Booking WWE Raw and SmackDown for the Week of Feb. 24

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 23, 2020

Booking WWE Raw and SmackDown for the Week of Feb. 24

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    The first half of the year is always busier for wrestling fans thanks to WrestleMania, but the next few weeks will give 'Mania a run for its money.

    We have Super ShowDown on Thursday, All Elite Wrestling will hold its Revolution pay-per-view on Saturday and Elimination Chamber is right around the corner on March 8—and that is just the two biggest promotions. If you follow indy wrestling, you have even more to look forward to.

    With SSD coming up on Thursday, it's difficult to predict what will happen on SmackDown the following night, especially since the blue brand may have to operate with a partial roster if the Superstars who went to Saudi Arabia are not back in time for the show.

    Raw is much easier to plan out since it will act as the go-home show for Super ShowDown. Let's look at some booking decisions WWE should make this week.

The Street Profits vs. AOP

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    The most recent edition of Raw ended with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins making the save for Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders against Seth Rollins and his crew.

    The Monday Night Messiah is not going to look kindly on their transgression and will almost certainly send his heavy hitters to get some payback.

    AOP and The Street Profits are polar opposites in almost every way, and that can often lead to the best combinations. If AOP are not going to chase the tag titles while Murphy and Rollins have them, they may as well get some new rivals so they do not have to fight Erik and Ivar every week.

    Ford and Dawkins have been criminally underused in recent weeks. Having them in regular rotation should be a priority for WWE since they are one of the most entertaining acts on the roster.

    AOP vs. Street Profits is the kind of feud WWE could use to elevate both teams. There is a little bit of history from their time together in NXT, but WWE should focus on creating a new storyline for them instead of relying on what they did in the past.

Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows

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    Ricochet is preparing for the fight of his life Thursday, when he challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Super ShowDown.

    WWE has booked him to win more matches in recent weeks to build him up into a credible challenger, but he hasn't been facing anyone who will provide the same kind of challenge as The Beast.

    Luke Gallows is the perfect person for Ricochet to test himself against. The One and Only defeated Karl Anderson on the previous episode, so it makes sense that his tag team partner would be next.

    The OC isn't doing much right now. The group can afford a few losses to make a guy like Ricochet look good. Lesnar is scheduled to be at Raw, so there is a good chance he and Ricochet end up in a segment together too.

Shayna Baszler vs. Sarah Logan

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    Shayna Baszler is officially on Raw and is set to enter the Elimination Chamber with five other women. Somehow, The Queen of Spades still seems to have the advantage.

    The former MMA fighter is at home inside a cage, and the other Superstars will have to team up to take her out. But before that happens, the WWE Universe should get to see what she is capable of in a singles match.

    For some reason, most WWE fans do not watch NXT on a weekly basis. This means a large percentage of the audience is unfamiliar with most of Baszler's work.

    Giving her a prove-yourself match against someone like Sarah Logan will give her the opportunity to show the world how dangerous she is before Elimination Chamber.

Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak

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    This week's SmackDown will take place after Super ShowDown, so a lot of what we will see Friday will be determined by what happens Thursday.

    However, Daniel Bryan will not be going to Saudi Arabia, so we can speculate on what's next for him a little easier, especially after what happened last time we saw him.

    Bryan has beaten Heath Slater decisively two times. Unless there is some secret plan to push The One-Man Band, Bryan should not have to fight him again. Who he should be fighting is Drew Gulak.

    The former cruiserweight champion had a brief segment with Bryan and sat in on commentary for his bout with Slater. If you are not familiar with 205 Live or Gulak's work, you should check it out. He is every bit as good as Bryan inside the ring, but he has been held back by a weird gimmick involving PowerPoint presentations.

    Gulak and Bryan would steal the show any night of the week if they were just given 10 minutes. Imagine what they could do with a serious PPV match.

    The Yes Man is in a place in his career where he no longer needs to chase accolades. The best thing for him is to pursue the most interesting feuds, and Gulak fits the bill perfectly.

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