Backstage WWE Rumors: Latest on Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio and More

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2020

Backstage WWE Rumors: Latest on Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio and More

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    Will he re-sign or won't he? It feels like we have this conversation about former WWE champion Brock Lesnar on an annual basis.

    That's probably because we do.

    The Beast Incarnate finds himself back in the spotlight after word of his contract expiration hit the internet this week. We have been here before, though, and reports of his future plans are already making the rounds.

    They headline this week's rumor and innuendo, which also features an update on Rey Mysterio's triceps injury, the latest on Retribution and news of All Elite Wrestling's next television venture.

Brock Lesnar Contract Update

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    WrestleVotes reported, "In talking with a source, the belief is that once Lesnar is ready to work again, he'll let McMahon know. Or vice versa, if WWE needs Brock, they will present a deal he can't refuse. Currently, it's nothing more than that."

    So anyone pining for the moment when The Beast suplexes Kenny Omega into oblivion or elbows Cody silly, relax.

    The likelihood that Lesnar was really going anywhere is extremely low. He has the best, most convenient deal with WWE that any wrestler in the history of the industry has had. He also has a great relationship with the company and knows that when he comes back, he will instantly be in the main event position again.

    He is a box-office attraction, the sort of performer who people still want to see work regardless of how repetitive his booking can be. He will be back inside the squared circle, it will be for WWE and all will be right with the world.

Rey Mysterio Injury Report

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    Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported the torn triceps injury suffered by Rey Mysterio is not as bad as expected and it is likely he won't need surgery. He would still be out of action a few months, though.

    Does anyone have worse luck with injuries than the future Hall of Famer?

    Mysterio missed Monday's match with Seth Rollins, a contest that probably would have concluded their storyline and given Rey-Rey his triumphant moment. Now, he will head to the sidelines, leaving son Dominik to fend for himself both on- and offscreen.

    While it appears as though WWE Creative is invested in Dominik, that can change on a whim from Vince McMahon. Assuming Mysterio does disappear from television to deal with the injury, it will be interesting to see if his son remains a priority at this point in his fledgling career.

Latest on Retribution

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    John Pollock of Post Wrestling reported Retribution is expected to be Raw-exclusive moving forward.

    It really doesn't matter, though, does it?

    The creative team is about as invested in the masked invaders as the audience, and that's not a positive by any stretch of the imagination. It is clear that those in control have either lost focus with regard to the group's motives and direction or never knew them in the first place.

    There have been no teases or hints as to who is under the mask, what they want or why they attack when they do. They just do thing...but not interesting things.

    They pop up here and there to remind everyone they are still around, but they are cared so little about that they didn't appear at the two major pay-per-views WWE staged in August.

    Retribution has been hurt significantly by uneven booking and a seemingly disinterested writing team to the point that one has to ask why they haven't just dropped off the face of the earth at this point.

    Because the alternative—meaninglessly appearing for no rhyme or reason—is somehow worse.

Update on Second AEW Television Show

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    Meltzer also reported that AEW and WarnerMedia's plans for a second show are still a "go" and it may launch before the end of the year.

    AEW already has Dark, its YouTube-exclusive show that typically features enhancement matches featuring the men and women not currently on Dynamite.

    The possibility of a second show poses the question: What will it look like, who will it feature and can AEW maintain the lightning-quick pace some of its Dynamite episodes feature on a second weekly show?

    Is too much of a good thing a negative? It's a question we are fixing to find out the answer to if Meltzer's report proves accurate.

    However, AEW does have the talent to pull off a second show, which could give more time and attention to its mostly underserved women's division.


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