Booking Wishes for Brock Lesnar on WWE Superstar's 43rd Birthday

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJuly 12, 2020

Booking Wishes for Brock Lesnar on WWE Superstar's 43rd Birthday

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    It is mind-blowing to think that Brock Lesnar is only 43, but the second-youngest man to win the world championship has always be an anomaly. He was making an impact from his first day in WWE.

    He signed with the promotion in 2000 and debuted officially in 2002. No one has been able to match his level of dominance in the proceeding years.

    Lesnar is reaching the end of his career. Few still work at a high level past 43. Ric Flair and The Undertaker are exceptions, not the rule.

    Looking back at The Beast's run, he has left an indelible mark on the business. Now is the time to consider what he still needs to do. What do fans want from Lesnar next?

    The following scenarios need to happen in order to help transition The Beast Incarnate into the role of legend while allowing WWE to move beyond him.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley on a Major Stage

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    Few men can match up to the power and stature of Brock Lesnar. Bobby Lashley is that type of rare Superstar.

    The All Mighty dominated mixed martial arts on a smaller scale to The Beast Incarnate. His size and speed combination matches up so well to that of Lesnar that it's scary.

    This is a money match waiting to happen. It has more long-term potential than The Beast Incarnate vs. Goldberg while carrying the same level of expectations.

    Now that MVP is backing Lashley as Paul Heyman does for Lesnar, the managers can do all the talking. The big men can focus on the fighting. These two might just headline one of the biggest WWE shows of the year.

    Lesnar has failed to elevate top stars for years. This may be due to a lack of trust in the talent or a belief that no one could believably defeat The Beast Incarnate. As long WWE has faith in Lashley as a star, he has the size and talent to defeat the multiple-time world champion without fan disbelief.

    By the end of this rivalry, Lashley could well take Lesnar's place as WWE's resident destroyer, and unlike The Beast Incarnate, The All Mighty would be around to defend his championships.

Put Over Key Stars Such as Kevin Owens and Aleister Black with the Right Build

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    Bobby Lashley needs an opportunity to fight Brock Lesnar, but others do as well. The Beast Incarnate is the final boss in WWE. He is the one who needs to be overcome. Only three men have truly managed it since The Beast Incarnate's return in 2012: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

    Lesnar is 43. He barely appears on television. At some point, he's likely to get bored again and leave. WWE needs to use him while it has him in order to put over new stars.

    While The Beast Incarnate is often criticized for his lack of care for the business, he is more than willing to go down for the right opponent. He understands this is a give-and-take business.

    A few Monday Night Raw stars stand out as perfect for this opportunity.

    Kevin Owens has been established as a rising babyface, inheriting the Stunner from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and carrying a confident persona at all times. What he needs is definitive victories. He may not be Lesnar's size, but he has the ingenuity and power to match him in the ring.

    Aleister Black is nearly undefeated in WWE, and he uses his strikes to balance any matchup. The Beast Incarnate has never been afraid to get into a striking match. The Dutch Destroyer would leave some lasting marks on Lesnar that could sell a huge upset.

    Others could benefit, but the importance of defeating Lesnar must be saved for those who are or could become this generation's top stars. KO and Black alongside Lashley could carry the company past its reliance on Lesnar.

Team Up with a Star Paul Heyman Could Manage Such as Apollo Crews

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    Brock Lesnar often loses relevance during his time away from WWE. If he's not the champion, he is forgotten about and then shows back up without much fanfare. The best way to keep him in people's minds is using Paul Heyman more.

    Heyman can manage other talent while Lesnar is away and have those stars aid The Beast Incarnate when he does appear. This would be a better strategy than the former ECW owner's association with Cesaro and Curtis Axel in the past, as they were just stand-ins until Lesnar returned.

    The most obvious answer would be Shelton Benjamin, but WWE has shown no interest in the veteran. Instead, it would make more sense to go with another super athlete who could work well on his own and while standing alongside The Beast.

    A few men fit the bill, but none fit better than Apollo Crews. The United States champion is raising his stock lately, but he struggles with promos. At 6'1" and 240 pounds, he is a smaller but similarly impressive athlete, working on a level that shouldn't be possible at his size.

    He and Lesnar could work perfectly as a team, which would also set up The Beast Incarnate to win gold he has never carried. The Raw Tag Team Championships would be elevated with Heyman hyping up the champions.

    This is the least likely option, but it would be a perfect way to keep Lesnar relevant while working a light schedule in the ring. Moreover, it would send Crews' credibility to the moon.

Brock Lesnar Never Wins Another World Championship

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    It may surprise many given his limited TV time throughout his career, but Lesnar is an eight-time world champion. WWE cannot help but put that title on him again and again.

    Whether he is WWE or universal champion, he carries the title for a while, rarely defending it. That does not elevate the title; it just keeps Lesnar relevant. It is a bad tactic that discourages the ever-present Superstars.

    At this point, the same story has been told with four men. Goldberg shocked The Beast with his speed. Roman Reigns lost multiple times before finally overcoming Lesnar. Seth Rollins became The Beastslayer by taking him down through sheer force of will. Drew McIntyre had The Beast Incarnate's number.

    One star rises above the rest, only for Lesnar to come back and reclaim his title. It is time to start telling stories again with The Beast Incarnate. It is time to go beyond taking titles off television to keep Lesnar's name on TV.

    The Beast is an attraction all his own. Paul Heyman has said that numerous time. Gold may look good on him, but it does not elevate him.

    If there is one thing we can all ask for, it is that the 43-year-old becomes a true part-time star and not remain a spotlight-hogging world champion.