Booking WWE Raw and SmackDown for the Week of Feb. 10

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2020

Booking WWE Raw and SmackDown for the Week of Feb. 10

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    WWE is in the process of planning two pay-per-views. Super ShowDown is coming up February 27, and Elimination Chamber is set to take place March 8.

    SSD will be the company's fifth show in Saudi Arabia. Here is a quick look at the card as it stands:

    • The New Day vs. The Miz and John Morrison (SmackDown tag titles)
    • Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin (Steel Cage)
    • Bray Wyatt vs. Goldberg (Universal Championship)
    • Brock Lesnar vs. Ricochet (WWE Championship)

    While WWE still has some spots to fill at Super ShowDown, we should begin to see plans falling in place for Elimination Chamber during this week's Raw and SmackDown.

    Based on what happened on the most recent editions of Raw and SmackDown and what we know is coming, let's look at WWE's best booking options for the coming week.

Mojo Rawley Takes on All Comers

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    Monday's Raw saw Mojo Rawley lose to Drew McIntyre in less than 10 seconds. This wouldn't have been an issue a few weeks ago, but once WWE put the 24/7 title on him, he should stop have stopped being used as a jobber.

    Management called up Riddick Moss to serve as Rawley's muscle and let the former football player give a few promos about how he would not hide from his challengers.

    It's not too late to salvage Rawley's title reign and make the belt mean something. To regain his momentum, Rawley should dare someone to fight him.

    Giving him a few solid wins will help to begin the process of fixing both his character and the 24/7 Championship. If it won't be used for comedy, it should be used to get people over.

    A few local jobbers or someone low on the totem pole could be sacrificed to make Rawley look like a fighting champion.

Edge Reacts to Randy Orton's Attack

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    The latest Raw opened with Randy Orton coming to the ring to talk about why he chose to attack Edge, but The Viper couldn't bring himself to speak about it and ended up leaving the ring.

    This segment was performed perfectly by a veteran who is not always known for being nuanced. Orton is an aggressive character, and to see him unable to talk was a nice way to advance the story slowly.

    Monday's show should feature a response from Edge. WWE is the best when it comes to video packages, so we will likely see a recap of his history with Orton before a sit-down interview.

    It would be more effective if it were done in Edge's home so that Beth Phoenix can also be involved and we can see him in the environment he finds most comfortable.

    This is going to be a long storyline leading to WrestleMania. WWE shouldn't rush to get Orton and Edge back in the same building. Taking this slow is what will make it work in the end.

Buddy Murphy vs. Kevin Owens

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    The feud between Seth Rollins' new group and the pairing of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe is going to last until Elimination Chamber at the very least.

    We are going to see every conceivable combination of singles and tag team matches between now and then, but there is one combination that might yield the best performance.

    Owens and Buddy Murphy are both high-impact performers. Putting them in the ring together for more than a five-minute match would be almost guaranteed to steal the show any night of the week.

    AOP and Rollins will likely be at ringside, and Owens might have Joe in his corner. The whole thing would end up in a brawl anyway. But before that happens, a solid bout from KO and The Juggernaut would be a great way to start the show.

Aleister Black vs. Karl Anderson

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    Aleister Black has been running through some jobbers in recent weeks, but he can only fight low-level guys for so long. He needs his next big feud.

    The OC isn't doing much these days, and all three men would benefit from some screen time before WWE decides to put them back into the title picture.

    AJ Styles would be the perfect PPV opponent for Black, but before that happens, The Dutch Destroyer should face Styles' teammates to score a few more victories.

    Karl Anderson and Black could put on a stellar match under the right circumstances. The week after, he could defeat Luke Gallows before Styles agrees to face him at Super ShowDown or Elimination Chamber.

    It's an easy feud to write, but it would be effective and entertaining. Sometimes, simple is best.

Charlotte Flair Officially Challenges Rhea Ripley

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    Wednesday's episode of NXT saw Charlotte Flair return to Full Sail University to confront Rhea Ripley. While The Queen did not outright say she was choosing to go after the NXT Women's Championship, Ripley and Bianca Belair attacking her set everything in motion.

    Charlotte is going to have to address what happened on Monday's Raw, and that should be when she declares her intention to regain the first title she ever held in WWE.

    Ripley and Belair have a title bout at NXT TakeOver: Portland, but it already feels like WWE is looking past that to Ripley vs. Charlotte.

    Belair is a great character, and her time will come. But for now, the WrestleMania match everyone is clamoring for is The Queen challenging the NXT women's champion.

Liv Morgan Moves On from Lana to Battle Ruby Riott

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    Rusev and Bobby Lashley's feud appears to either be over or on the back-burner. With Ruby Riott back in the mix, WWE should make Monday the final chapter of Liv Morgan and Lana's feud so Morgan can focus on Riott.

    The former Riott Squad teammates know each other better than anyone, and they could elevate their careers if this feud is done right.

    Unfortunately, one of them will have to take the loss, but that is a bridge we don't have to cross right now. What's important is establishing why Riott is going after her former friend.

    Maybe she feels like Morgan abandoned her for Lana while she was recovering from her shoulder surgery, or maybe Riott just wants to prove she is not defined by her former stable.

    Setting up the motivation for Riott's attack is going to be the first step toward making this feud work.

Baymella Is Dead

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    Casual fans know about the friendship between Bayley and Sasha Banks, but those who have been following the SmackDown women's champion since NXT know Carmella is one of her best friends.

    They were affectionately known as Baymella, and their bond was highlighted on a few episodes of WWE Breaking Ground on WWE Network.

    WWE should use those clips to show why Bayley's attack on Carmella on Friday was such a betrayal. It will add an extra layer of emotion to a feud a lot of people may not consider important.

    Mella winning the No. 1 contender's spot might have shocked some people, but The Princess of Staten Island is a good choice to pair with Bayley between now and WrestleMania.

    We all know WWE can make a great video, and with all of the footage of these two together, a few minutes can showcase several years' worth of history.

Elias and Braun Strowman vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

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    Braun Strowman and Shinsuke Nakamura are feuding over the Intercontinental Championship, and Elias has started a program with Cesaro.

    Since Nakamura and Cesaro are both being managed by Sami Zayn, it's logical to assume WWE will combine their feuds for at least one or two tag team matches.

    This is a matter of convenience. Elias and Strowman appear to be on friendly terms these days, but they are not partners by any means. This gives Cesaro and Nakamura the advantage.

    This is the kind of thing WWE does all the time, but it makes more sense in this case since two of the men teaming up are already in an alliance.

The Fiend Tries to Get in Goldberg's Head

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    Goldberg returned on Friday's SmackDown and challenged Bray Wyatt to a match for the Universal Championship.

    Wyatt interrupted his promo to accept the challenge, but Goldberg refused to be intimidated. This is the same guy who stood toe-to-toe with The Undertaker, so he shouldn't be shaken right away.

    What WWE needs to do is to have The Fiend focus on trying to get inside the head of a man who does not appear to be afraid of anyone.

    This is a short-term storyline, so management only has a few weeks to make it matter. Luckily, Wyatt is great at what he does and can sell this feud with or without Goldberg being there every week.

Daniel Bryan Continues to Change

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    Daniel Bryan claimed he was not changed for the worse by his first encounter with Wyatt, but their recent Strap match may have gotten to him.

    Friday's SmackDown saw Heath Slater attempt to show Bryan some support backstage. He ended up sticking his foot in his mouth a bit, and Bryan challenged him to a match.

    The Yes Man soundly defeated Slater and appeared to go a little overboard with some of his attacks. If this is a sign of Bryan changing his character again, Friday will confirm it for us.

    All it would take is for Bryan to lose his cool once to begin the transition. His babyface run has only been going for a few months but management may see more value in him as a villain heading into WrestleMania 36.


    What do you think will happen on this week's Raw and SmackDown? Let me know on Twitter @BR_Doctor.