WWE Superstars Who Need a Manager to Reignite Their Career

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2020

WWE Superstars Who Need a Manager to Reignite Their Career

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    Being a WWE Superstar requires great physical ability, a good understanding of ring psychology and the kind of charisma and mic skills that will make people want to see more of you. 

    Certain wrestlers can have a great match every night of the week but when it comes time for them to deliver a promo, the WWE Universe checks out.

    Being able to capture the attention of the audience with your words is one of the most important skills in the business, and if somebody is struggling in that department, a manager can make a world of difference.

    Do you think Brock Lesnar would be as successful without Paul Heyman? Would Yokozuna have dominated as much as he did without his managers? So many legends would not have had nearly as much success without having a mouthpiece to do the talking for them.

    Managers are not as common as they used to be in WWE. We have a few but they typically have one or two clients at the most. The days of a guy like Bobby Heenan or Jim Cornette separately managing half-a-dozen wrestlers are long gone.

    Plenty of current WWE Superstars would benefit from having another person to cut promos for them while they concentrate on taking care of business in the ring. Let's look at the names who would excel with somebody in their corner to support them. 

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet

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    Even though WWE has several awesome teams such as The New Day, The Usos, The Viking Raiders and The Golden Role Models, the tag team division goes through a lot of ups and downs every year.

    The addition of a team like Ricochet and Cedric Alexander should have instantly lifted the Raw division up to a new level of competition, but for some strange reason, WWE can't seem to book them consistently.

    If they manage to string together a few wins, they always end up losing the final battle. Part of the problem is they do not have a cohesive persona as a team. They still feel like two singles stars who were thrown together due to a lack of any better ideas.

    Giving them someone who can do the talking for them would make a big difference. While Ricochet and Alexander are by no means bad on the mic, they would be better off if somebody else was giving the promos for them.

    Zelina Vega would be a great choice but she is busy managing Andrade and Angel Garza. They already turned down MVP's opportunity to join his crew, so there are only a couple of options left.

    Pairing them with somebody like Drake Maverick could be the solution. He is one of WWE's best-kept secrets and if he was allowed to manage them, he would be able to convey why we should care about them better than anyone else.

    The former manager of AOP made us care during WWE's ill-advised storyline about him getting released during the coronavirus pandemic, so he knows how to connect with the crowd. 

Humberto Carrillo

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    Humberto Carrillo came to the main roster in 2019 and appeared to be on the fast track right away. He was quickly moved from 205 Live to Raw and began facing some of the biggest stars on the brand on a regular basis.

    His in-ring ability gained him a lot of fans quickly, but WWE also made sure to play up his good looks whenever the opportunity came up.

    In 2020, things have not been so great for him. Carrillo has been booked inconsistently and has racked up quite a few losses. Something needs to change.

    A heel turn would allow him to align with Vega and his cousin, Garza. This would create a stable of incredibly talented luchadors with Vega as the face and voice of the group. Since WWE doesn't have crowds to provide live feedback right now, it has the chance to try new things with different people.

    Carrillo may be better suited to being a villain, but we will never know if WWE doesn't give it a shot. Vega would be the key to getting him over. 

Bo Dallas

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    Can you even think of the last time you saw Bo Dallas on WWE television? Ever since Curtis Axel was released on April 30 and The B-Team was disbanded, he has been missing in action.

    He may not be the most muscular or the most agile, but Dallas has a lot more to offer than a lot of people give him credit for. He is a skilled technician with an established pedigree in this business. WWE should be able to find something for him.

    The B-Team gave him a level of success when he and Axel won the Raw tag team titles, but they were designed for comedy and that meant they were never going to be the centerpiece of the division.

    Like Carrillo, Dallas may want to join an established group so he can benefit from their momentum while he re-establishes himself as a talent to watch. 

    Raw Underground could be a good place for him to get back on television but if WWE doesn't go in that direction, he would be better off going back to NXT and working with a manager. Maybe Malcolm Bivens needs another client?

Mojo Rawley

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    Mojo Rawley is one of those wrestlers you can tell WWE sees value in but can't find the right way to book him to get him over with the crowd, so it books him however it needs to at the moment.

    When Rob Gronkowski shows up, Rawley turns into his fun-loving buddy. The rest of the time he is either portrayed as a dangerous threat or jobbing to somebody else getting a push. 

    Inconsistent booking like this makes it hard for fans to invest in a Superstar. That is why putting him with a manager who can keep his character on track and do most of the talking for him would be a huge help.

    Rawley is actually pretty good on the mic, but his energy means he is only ever given the chance to deliver certain kinds of promos. A representative could fill in those gaps so he can focus more on perfecting his craft in the ring.

    Since Gronk has decided not to pursue a wrestling career for the time being, Rawley is going to have to find a way to stand out on his own. 

Chad Gable

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    It's hard to think of a case of a more talented Superstar being wasted than Chad Gable. Unfortunately for him, some people in WWE management can't write a storyline that doesn't focus on him being bullied for his size.

    He is the same height as Daniel Bryan but The Yes Man never has that problem, so the issue here is with the people writing the shows, not Gable.

    The former Olympian has had numerous incredible matches against the best the company has to offer, but every time it looks like he is starting to pick up steam, WWE stops his push dead in its tracks.

    He appears to have turned heel after helping Baron Corbin in recent weeks, but WWE tried that when he was partnered with Robert Roode and it never clicked. He needs to be a babyface but in order to move beyond his current booking, he needs somebody who can speak for him.

    This would be the perfect chance to get Kurt Angle back on television. If he acted as a manager and mentor for Gable, there is no telling how far he could go. Everything about this combination works, but it would take Angle being willing to return on a weekly basis for it to happen.

    He needs to drop the Shorty G name, change his attire and get a mouthpiece. Once all of that happens, Gable could be a solid upper-midcard star in no time.