2020 NBA 2K League Results: Wizards, Kings Rise Up Standings on Friday

Blake SchusterCorrespondent IIIMay 23, 2020

A giant monitor shows play as Warriors Gaming Squad teammates Charles
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The NBA 2K League saw another wave of sweeps Friday night with Kings Guard Gaming and Wizards District Gaming requiring just two games a piece to pick up a series win. 

No highlight will stand out more than the final seconds of the Kings' Game 2 victory over Grizz Gaming, when Bash grabbed the ball on the wing down one with 1.1 seconds on the clock and sank a buzzer-beating three for the win 60-58. 

After trailing 53-40 at the start of the fourth quarter, the Kings clawed their way back with a tremendous effort on both ends, scoring the most points in a period all night with 20 while holding the Grizz to just five points. 

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

WHAT. A. QUARTER! 😱 @MattRobles_ sinks an EPIC buzzer-beater and @KingsGuardGG completes the 4Q comeback and series sweep! 💥 https://t.co/QFj5Nev1g3

RAF 🕸 @Cruuushy

Our reaction to Bash’s game winner 🤣 https://t.co/GK8dtyG65Q

Bash finished Game 2 with 15 points, seven assists and two rebounds, handing his team a massive win to cap off the evening. 

Here's how the rest of the day's action looked. 


NBA 2K League Results

Kings Gaming def. Grizz Gaming: 82-68, 60-58

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

🎮 FINAL SCORE 🎮 @GrizzGaming 58 @KingsGuardGG 60 @MattRobles_ (15 PTS) sinks the EPIC game-winner! @BallLikeSeem (16 PTS) and @Cruuushy (15 PTS) balled out! @DatBoyShotz grabbed 18 boards! https://t.co/jLTqUQHfkk

Wizards District Gaming def. Hornets Venom GT: 75-69, 59-56

Knicks Gaming def. Celtics Crossover Gaming, 69-43, 57-58, 60-56 

Heat Check Gaming vs. Jazz Gaming postponed due to technical difficulties 



The only series to go a full three games Friday, the Knicks looked ready to rout the Celtics after a 69-43 blowout in Game 1, but Boston was able to quickly turn the momentum with a one-point victory in Game 2. 

Game 3 seemed like the Celtics' opportunity to push the pace, but connectivity issues delayed the action late in the fourth quarter, requiring a system reset. Once the game resumed, the Knicks raced out to a halftime lead and had no trouble hanging on.

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

.@ChrisPesos_ slides right into the paint for the BIG dunk! https://t.co/YlbU3sZGsX

Duck went off for New York in both victories, scoring 39 in Game 1 and 31 in Game 3. He was held to just 14 points in the Game 2 loss, giving opponents plenty to work with as they prepare for future matchups. 

The point guard battle between Snubby on the Hornets and JBM on the Wizards lit up the two-game series in the mid-Atlantic despite the outcome for Charlotte. 

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

You thought @JackMascone iced Round 1, right? @ExposeHim__ had other plans. 😤 https://t.co/s0nF4H21vj

Game 1 saw each guard post 27 points, though JBM dished out 14 assists while Snubby had just five. Game 2 saw a more defensive battle with Snubby held to just 13 points while JBM notched 19. Snubby did begin frustrating his counterpart a bit more, however, as JBM had a series-high seven turnovers on just four assists. 

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

.@ExposeHim__ goes to work in the paint to extend @HornetsVenomGT's lead in the 4th! 💪 https://t.co/u1NcqdEh4m

Heat Check Gaming and Jazz Gaming will reschedule their series after connectivity issues rendered them unable to compete Friday night.