Backstage WWE and AEW Rumors: Becky Lynch, SummerSlam and More

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2020

Backstage WWE and AEW Rumors: Becky Lynch, SummerSlam and More

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    On the heels of Becky Lynch's shocking announcement Monday night on Raw, the wrestling rumor mill continues to buzz about The Man's pregnancy and what it means for WWE and the women's division moving forward.

    But what about the woman, her fiancee and their standing in the company?

    That topic, among others, is covered in this week's collection of pro wrestling rumors.

    Throw in some Hall of Famers like Sting and Ric Flair and this report is as star-studded as it gets.

Becky Lynch Pregnancy Update

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    Louis Dangoor of WrestleTalk reported that WWE CEO Vince McMahon is fully supportive of Becky Lynch taking time to go be a mother. Dangoor also stated that there is no heat whatsoever on Seth Rollins.

    "While it looks like he is going to still be on TV in the immediate future, there is said to be no pressure on Seth to continue wrestling as Becky's pregnancy progresses, especially considering the heightened risk of contracting the coronavirus by traveling to Raw," Dangoor wrote.

    It is the right reaction for McMahon to have. Yes, he is down the biggest star in his company and, potentially, the workhorse of Raw. But in the real world, when all the lights and cameras are shut off, Rollins and Lynch are real people who will now have to figure out what being parents to a newborn means in regard to their lives as world-renowned sports entertainers.

    Thankfully, McMahon understands that and appears to be willing to let his talent skip out whenever necessary to make their pregnancy a successful one.

SummerSlam Date, News and Location News Update?

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    WrestleVotes reported WWE is actively hunting for new host locations for SummerSlam in Florida and Georgia, where it could hold the show with fans in attendance, as it appears unlikely that scheduled host city Boston will be a viable option.

    The report goes on to mention the possibility that there is no news on NXT TakeOver but that the entire SummerSlam event could be moved from August to September.

    The uncertainty of these times continues to plague WWE, which almost certainly does not want to host yet another major pay-per-view in front of zero fans. It is counterintuitive to everything the company does considering its stars are trained to perform in front of an audience, feeding off of or generating some sort of reaction.

    The idea of WWE pushing SummerSlam into the fall is not good. It diminishes the idea of the event being the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. To see those who may have been on the card being genuinely upset or wondering when their next paycheck is coming is disappointing.

    Hopefully, somewhere down the road, we will find out exactly what the plans are for the August spectacular and start building toward the high-profile matches that will take place on that extravaganza.

Update on Ric Flair

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    Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc recently reported that Ric Flair has re-signed with WWE.

    The Nature Boy's deal with the company expired in December, but he has signed re-upped with WWE—as he should have.

    At a time in which All Elite Wrestling will be keeping a close eye on the men and women under contract with WWE, it is nice to see an icon like Flair stay with the company in which daughter Charlotte Flair is dominating.

    Recently, the rumor mill was abuzz following news that Sting was no longer under contract with the company and, furthermore, had been talking up the likes of AEW's Lance Archer on social media. While the company can survive Sting jumping ship to the competition, it relies heavily on Flair's name and image from a licensing standpoint.

    Just look on WWE Shop at the sheer number of products some of the legends have and how much money WWE stands to lose as a result.

    Sting can go. But Flair is far too valuable to head on out just yet.

Sting to AEW Update

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    Sean Rueter of Cageside Seats recently discussed the Sting-to-AEW topic, reporting that the buzz surrounding the potential move began because Stinger's contract came up with WWE, and he has been very open across social media when it comes to talking to AEW talent, such as Lance Archer.

    Cody threw gas on the fire when he posted a GIF of him listening in, suggesting he would be ready and willing to have discussions with Sting if it meant bringing his considerable star power to the company.

    How could he not?

    Sting is an industry icon and WCW's former franchise player. Given how much love and adoration Cody has for the product that his dad, Dusty Rhodes, worked so incredibly hard to keep alive, it only makes sense that he would target Sting.

    Whether the man himself wants to go is the question.