Brooks Koepka Talks PGA Championship, Tiger Woods and More in B/R AMA

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2020

FILE - In this Aug. 25, 2019, file photo, Brooks Koepka hits from the first tee during the final round of the Tour Championship golf tournament at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. Koepka and Rory McIlroy are being talked about as rivals because they’ve had the best year in golf.(AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

Golf star Brooks Koepka joined Bleacher Report on Monday to answer a variety of questions from fans.

The 29-year-old has become one of the most dominant players on the PGA Tour, winning four majors in the past three years while earning a top-five finish in all four majors in 2019. A knee injury has limited him over the past six months, but he remains the No. 2 player in the world rankings with the bigger tournaments upcoming.

On Monday, he discussed his favorite courses, called out a few rival golfers like Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson, and even talked a little gambling. 

Here are some highlights from the AMA session.


@PGAChampionship: How pumped are you to play a major championship in the heart of San Francisco and in front of some of the best sports fans in America?

I'm excited. Any time you can go to a true sporting town, it's always fun. You want to get in front of good fans. Every time we've been here—we were at the Olympic Club in 2012—it's always been great.


@knappam: Team USA needs one putt to win the Ryder Cup, but you can't take it. Who are you picking to sink it?

Tiger. He needs that in his career haha.


@Vernstradamus: What's your favorite bet to make on the course?

Just to outdrive anyone. That's my go-to move. I've lost a couple times to guys I'm not happy about.


@BigCheese23: What's your favorite course?

St. Andrews. It's always different every time you play.


@mikeoxard: If you didn't play golf what would be the sport you would like to play?



@birdtime: If you are playing 18 and just looking to have a good time, who are you bringing in your group of 4?

I'm gonna go a wild one. Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne and my brother.


@BostonDynasty524: Describe Tiger Woods in 1 word?



@BronGOAT23: Who do you think should've won the NBA dunk contest?

I didn't watch it. I was actually asleep when the contest was going on. Just got done working out. I did watch the All-Star Game, which was awesome though.


@NBL21_bombasquad: What's the most you have bet on a hole? Who likes to gamble the most on tour?

Golfers are always betting, but the most...I'm not going to say that one


@ripcity3: Who is the funniest guy on tour?

Phil [Mickelson] thinks he's the funniest guy. I think [Kevin] Kisner or [Pat] Perez are actually the funniest.


@thechane: Who's your favorite person to play with/against?

Favorite to play against is Bubba [Watson] just because I just want to beat him…make him cry. I enjoy playing with Pat Perez.


@21Alexx: What's your max bench press?

Probably 330, 325? 


@wolanfootball: Who is the best celebrity golfer you've played with?

At the rate he's going, Larry Fitzgerald is going to be the best player on tour. But I don't want to give Fitz the compliment tho lol...I haven't played with him but I know [John] Smoltz is good. But Fitz is good.


@MikeSteveRitter: Excited for Mike Norvell? And can Florida State return to the top of college football?

It's going to take some time for Florida State to get back on top. It can't get much worse. It's pretty bad right now.


@XanMcC21: How does it feel to play a sport with no teammates?

Feels pretty individual.


@plokijuhygt123: What is your favorite hole on the tour?

16 at Waste Management is pretty good. There's some fun stuff that can happen.


@stlcardinals519: Favorite non major tournament to play every year?

They're all different. My home event, I'm trying to embrace it. 


@therealGM: What was your first reaction when you heard Joe Buck messed up your girl's name?

Hahaha it somehow got back to me. I just was like 'This isn't helping my cause.' It wasn't Joe Buck's fault. We laughed it off. We were good sports about it.


@wizwithout: What do you feel was the best shot you ever hit? And why?

Idk, I've hit a lot of good shots over my career. There's always one shot a tournament. I know it wasn't the 12th at Augusta last year. 


@srosenfeld10: Burger King or McDonald's?

McDonald's. Although I do like the BK Lounge.


@finko Part 1: How much confidence does almost winning the Masters while it seemed like you weren't at your best the last three rounds of the Masters last year give you to go keep mentally grinding in big rounds when you're a little off? 

That's what you gotta do as a professional. Even if you are a little off, gotta find a way to get through it. It's what makes it fun at times. Fighting through it.


Part 2: When you think of the best you've ever played where does your mind go?

It just goes blank. There's nothing there. You just black out. Everyone talks about getting in the zone. You just get into that zone and literally it's just...it's hard to explain. You just black out a little bit and it's tunnel vision. Everything seems to go in slow motion. You don't get there all the time, but when you do, it's different.


@dengle98: What is your workout plan?

It depends on the day. If I want to do upper or lower, or abs. You can join me for an hour-and-a-half if you want.


@ephilevy: When are you coming back to visit FSU?

I don't. I got asked this year to go back...When the football team becomes good, I'll come back. If I was bad at my profession, they wouldn't be wanting me to come back.


@robbiemoore: What is your go-to pre-round meal?

Turkey chili, but if we're going breakfast, I'm going to go yogurt and granola.


@tackofalli99: Thoughts on Kobe's death?

Very tragic for everyone involved. It's incredibly sad. It's hard to put into words. It's awful, but at the same time, it makes us realize how much we take for granted having our family there.


@CJS19: Who was your idol growing up?

It'd be hard for me not to say Tiger Woods. Tiger and Adam Scott were the guys I looked up to.


@DREWSKI79: How many hole in ones have you made?

I don't know actually. I don't keep track. I think I had a hole in one at Augusta and I forgot about it later that day.


@benfadden3: Would you rather beat Tiger or DJ on the 18th hole at the Masters?

I already know I'm going to beat DJ, so I'll go with Tiger.


@ubernick: Have you ever broken a window or anything by accidentally shanking a golf ball?

No, I've only shanked one and it was on live TV and everyone got to see it in slow-mo. Ryder Cup last year. I put the next one right at the flag but they didn't show that in slow-mo.