort in Retribution in order to explain why they were given contracts, but Lee would be the wrong person for that role. Coming out of Clash of Champions, he should be positioned as more of a threat on the show to avoid feeling like an afterthought in the WWE Championship picture.


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