Fantasy Booking Possible Factions Who Could Shine on WWE Raw or SmackDown

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2020

Fantasy Booking Possible Factions Who Could Shine on WWE Raw or SmackDown

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    One of the best parts of watching any wrestling company is seeing wrestlers come together as a faction to dominate a brand.

    While WWE has moved away from the idea of stables in recent years, NXT has brought back the concept with the Undisputed Era, Imperium and Gallus. On the main roster, though, wrestling fans would like to see more groups like Seth Rollins and his clergy taking shape.

    Whether it's on Raw or SmackDown, the main roster needs factions.

    As the WWE Universe prepares for WrestleMania 36, here are the best options for fantasy-booked groups that could dominate for years to come.

Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse Club

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    Bray Wyatt has taken WWE by storm with his alter ego, The Fiend, but there is room for a stable to form from the idea of the Firefly Funhouse. Between his puppets and the children we hear laughing during Wyatt's segments, there is the potential for an elite group of talent to unite.

    Just as Disney had the Mickey Mouse Club, Wyatt should continue to host his own children's program but start to add wrestlers to proceedings, having them sit cross-legged as they fall deeply under the spell of the universal champion.

    In addition to taking Superstars without direction and giving them storylines to build their credibility—look no further than the likes of Cedric Alexander and Dana Brooke—the Wyatt faction could also introduce new wrestlers like Killer Kross or Dexter Lumis to the main-roster audience.

    With a backstory as a cult leader and unmatched popularity, booking Wyatt to lead a new stable while still portraying The Fiend when needed would be beneficial to everyone involved.

The New Riott Squad

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    While Ruby Riott is feuding with Liv Morgan, it was a mistake to ever break up the group. With Sarah Logan also wallowing without the stable, it's time to put them back together and add another piece to the puzzle.

    Riott would act as the group's mouthpiece and main star, making her the equivalent of Ric Flair in the Four Horsemen. On the other hand, Morgan and Logan would become the equivalent of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, teaming up to take on the entire women's tag team division.

    The three Superstars adding the serious edge and ruthlessness that many hoped to see when the stable first formed would be key to success, but adding one more wrestler to act as the muscle would complete the faction.

    Look no further than a returning Nia Jax.

    In an ideal world, the Riott Squad would interrupt a Raw Women's Championship match and beat down all of the participants, drawing huge heat from the crowd. As Nia Jax's music hits, the WWE Universe would think she was there to clear the ring, but the heat she would earn by joining forces with the Riott & Co. would make the stable one of the hottest commodities in wrestling.

The Island of Misfit Wrestlers

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    Whether it was the Nexus or The Corre, WWE has a long history of putting together several wrestlers with no direction and having them tear down the establishment until they get the respect they feel they are owed.

    With a main roster full of underutilized and underappreciated talent, a new stable of disgruntled Superstars could create havoc on the Raw or SmackDown brand. Led by a veteran who feels he has been passed over one too many times, the stable would be an instant hit with the fans.

    Of the two brands, Raw would need a stable more than SmackDown to help fill its three-hour time slot. Wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin, Mojo Rawley, Akira Tozawa and the Iiconics are all spinning their wheels on the red brand and need direction.

    Raw should book Rusev as the first Superstar to stand up and reject the way he's been treated. Then week after week, more and more Superstars could come out in support of the Bulgarian Brute, and the stable would slowly take shape.

    Rusev and his band of misfits could run roughshod over the main roster, helping to cement them as key contributors despite how poorly they have been booked in the past.


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