Watch Joe Buck Commentate Fans' Twitter Videos During Sports Hiatus

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistMarch 24, 2020

FILE - In this Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 file photo, Joe Buck speaks during the
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When you're the lead play-by-play announcer for Fox Sports at a time when sports are on hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic, a logical solution in 2020 is turning to Twitter for help to keep your skills sharp.

Joe Buck sent out a request Sunday, pledging to record himself providing play-by-play of fans doing day-to-day activities during this time of social distancing.

As an example, the first video Buck posted featured his wife, Michelle, and their son Wyatt:

Joe Buck @Buck


Buck began posting a series of play-by-play calls from fans, including videos featuring Lenny, co-host of The Mina Kimes Show, and an alternate-world version of Tom Brady in which he runs like Lamar Jackson:

Joe Buck @Buck

Here we go...first up is @minakimes and a half-eaten football. Please reply and tag with the charity that you are donating to!!! More to come! https://t.co/q8BuYuutbr

Joe Buck @Buck

This one might make @patriots fans a bit sad…although Brady wishes he had these moves. @Brogan1197 tag your charity and take care of those boys, I might be seeing them on a Sunday one day! https://t.co/bROi7PPwDE

Joe Buck @Buck

I have a feeling @letitflytom has won his fair share of drinks with skills like this. @PatrickMahomes would be proud. Let us know who you are donating to @letiflytom #bluesbrothers 🎯 https://t.co/WyrkK0hPB6

Joe Buck @Buck

Watch out Breen...if @foxsports ever gets @NBA, I'm getting ready. @AdamHoge, tag a charity and then maybe order your kid a present to make him feel better after this one 🏀. https://t.co/WJMGnrmBsa

Buck also turned it into a benefit by asking people who he made videos for to donate to a charity during this quarantine period.

Buck has a long history of working NFL and MLB games, and the 50-year-old can now add darts to his resume.

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