WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 10

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistAugust 10, 2020

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 10

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Chaos reigns on Monday Night Raw. August 10 was presented as an aftermath show in the wake of the events of the previous week.

    Raw Underground has arrived, and it has introduced a new aesthetic to the red brand. With Shane McMahon guiding the action, Superstars are fighting without any restriction. The Hurt Business led by MVP took over the show at the end of the previous week. No one knew what would happen next.

    RETRIBUTION has already made an impact on both Raw and SmackDown, including a frightening attack on Friday when the group tore apart the ring. What would be the faction's next move in its attempt to protest the way WWE handles its talent?

    After a confrontation with Ric Flair, Kevin Owens challenged Randy Orton to a match. KO wanted to show that he was not wasting his career by focusing on helping his friends. Would he prove himself, or would The Viper be too much?

    Bayley cheated Asuka out of the Raw Women's Championship, and The Empress of Tomorrow was ready to start getting her revenge. She was set to fight the SmackDown women's champion. If she won, she would earn a title shot against Sasha Banks at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

    The night was packed with talent and potential defining moments for the brand. Only those willing to adapt would make the most of their opportunities on a new-look Raw.

Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio Sign Contract; Rollins vs. Humberto Carrillo

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    Samoa Joe introduced Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio for their contract signing. The Monday Night Messiah called Dominik a coward, which set off The Samoan Submission Machine. He called out Rollins for turning against the fans on a whim.

    The Messiah turned to Dominik, telling him he should be grateful. Rollins gave him the full opportunity to succeed by agreeing to an Extreme Rules match, as he would never last in a true wrestling match. The son of Rey Mysterio signed his WWE contract and the contract for his SummerSlam match.

    Dominik stuck around for The Messiah's match with Humberto Carrillo. Rollins made relatively quick work of the Mexican Superstar after a superkick into a powerbomb and the Stomp.

    Afterward, Murphy attacked Dominik, and the two trapped the son of Mysterio in the ropes before smacking him with kendo sticks repeatedly. They left welts all over Dominik's body.



    Rollins def. Carrillo by pinfall.






    The ability of Joe elevated this solid segment. He is arguably the best promo in the business right now, and it showed. He added layers to an already-established rivalry. It clearly got under The Messiah's skin, given his dominant performance in the ring and post-match attack on Dominik.

    The clash with Carrillo was such a slap in the face of the Mexican Superstar. He continues to be marginalized after being treated as an equal to the Mysterios and Aleister Black in the resistance movement.

    It will be interesting to see what Dominik can do in the ring. His father is one of the best of all time, but the push he is receiving feels too much like it is an attempt to get Rey re-signed. Is he truly more talented than Carrillo? The answer is almost certainly no. However, WWE at least feels he is a bigger star.

Andrade vs. Angelo Dawkins; Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

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    Zelina Vega explained in a promo ahead of Andrade's match that she had nothing to do with the poisoning of Montez Ford.

    Angelo Dawkins battered El Idolo early with right hands, but Andrade's singles experience allowed him to quickly grind down the larger man. Zelina Vega tried to interfere, but Bianca Belair attacked her. The distraction allowed Dawkins to hit the Cash Out for the three-count.

    This quickly transitioned into a match between Belair and Vega. The manager used her speed and ingenuity to get the upper hand on The EST. She did not account for Belair's stamina, as The EST got back up again and again. A powerbomb from The EST set up the K.O.D. for a dominant win.

    Charly Caruso interviewed Belair and Dawkins. The EST warned that Vega would face her wrath again if they tried anything more. Dawkins promised that Ford would be back by SummerSlam.



    Dawkins def. Andrade by pinfall; Belair def. Vega by pinfall.






    Dawkins should not be able to defeat Andrade one-on-one, even with a distraction. It made sense for The Street Profits heavyweight to work fully motivated, but the two could have wrestled a better match to sell the level of disparity between their singles experience.

    The women's match worked much better. It was pure physicality. Vega got to show off her talent in the ring, and the WWE Universe got the best view so far of The EST's ability. It was a classic battle of crafty heel versus resilient babyface that sold Belair as a dangerous force in the women's division.

    This story continues to evolve, and it would be fascinating to find out if someone else poisoned Ford. There's plenty of opportunity for a reveal that could make the Raw tag team division more interesting.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

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    MVP called out Apollo Crews on "The VIP Lounge," demanding an admission that he caused the lights to flicker. The United States champion laughed at the accusation.

    He rushed the ring and fought off The Hurt Business enough to set up an impromptu match with Shelton Benjamin. Bobby Lashley distracted Crews, allowing Benjamin to get a surprise roll-up to pick up a huge victory.

    Afterward, MVP stopped The All Mighty from putting the U.S. champ in the full nelson, as he wanted Crews ready for SummerSlam. MVP tried to cheap-shot Crews but took an enzuigiri to the face.



    Benjamin def. Crews by pinfall.






    The Hurt Business' rivalry with Crews is wearing thin. While it is nice to see Benjamin picking up wins finally, his victory leading to another Crews vs. MVP match feels counterproductive. If the champ is going to lose, the man who beats him should get a title shot.

    The match was certainly fun. Benjamin is still immensely talented and works well with Crews. The two have similar flashy athleticism along with impressive muscular frames. The more time they have together, the better the match.

The Viking Raiders, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander vs. Akira Tozawa and His Ninjas

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    Ivar flirted with Demi Burnett backstage until Erik found him. Burnett reminded Erik that he was not the cute one of The Viking Raiders.

    Akira Tozawa demanded all his ninjas get into the action instead of him. One of the ninjas refused, and Tozawa decided to bail instead of fight. The Viking Raiders hit the Viking Experience on a ninja for the win.

    R-Truth rolled up Tozawa on the ramp to take the 24/7 Championship.



    Raiders, Alexander and Ricochet def. Tozawa and his ninjas by pinfall.






    This was apparently the absolutely needed comedy segment of the night. It was short and forgettable. Alexander and Ricochet got a win for once but never got involved in the action. It could have just been a tag team match.

    The 24/7 Championship has run its course. It is the same story week after week. While The Stamina Monster deserved a television spotlight, he also deserves better than this. He has become a comedic stereotype.

Liv Morgan (w/ Ruby Riott) vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

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    The IIconics made fun of the reunited Riott Squad on their way to the ring.

    Peyton Royce planted Liv Morgan early with a spin kick. Ruby Riott tried to stop Billie Kay from interfering, but the referee caught only Riott on the apron. The distraction allowed Royce to catch Morgan with the Deja Vu for the victory.



    Royce def. Morgan by pinfall.






    As always, any segments between these four go criminally short. This match was barely getting off the ground before it was over. It is nice to see the women used regularly, but there is no excuse for WWE's usage of them in the contest.

    No one is getting over working a sub-five-minute match. Morgan cannot show that she has improved in the ring. Royce does not even get the chance to look dominant. She just won the moment the others jumped on the apron.

Bayley vs. Asuka

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    Asuka attacked Bayley at the bell, but The Role Model fought back. As the lights flickered, the action raged back and forth. Both women were willing to batter the other for this victory.

    Sasha Banks distracted the referee to help her best friend and also took cheap shots at The Empress of Tomorrow when she could. The Role Model used every opening to target the legs of Asuka, using a variety of impressive submission transitions.

    After a sunset bomb into the corner, Bayley mocked Kairi Sane, taking too long. As The Role Model charged at The Empress, she got rolled into the Asuka Lock and quickly tapped out.



    Asuka def. Bayley by submission to earn a Raw Women's Championship opportunity against Banks at WWE SummerSlam.






    Bayley and Asuka put on a submission exhibition in this match. The transitions were better than even some of the best have pulled off in WWE. While the two have always had incredible chemistry, the face/heel dynamic works so much better for them when Bayley is the dominant one.

    While The Role Model has been protected throughout her run, Asuka is treated as the most dominant woman in WWE. It is not a surprise that she made Bayley tap out, especially since The Role Model had no reason not to tap. She had nothing to lose.

Riddick Moss, Arturo Ruas, and Shayna Baszler Make an Impact on Raw Underground

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    Raw Underground began again with an emphatic victory from Riddick Moss as he battered Performance Center standout Cal Bloom. Arturo Ruas dominated his opponent, knocking him out clean with violent spin kicks.

    Dabba-Kato threw around a random performer, and Shane McMahon quickly called for the bell. Shayna Baszler stepped up to Kato, but Shane told him to back off. No woman wanted to step in the ring with The Queen of Spades, so she attacked a few women, making one tap out to the Kirifuda Clutch.






    WWE should be taking risks with fresh content. However, Raw Underground is too much movement and not enough action so far. The matches were shorter than most squashes with more camera cuts.

    Where the focus should be is on developing new stars for a fresh audience. Dabba-Kato and Ruas both came off immediately as dangerous men who could make an impact. Perhaps this can set up for a fresh stable of destroyers led by Shane.

    At least WWE dropped the dancers and brought women into the ring. Baszler is perfectly suited for this scene. It should only further prove how dangerous she can be.

Randy Orton (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Kevin Owens

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    Ric Flair walked Randy Orton out to the ring followed by a highly motivated Kevin Owens. The Viper escaped the early onslaught with a thumb to the eye. The two blocked the other's finisher early and focused on battering each other inside and outside the ring.

    Orton injured KO badly after throwing him onto the announce table. Owens refused to give up and headbutted The Viper off the top rope to set up a senton bomb. KO was in position for a stunner, but The Viper turned it around into an RKO for the win.

    Afterward, Orton told Flair to stick around as The Viper had something to say. Orton called out The Nature Boy as a liability. He had forced The Viper into a match because of his ego. He labeled his former friend washed-up and a junkie for the spotlight.

    Flair told The Viper that he took those words personally. He wanted Orton to know how much he respected his ability and wanted him to break his 16-time world title record.

    They hugged, but Orton followed through by catching his mentor with a low blow. The Viper punt-kicked The Nature Boy and whispered a final farewell to his friend. Drew McIntyre ran down to make the save. The WWE champion told Orton he would pay for his actions.



    Orton def. KO by pinfall.






    This was a great main event. While Asuka vs. Bayley was the better match on the night, it was not the fault of either man here. Orton is working at the highest level of his career, and Owens does not take a single day off. This is a preview for a major pay-per-view match down the line.

    What took this over the top was the promo that followed. Flair did not work as a manager with Orton, but this promo was worth it. The Nature Boy just cut his best promo in decades. It was his most emotional and passionate promo since he retired.

    This also was perfectly timed to avoid an unnecessary appearance from Flair at SummerSlam. McIntyre has extra motivation, watching his opponent once more injure a legend who is not remotely cleared for action. The feud continues to be the best thing going on Raw.