Becky Lynch Pregnant, Randy Orton vs. Edge Part 2 and More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 12, 2020

Becky Lynch Pregnant, Randy Orton vs. Edge Part 2 and More WWE Raw Fallout

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    The WWE Raw after Money in the Bank promised fans plenty of big announcements. The biggest certainly delivered, changing the landscape of the red brand.

    Becky Lynch promised to make a huge statement on her career, and she did just that as she told the world she was pregnant.

    And with The Man stepping down, Asuka turned her Money in the Bank briefcase into the Raw Women's Championship.

    MVP also continued to grow his stable by trying to entice Bobby Lashley to leave Lana. He suggested The All Mighty could challenge for the WWE Championship with his help.

    Seth Rollins was left broken after his loss to Drew McIntyre on Sunday and continued his transformation into a darker persona. He attacked Rey Mysterio and seemingly gouged at his eye with the steel steps.

    It was a surprisingly impactful night with many twists and turns along the way. Everyone shined brighter with new opportunities.

Becky Lynch Announces She Is Pregnant

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    Becky Lynch opened the show in an emotional frame of mind and holding Asuka's Money in the Bank briefcase.

    After The Empress of Tomorrow came out, The Man told her she was now the Raw women's champion because she needed to vacate the championship to concentrate on becoming a mother.

    This was a monumental announcement that will reverberate throughout WWE for a while. Lynch is taking an extended hiatus to cap off one of the greatest years a female wrestler has had with the company.

    Congratulations go to the outgoing titleholder and her fiance, Seth Rollins, but it does leave WWE without its biggest star.

    Roman Reigns has already taken his own extended hiatus from SmackDown, so both brands are going to need to shift focus in order to keep moving forward without their big names.

    The Raw women's division will now have to look at who is available and who deserves a fresh start. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are competitors who need fresh starts and could resolve a lack of depth at the top.

Asuka Becomes New Raw Women's Champion

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    Asuka was the biggest beneficiary of Becky Lynch vacating the Raw women's title.

    She is now a three-time singles champion as well as one half of the longest reigning women's tag team champions in WWE history, The Kabuki Warriors. However, she has often wavered with awkward booking.

    With a smaller roster on hand, The Empress of Tomorrow is in position to run with the title and will knock that chance out of the park. She just needs to avoid Shayna Baszler, who has repeatedly overshadowed her in 2020.

    Asuka is one of the best wrestlers in the world and can make anyone on the Raw roster look great. It is just a matter of telling the right stories.

    With Lynch likely gone until 2021, WWE must see how far Asuka can go. It could even be an opportunity to see what Kairi Sane can do on her own.

MVP Offers to Take Bobby Lashley to the Next Level

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    Bobby Lashley survived a series of chair shots from Humberto Carrillo and made him tap out to a full nelson. Afterward, though, MVP wanted to speak with him about his future.

    Then, following R-Truth's defeat of MVP as part of a six-man tag team match, The All Mighty speared the former 24/7 champion and asked for that talk right away.

    Lana has not been good for Lashley. Despite getting him into the spotlight, it hasn't led him to any true success. He is just stalling with no direction. It hasn't helped that WWE does not even want The Ravishing Russian at ringside with him anymore.

    MVP can revitalize The All Mighty. He is the kind of star who is better at hyping others over himself. This is also an alliance that will work far better than the odd pairing of the manager with the team of Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink.

    It is odd to continue having MVP wrestle, even on a smaller roster. He would be much better just playing a managerial role.

    He would especially be formidable if he ends managing both Lashley and Apollo Crews. Those two freak athletes with a great talker behind them would be a force in WWE.

Seth Rollins Has Been Transformed by His Failure

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    Seth Rollins was despondent on Monday's Raw and refused to shake Rey Mysterio's hand when he congratulated him on his impending fatherhood.

    And in his match with Murphy against The Master of the 619 and Aleister Black, The Monday Night Messiah got himself disqualified and stabbed Mysterio's eye into the steel steps.

    Rollins had made a promise to win the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre on Sunday but failed. Now everyone has to deal with the consequences. That begins with Mysterio, who will likely be in a major feud with him going forward.

    While the former universal champion may eventually need to take time off, he should focus on selling this anger as long as he can. His new theme gives more life to unique heel persona. He just needs the right focus.

    If Rollins goes around making proclamations and then maiming people when they don't come true, it establishes him more as a villain than ever before.

WWE Goes Back to the Veteran Well with Edge vs. Randy Orton Pt. 2

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    Randy Orton interrupted Edge, who wanted to move on from his WrestleMania 36 opponent.

    The Viper tried to play nice and congratulated The Rated R-Superstar but quickly changed his tone, demanding Edge show he can still wrestle.

    The veteran was left speechless after Orton challenged him to a wrestling match at Backlash on June 14.

    Few wrestlers have more history than Edge and Orton. These two friends and rivals have fought so often that no one is truly clamoring for a pure wrestling match between them. They will deliver on the drama, but this spot could have been for anyone else to challenge The Rated R-Superstar.

    Backlash will be a unique show for many reason, but trying to sell it with Orton vs. Edge misses the point. Few are going to be tuning to see these veterans fight again after a WrestleMania match that was largely panned for being too long.

    Edge's career will really get going again once he is away from The Viper. He needs to work with some of the best on the current roster.

    Orton remains a solid performer at this point in his career, but he is not among the best despite his speech about being a great wrestler.