Recreating WWE's Greatest Attitude Era Factions with Today's Rosters

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2020

Recreating WWE's Greatest Attitude Era Factions with Today's Rosters

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    Wrestlers of the current era are regularly compared to Superstars of the past. Any potential major name is referred to as "the next Hulk Hogan," while legends such as Ric Flair have inspired entire generations of performers.

    While that works on an individual scale, it's also applicable for groups and teams of the past.

    For example, Seth Rollins and his disciples are akin to the modern incarnation of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society as a pseudo-cult within WWE.

    As part of Attitude Era week at Bleacher Report, let's take a look at some of the factions from WWF and WCW and try to recreate them with the members of the current WWE roster.

Factions Missing in Action

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    Some stables don't open themselves up for reinvention for a number of reasons.

    For instance, The Hart Foundation is hard to replicate with the current roster, as only Natalya fits the mold. If there were more members of the family employed by WWE, such as Davey Boy Smith Jr. or even Brian Pillman Jr., it would be a different story.

    There aren't enough bikers to make another Disciples of Apocalypse, nor a deep enough pool to create a new Los Boricuas or Kaientai.

    Team RECK is a no-go, as that specifically revolved around Rhyno, Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle.

    The closest thing to The Truth Commission would probably be NXT UK's Imperium, but that's a stretch.

    Even The Corporation is hard to do in 2020 as The Authority was in existence not too long ago and The McMahon Family isn't as much of an on-screen presence at the moment to lead the faction.

    But if you have any suggestions, comment below who you think would be good fits. In the meantime, let's have a look at other stables.

The Ministry of Darkness

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    The Undertaker has always been able to harvest souls, and this was put at the forefront with his Ministry of Darkness stable.

    The group was made up of Paul Bearer, The Brood (Edge, Christian and Gangrel) and several Superstars who were abducted and brainwashed to become minions. The corrupted minds were Mabel (who became Viscera), Phineas I. Godwinn (renamed Mideon) and The Acolytes Protection Agency (Bradshaw and Ron Simmons).

    This faction was in its purest form before it became a convoluted mess with Vince McMahon as The Greater Power of The Corporate Ministry. It's best when it's vampires and creepy, dark characters.

    With the 2020 roster, The Undertaker and Kane would make appearances as the overseers, even if they weren't regularly active. Thankfully, there are tons of options to fill out the ranks.

    In their absence, the most obvious leader would be "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, who already has experience leading a similar stable in The Wyatt Family.

    Aleister Black would be a must. His visual aesthetic and entrance work perfectly with this theme. The same would go for Finn Balor if he returned to his Demon King persona.

    NXT's Dexter Lumis and Damian Priest have twisted sides to them and could fit in well. There's also Killian Dain, who is a former member of Sanity.

    NXT UK has some options, too. The Hunt could be decent followers, Isla Dawn fashions herself as a witch and Ilja Dragunov already looks possessed.

    Last but not least is Baron Corbin. He'd have to ditch the King of the Ring gimmick, but he's very much into collecting skulls and the macabre in his personal life. A change in his character to tap more into that could be a welcome shift.

The J.O.B. Squad

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    In November 1998, Al Snow, Bob Holly and Scorpio were firmly enhancement talent, go-to guys set up to lose to virtually everyone.

    They united to form The J.O.B. Squad (which supposedly stood for Just Over Broke to reference their lesser paychecks) and eventually added The Blue Meanie and Gillberg to their ranks.

    Before WWE's recent round of releases, three amazing choices for a 2020 J.O.B. Squad would have been Curt Hawkins, Heath Slater and Drake Maverick.

    In some ways, Slater even did his own version with The Social Outcasts in 2016, which also featured Adam Rose and two of the guaranteed options from the current roster: Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

    While Dallas and Axel are must-haves, the others to round out the stable are harder to pinpoint. WWE doesn't have as many jobbers now as a few weeks ago, such as No Way Jose.

    Mojo Rawley could fit the bill, as he's energetic and not afraid of losing, while Titus O'Neil has not been a serious competitor for a while.

    NXT's Kona Reeves would also be an amazing recruit, and the NXT UK representative would have to be Ashton Smith.

The Nation of Domination

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    The Nation of Domination was very much a product of its time when it came together in November 1996, but while the exact gimmick likely wouldn't happen now, fans have clamored for a variation of it ever since.

    In fact, on The New Day: Feel the Power podcast, Big E and Xavier Woods said they toyed with the name The Plan (People's Liberation of American Nationalism).

    Arguably the best incarnation of the group was led by Faarooq, backed up by The Rock, Mark Henry, D'Lo Brown and Kama Mustafa. While Savio Vega, Crush and even Owen Hart were in the mix, it just didn't hit the the same peak.

    Ignoring The New Day, who else could be a good fit in a similar recreation of that faction?

    In the Faarooq role as leader should be MVP. He's a fantastic talker and already transitioning to more of a manager, guiding others who could use a mouthpiece.

    Instead of The Rock as the young upstart likely to benefit most from this could be Apollo Crews, who has all the tools in the ring but is still to find his character.

    The muscle, Mark Henry, could best be replaced by either Bobby Lashley or Keith Lee, depending on WWE's preference.

    Cedric Alexander would be a perfect sub for D'Lo Brown, and to round out the team with another veteran like Kama, Shelton Benjamin might find a career resurgence here, rather than jobbing on Main Event.

New World Order

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    As the Ruthless Aggression Era's representation of Hulk Hogan, John Cena would have to be the turncoat leader of a 2020 New World Order.

    We got a taste of nWo Cena in the Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania 36, but the faction was far from a one-man show.

    Rather than go off the rails and add half the roster to the group as happened in WCW, let's focus on the core concept: Hogan and The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

    In today's WWE, who would be the two big stars from a rival show who could jump ship, cause chaos and upset the landscape?

    If this were kept in-house with WWE Superstars, it would have to be Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. They are as close as brothers and the top names on NXT, just as Hall and Nash were.

    But the real fun is figuring out what would happen if two wrestlers from All Elite Wrestling jumped ship instead.

    It would need to be two members of The Elite to make the biggest difference. Perhaps The Young Bucks or "Hangman" Adam Page and Kenny Omega?

    Either of those pairings alongside a heel Cena would blow everyone's minds.

Latino World Order

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    When nWo proved to be beyond popular, similar groups popped up all over the place. Even in WCW, some spin-offs tried to capitalize on the concept.

    One of those was the Latino World Order, led by Eddie Guerrero. It consisted of virtually every Hispanic wrestler on the roster, including Juventud Guerrera, La Parka, Hector Garza, Psychosis and more.

    Rey Mysterio was not originally in the group, so if this were to be replicated in today's WWE, the same could apply.

    Andrade would arguably fill Guerrero's role as the leader, accompanied by Zelina Vega. They're already aligned with Angel Garza, which is fitting, considering his uncle's status as a founding member of the original group.

    Humberto Carrillo could follow suit, as well as Lucha House Party, Carolina, Mercedes Martinez, Raul Mendoza, El Hijo del Fantasma and many others.

D-Generation X

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    Arguably the hardest group to replicate is D-Generation X. They were so radically different from everything else and had a specific camaraderie that it's hard to imagine any pairing of Superstars matching the same energy.

    But if WWE was OK with a lesser copycat version, who could represent the rebels pushing the boundaries?

    Kevin Owens comes to mind as a possible leader, or maybe Dolph Ziggler if he was allowed to tap more into his stand-up comedy.

    Matt Riddle is as close to a maverick as there is nowadays, and he could be a great counterpart for Road Dogg.

    Billy Gunn was a goofball who first aligned with Jesse James under the Rockabilly gimmick. The closest to that nowadays would be Rik Bugez from NXT.

    Trying to find an X-Pac—someone who is very talented in the ring and can easily get under people's skins—should evoke Noam Dar's name. The Scottish Supernova has a similar swagger.

    It's impossible to find a replacement for Chyna. The Ninth Wonder of the World's best equivalent on the current roster would be Nia Jax or Kavita Devi, but neither fits her persona.

    If this new DX were looking for a Tori, though, an upgrade would be Toni Storm. She has that edgy vibe to hang with the rebels.

    Finally, it may seem like a stretch, but if another member were added as a Rick Rude of sorts, perhaps Elias could bring his own tweaks to the role.

Right to Censor

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    To parody the Parents Television Council's disapproval of WWF's more outlandish characters, Right to Censor was formed. This faction turned Superstars with risque gimmicks into the most reserved bunch on the roster.

    The Godfather became The Goodfather, ECW's Stevie Richards covered up the scantily-clad women on the roster, and Val Venis swapped his towel for a shirt and tie.

    There aren't as many of these characters in 2020, but if Drew Gulak were to revert back to his days of trying to make a better 205 Live, he would be the perfect leader. His PowerPoint presentations were all about cutting down on high-flying, lavish costumes and energetic chanting.

    As far as censorship and flipping a character 180 degrees, Tyler Breeze and Fandango are the closest to Venis and Godfather. Instead of dancing provocatively, The Fashion Police could hand out violations if things went past a PG rating.

    Instead of Ivory, perhaps Nikki Cross could go from frenzied to restrained, or Ruby Riott could swap her punk vibe for a more conservative look.

    Anything too defiant has to go.

The Parade of Human Oddities

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    Rounding out this list is the strangest group of all, The Oddities. Inspired by carnival "freak shows," this was a stable of fearsome heels that eventually became goofball babyfaces.

    In 2020, WWE doesn't promote its acts as inhuman monsters with gross deformities to point and laugh at. A character such as Golga, who wore a mask to obscure an imaginary growth on his head, would be insensitive these days.

    Instead, a more modern version of The Oddities in 2020 would have to be characters who stood out from the pack and had something unique about them.

    Bray Wyatt could be its leader, as his Firefly Fun House friends are certainly strange.

    Primate Jay Melrose and Wild Boar Mitch Hitchman of The Hunt tend to act like wild animals and would probably volunteer to sign up, possibly with The Viking Raiders.

    Ruby Riott or Isla Dawn could fill the Luna Vachon spot, but neither is anything close to her character.

    Kurrgan and Giant Silva were just tall (7'0" and 7'3", respectively). The tallest members of the roster now are Braun Strowman (6'8") along with Babatunde (6'9"), Zechariah Smith (7'0") and Jordan Omogbehin (7'3").


    Do you have any unorthodox, creative ideas of how to do this stable or which Superstars should be put in your own versions of the other factions on this list? How would you recreate the Attitude Era groups with the modern roster?

    Keep the discussion going in the comments section and let us know if you'd like another edition of this with stables outside the Attitude Era.


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