Shannon Sharpe: Alfred Williams Said Mike Gundy Called Him a Racist Slur in 1989

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2020

In this Nov. 30, 2019 file photo Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy walks on the sidelines during an NCAA college football game against Oklahoma in Stillwater, Okla. Gundy said Tuesday, April 7, 2020 he hopes to have his team return to its facilities on May 1, a proposed timetable that would defy federal social-distancing guidelines and was quickly disputed by the university and its athletic director. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
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Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe said on Wednesday's episode of Undisputed that Alfred Williams, who played football at the University of Colorado, told him Mike Gundy directed a racist slur at Williams in 1989 when they were both college players. 

Williams played linebacker at Colorado in 1989 and 1990 before he was picked in the first round of the 1991 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. Gundy, who is the current head coach of Oklahoma State, played quarterback for the Cowboys from 1986 through 1989.

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.@ShannonSharpe discusses his call with Alfred Williams, who was reportedly on the receiving end of a racial comment made by Mike Gundy when they were both college players in 1989 https://t.co/EFIPxVrjdi

An old newspaper clipping (warning: link contains the uncensored slur) from 1989 reported Gundy called a number of Colorado players the slur on multiple occasions.

As RJ Young of 247Sports shared, Gundy denied using the slur following the game.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk noted Williams currently appears on KOA radio in Denver and addressed the incident.

"I couldn't believe it," Williams said. "There's no walking that back. This story's been out there for 31 years."

He continued, saying "I didn't back down then. I don't back down now. Every time I see him, I just want to run through him. Every time I see his face, every time I look at him, I want to run through him … I'm 51 years old; why in the world do I need to lie about that?"

This all comes after Gundy apologized to those within the Oklahoma State program after a picture of him wearing a One America News shirt circulated and drew backlash from running back Chuba Hubbard and others.

Gundy said he met with his team, which "helped me see through their eyes how the T-shirt affected their hearts. Once I learned how that network felt about Black Lives Matter, I was disgusted and knew it was completely unacceptable to me."

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The apology was not Gundy's first effort to reconcile with his players after he wore the shirt. 

He also said he is "looking forward to making some changes" in a video with Hubbard:

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Change is coming I promise you that. https://t.co/wTGHtByh3N

Hubbard initially reacted to the picture by saying he wouldn't participate in anything related to Oklahoma State until there were necessary changes.

Chuba Hubbard @Hubbard_RMN

I will not stand for this.. This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE. https://t.co/psxPn4Khoq

OAN has called the Black Lives Matter movement a "farce," while Dan Bernstein of Sporting News wrote "OAN is a far-right media network that has regularly promoted conspiracy theories, including an unsubstantiated report about a protester injured by Buffalo police earlier this month that was shared by President Donald Trump." 

Gundy praised the network in April, calling it "refreshing," per Jacob Unruh of The Oklahoman.