Ranking the Most Overrated Superstars in WWE and AEW Today

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 29, 2020

Ranking the Most Overrated Superstars in WWE and AEW Today

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    Despite the undeniable impact of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak on the wrestling industry in 2020, there are still Superstars in both major companies who remain overrated by wrestling fans.

    Whether it's the unwavering support of what WWE and All Elite Wrestling produce or a personal affinity for the following wrestlers, each has disappointed despite a vocal portion of the audience claiming they're major attractions.

    If these overrated Superstars in WWE and AEW were as good as their fans claim, maybe the television ratings wouldn't be setting record-low numbers. It's time to put these overrated performers on notice.

4. Sasha Banks and Bayley

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    I can't be the only person tired of seeing Sasha Banks and Bayley on every show, right?

    Banks and Bayley have dominated the women's tag team division and both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship scenes for months, but the WWE Universe is eating it up despite the clear oversaturation.

    The best friends have become the Roman Reigns of women's wrestling, but fans somehow love it this time. Hopefully, the two will finally begin their long-awaited feud and WWE Creative can start pushing other female Superstars.

    There is no doubt that Banks and Bayley brought attention to the division and performed well in their matches, but they have dominated the programming for weeks and the angles have been forgettable.

    It's finally time for a much-needed change.

3. Jake Hager

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    Whether it was WWE, Lucha Underground or AEW, Jake Hager has been given opportunities to shine in the main event scene. Unfortunately, he still doesn't have the charisma needed to be a top star.

    No matter where he goes, Hager remains one of the most overrated names in wrestling.

    The problem is that while Hager has the legitimate toughness as an MMA and collegiate wrestling superstar, he doesn't have an imposing look to make him a convincing heater. It's hard to think of him like Diesel or Wardlow when he is wearing a collared shirt like he's heading to the links for a round of golf.

    Companies and fans around the business look at Hager as one of the most agile big men, and while that may be true, he lacks the presence needed to be a convincing bodyguard. AEW should cut their losses and move away from the overrated performer.

2. Seth Rollins

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    There is no doubt that Seth Rollins has been one of the best in-ring workers in the business for years, but his work as the Monday Night Messiah has left a lot to be desired in the feud against Rey Mysterio.

    The eye-for-an-eye match was a complete embarrassment, and the storyline with Dominik Mysterio led to a lackluster bout at SummerSlam. Instead of Rollins stealing the show, he's been a vehicle to get Rey's son on the card so the former world champion would re-sign with the company.

    In addition, Rollins's stable has looked weak through its run. Not only does Murphy take pinfall losses every time he's in the ring, but the Messiah also hasn't recruited a new member in months and has little credibility left.

    The WWE Universe values Rollins for what he did earlier in his career, but he has been far from a highlight of the show throughout the coronavirus pandemic. It's time for fans to be more critical of the Superstar and demand more.

1. Roman Reigns

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    Roman Reigns made his triumphant return to WWE at SummerSlam, but despite how much the company wants him to be a top star, he's not who most wrestling fans want to see pushed in the main event scene.

    No one overrates Reigns more than Vince McMahon and WWE Creative.

    Few Superstars in WWE history have been handed as many opportunities, coronations and accolades as Reigns. It has caused many fans to turn on him, but instead of improving on the mic or in the ring, the company added a new edge to his character that will only mask his weaknesses.

    The company now appears to be booking Reigns as an unstoppable force who destroys everyone and plays more of a tweener role. While that's certainly better than him portraying a pure babyface, it doesn't erase the fact that he is overrated by WWE.


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