Superman Vs Bizarro: Orlando Magic Host the Cleveland Cavaliers

Viresh PatelContributor INovember 11, 2009

Ah yes, the debate about the ultimate good guy.  The believer of truth, justice, and the American way.  Good vs. evil at its best has always been Superman vs. Bizarro.

Dwight Howard and Shaquille O'Neal have both claimed the title, but who is truly Super enough to don the infamous red cape?  Of course, Shaq claimed the cape first.  Many believe that might be enough to give the Big Diesel the title. However, Dwight has ultimate physique to sport the S on his chest.

Superman has always been known as a boy scout.  He does good when others can't. He's too good.  He does not have a bad bone in his body.  He believes in all people even when they've stopped believing in themselves.  Children idolize Superman.  Women love him.  Men want to be him. 

Is this all a description of Dwight Howard or Shaquille O'Neal?

Superman is a man of loyalty first and foremost when times are at their toughest.  

Superman wouldn't bolt for L.A. with his tail tucked between his legs.  Superman would not leave L.A. and absolutely bash his Batman (Kobe) of the Justice League. Would Superman ever utter the words: "Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes?" Really?

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Would Superman trash talk Pat Riley, or rip into players like Chris Quinn or Ricky Davis? Would Superman verbally abuse a young NBA center who has publicly said he looks up to Shaquille O'Neal?  Yet, Shaq refers to Dwight Howard as an impostor?

Shaq has done little to claim the title of Superman.  There is little good about Shaq.  Even in his prime, Shaq was not faster than a speeding bullet.  Shaq could not leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Shaq was not ripped and bulging like the true man of steel.  

Shaq in his prime was and is the same as he is now.  Shaq is big. He is a large man.  He was never athletic by any means.  He is just huge.  No doubt about it.  And all the power to him.  There was nobody in his prime who could match his size.  

Dwight Howard is the boy scout Superman is defined to be. Dwight Howard doesn't criticize his fellow NBA players and coaches.  He is built like the man of steel, he carries a heart of gold, and flaunts the personality of an innocent child. Even after Shaq ripped into Dwight Howard and his coach, Howard did not fall into the trap and engage in a war of words.  

Dwight Howard gave us the most memorable dunk contest in recent history.  Shaquille O'Neal gave us Kazaam.  

In our world today, it's never been more clear that Dwight Howard vs Shaquille O'Neal is more than just Superman vs. Bizarro; it's more than right vs. wrong.  It is simply good vs evil.  And although evil may win many battles, and often look stronger and better. In the end, good will always prevail.  Just ask the '07 Patriots.

So tonight as Cleveland travels to Orlando in part one of Superman vs. Bizarro, don't be fooled by the large out of shape man running behind Dwight Howard.  He may be slow, he may be winded, but the Bizarro is always capable of a cheap shot.  On the other hand, Bizarro be aware...Superman may be a boy scout, but he is capable of relentless damage.  

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