Packers' Kenny Clark Talks Davante Adams, New Contract, More in B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2020

Green Bay Packers nose tackle Kenny Clark (97) during the second half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)
Duane Burleson/Associated Press

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Kenny Clark made his first Pro Bowl in 2019, but it hasn't been enough to land him a long-term contract extension. 

Clark discussed his contract situation and teammate Davante Adams, among other topics, on a B/R AMA on Wednesday.

@Rwest07: Do you see yourself signing a new deal with the Pack?

I hope so. I'm just letting it fill how it's gonna fill out.

@ejc_15: Is Davante Adams a top-5 WR and if so where is he?

A top 3 WR. His routes are crazy. The things I see at practice and on gameday -- he makes people look silly when he gets people to spin around and go every which way.

@KingoftheEast_34: What's your opinion on where the team is headed?

We're gonna be good. I love all the guys that we have in the locker room. I think we're on the right track. One game away from the Super Bowl. We have a long way to go, but I'm excited for the challenge.


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@GBPackFan: How do you feel about COVID situation in terms of season starting on time?

Nobody knows anything - that's the toughest part. Everything is in the unknown.


@TonyGotGunk: Who is the most underrated player on the current roster?

Aaron Jones or Za'Darius Smith—Za'Darius has been getting snubbed for years and Aaron Jones is just a great RB.


@SVdreamin: You're stranded on an island and have to live with 3 other people. Who are they?

My mom, my little brother, my boy Jayon Brown on the Titans


@Packers2001: What's your first thought after the Packers drafted you?

It's cold as hell - I'm a Cali kid, just coming from LA. I wondered what the winters would be like. When I first got there, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and a bunch of guys I grew up watching were there, so it was cool to be around them.


@ahensley2: Favorite food?

I love Italian - Lasagna, Spaghetti and all that stuff. I love chicken, Mexican food too - I like tacos.


@TheBamAdebayo_13: Who do you hang out with the most on the team?

Montravius Adams, Dean Lowry. Kingsley Keke


@Max8753: Who is the funniest player on the team?

Preston Smith. He's a prankster, he's always joking; funniest dude for sure


@SportFanCam: What is your favorite city to play in other than Green Bay?

Packers fans will get mad, but I love Minnesota. The atmosphere, you can just feel how much they hate us. When you get a win there, it feels real good. You could feel the hate there.


@Donk25: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Ray Lewis. I was a Ravens fan growing up. Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, those guys I grew up watching.


@Matranga: Toughest OL in the NFC North to go against?

The Lions give us the most trouble as a team. They have a complete line.


@WhereAmI: Who's the best trash-talker you've ever played?

I haven't really had anyone talk trash to me. I don't really know. You get in little scuffles. You talk back and forth on the line. After that play, you know what it is and you move on for the rest of the game.


@jlafontaine: What's your favorite thing about Wisconsin?

The overall vibe. Everyone is cool and they don't bother you here. People know you, but they're always friendly and people let you go about your day. It's just a good place to be.


@aendorf21: What is your favorite movie?

Training Day with Denzel Washington; just a dope movie.


@just_in_time: What was your "welcome to the NFL" moment when an opposing player did something that had you taken back or surprised?

My first practice. This is when the first round picks couldn't go to a specific part of camp. I didn't know the team at all, but my first day was the beginning of camp for me. I didn't do anything wrong, but I got off the block and didn't run to the ball. But Mike D. [Mike Daniels] come up behind me screaming -- ‘we gonna need you, you're a first round pick.' The media was there, and at that point I realized this is what is is.


@triggashrey: What's your favorite TV show at the moment?

I've been watching South Park


@RamsDre: Best moment at UCLA?

Winning at USC and the parties after; those are the best times.


@ImTheBest1858: Who is your favorite NBA player?

LeBron; the GOAT.


@69Smokeyjoe420: Are Lambeau Leaps cool for players or just a ritual?

If I ever score, I'm definitely doing it. It's all about what you wanna do. Everybody has their little flavor and their own personality. Everybody knows you gotta get the leap in if you score. Guys like Aaron Jones, Davante Adams can do whatever they want since they score a lot. If I score once in my career, I'm definitely going to do one.


@BULLS123: What is your favorite car in your collection or looking to add?

Mercedes S63, I had an Audi A8 before that which I liked too.


@jaymueller: What player that's not on the Packers would you pick to be a teammate?

Jayon Brown on the Titans, he's my dog.


@zkein: What's your favorite color, dog?


What is your favorite game or play of your career?

My first sack; I got a sack-fumble on Jameis Winston and Dean Lowry took it to the house.


Go-to pre-game song or soundtrack?

Lil Uzi, Future, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Playboy Carti, I listen to a bunch of people


How far do you think the moon is from Earth?

A billion miles, I don't know!