Soniqs' Esports' Top Plays, Prize Money from PUBG NPL 2019 Week 11

Theo SalaunContributor IIISeptember 8, 2019

HONG KONG, HONG KONG - August 26, 2018: Audiences watch a match of Hong Kong PUBG World Invitatiobal at the ICBC (Asia) E-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong on August 26, 2018 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images for Hong Kong Tourism Board)
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After a few months of downtime, the top PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teams in the North American PUBG League have finally resumed play with the start of the NPL’s Stage 3. It’s the last stage of the NPL and the final opportunity for North America’s top teams to lock down their spots in November’s PUBG Global Championship. 

With $200,000 in prize pool money on the line this stage, as well as candidacy for the Global Championship and its $2 million prize pool, Stage 3 holds serious weight, and Week 11 showed some heavy lifting by eUNITED, Team Envy, Ghost Gaming, Endemic and, in particular, Soniqs Esports.

In a departure from the earlier stages, Stage 3’s schedule is streamlined and features six matches per day among the 16 teams. To the delights of Soniqs Esports and Ghost Gaming, Sanhok has also been added to this stage’s map pool.

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

The first ever match of Sanhok goes the way of @GhostGaming in a 10 kill Chicken Dinner! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #NPL #PUBG https://t.co/Bruai0LiiY

Soniqs @SoniqsEsports

We love Sanhok. ❤️ Our PUBG team picks up our first victory in @PUBGEsports NPL! #SoniqBoom💥 https://t.co/IyJpkIu5yp

The first winnie winnie chicken dinnie of the day went the way of eUNITED, who pulled off nine kills. 

Keeping things consistent, Team Envy took Match 2’s chicken feast with another nine-kill win. Their four-man squad of PatKaps, Pride, Interrogate and Moody showed some steady, unfazed comms as they clinched the map against Soniqs Esports.

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

That's a win for @Envy as they wrap up Match 2 with a 9 kill Chicken Dinner! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #NPL #PUBG https://t.co/dF7AL0hXTy

Then came the dawn of Sanhok, as Ghost Gaming and Soniqs Esports won Matches 3 and 4 on the newly added map. Ghost heated things up, as Shrimzy, Vegas, Drassel and Miccoy totaled 10 kills—but Soniqs got toastier as they earned 11 kills for their first-ever chicken dinner in the NPL. 

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@SoniqsEsports find themselves an 11 kill Chicken Dinner in the fourth match of the day! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #NPL #PUBG https://t.co/i4SPiHC4Jz

In the penultimate match of the day, Rumblers GG played it low-key and snuck into the kitchen for some chicken dinner while only needing five kills along the way. 

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

Any Rumblers? @RumblersGG pick up 5 kills and a Chicken Dinner in Match five! Just one more to go in the day! 📺 Tune-in: https://t.co/kZahEYJkfV #NPL #PUBG https://t.co/MXbPeidcP0

Finally, in a definite contrast, Endemic Esports scooped a 20-kill, 30-point win in Match 6—nearly breaking the NPL’s single-game record of 22 kills. Although Soniqs' consistency still earned them the top of the leaderboards and a place atop the Phase 3 mountaintop with 36 kills and 58 points, Endemic’s performance notched them second place and 50 points. 

PUBG Esports @PUBGEsports

.@endemicesports come out with a massive 20 kill Chicken Dinner in the final match of the day! That's a wrap as Day 1 of NPL Phase 3 comes to a close! #NPL #PUBG https://t.co/xiirp1IBVh

EUNITED (47 points), Genesis (45 points), Ghost Gaming (43 points), Team Envy (37 points), Lazarus (33 points) and Riot Squad (32 points) round out the top half of the NPL’s 16 teams after the first day of action.