Apex Legends Global Series: Rogue's Top Plays, Prize Money from April 20

Theo SalaunContributor IIIApril 21, 2020

FILE - In this March 6, 2019, file photo a gamer plays Electronic Arts'
Jenny Kane/Associated Press

Apex Legends esports is back. This time, entirely online with players, broadcasters and attendees all tuning in remotely. The fourth of six scheduled tournaments in the Apex Legends Global Series wrapped up with everything from underdog heroics to internet hiccups.

For the European bracket, Myth came out victorious and $7,200 richer. Among North America, Rogue was the largest benefactor of the tournament's $100,000 cumulative prize pool.

While Rogue had some of the biggest plays and deserves its time in the sun, Myth needs recognition. The team is entirely unsigned, but the amateur players made their mark against paid peers. Myth earned first place with 54 points, a full 11 higher than the second-place team, Alliance. And that's after putting together a last-minute roster that only got two days to play with each other.

Despite a short history together, the veritable European melting pot was consistent across all five rounds of the European finals. Oxbow, Amaazz and ShRP represented Ireland, France and Italy, respectively—but, most importantly, provided organizations with a brilliant portfolio of work.

They placed in the top five of each 20-team match for four of the five rounds, compiling 23 kills along the way. Oxbow summed up how that felt on Twitter afterward: "LETS GOOOOO 1st place in eu after 2 days of me joining the roster so hyped."

As for Rogue, it just barely edged out Team SoloMid with a 53-point performance that was just three ahead of the unlucky TSM. With a one-week-old roster consisting of Dropped, sweetdreams and the legendary Snip3down—Rogue placed in the top four of three of the finals' five rounds and amassed a hefty 32 kills.

Much of those kills are attributed to Snip3down, as the 24-time Halo champion, and rare controller user in a PC-dominated esports world, was lasering foes nonstop. Rocking a Havoc and R99, Snip3down called shots and, with uncomfortable precision, followed through.

He also displayed masterful veteran savvy, at one point using an enemy Wraith's teleporter to sneakily grab some top-tier loot from a fallen opponent and escape without getting killed.

TSM deserves props for coming in second, as its player Albralelie suffered an internet disconnection in one round but the remaining two-man squad played it safe and managed to finish in second place for the round. Obviously disappointing, but the team still earns a cool $4,410.

Next, Myth and Rogue will be able to defend their crowns against potential usurpers on May 2 and 3 during the fifth online tournament of the ALGS.