WWE Hot Take: Bringing Back Enzo & Big Cass Will Help Win the War vs. AEW

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistAugust 31, 2019


It likely traveled through the minds of many WWE fans lately: It sure would be fun to see Enzo and Big Cass back in WWE.

Which isn't to say the promotion's tag team wrestling is in a terrible state. But it isn't stealing shows, either, and the tandem of Enzo and Big Cass shares something much of the roster simply doesn't have: show-stealing superstardom.

Love them or hate them, the two were a draw. They left the company on presumably bad terms, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter surfaced a rumor recently that WWE had an eye on them for an NXT role (h/t Wrestling Inc's Marc Middleton).

Granted, Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet then reported that rumor is false. But let's be honest—WWE doesn't have any reason to admit it has an interest in bringing back the duo. In fact, it could spoil the surprise.

And what a surprise it would be. The social media age seems to result in reactionary, short-term memory among fans sometimes, yet it's hard to forget just how over Enzo and Big Cass were as a tag team.

Remember their call-up from NXT? Few can control a crowd like this anymore:

Or that time the mic didn't work and the crowd did it for them? Impressive is one word that comes to mind:

These two weren't always the best in the ring. They also fell apart quickly once they had to split up, which should have never happened in the first place.

But now? With both guys on the free-agent market again and Big Cass very open about the personal demons he's faced outside of the ring, getting them back on WWE programming makes too much sense.

And if WWE doesn't take them, a competitor like AEW just might.

The specter of another company getting talent like this could hurt WWE more than those in charge might want to admit. WWE has made a big show of suggesting AEW isn't competition, yet it just went out of its way to throw NXT on live television on Wednesdays to go head-to-head with the upstart promotion.

That's why the initial report of the tag team's return to NXT made so much sense. Both guys need some in-ring polish and to simply get back into the swing of things. Having the star power of their characters down there doesn't hurt, either—it's much better than casual fans flocking to see them on AEW instead, if that happens.

This would still presumably lead to some sort of call-up again down the road. The main roster, or what we know it as today, needs crowd-movers like Enzo. And with Cass through some of the personal issues he's talked about, let's just say he's looking good lately too:

#nZo (FKA Enzo Amore) @real1

LFG @TheCaZXL https://t.co/meBrwv9uXO

There is something odd about it being the middle of 2019 and Enzo and Big Cass are being talked about as Superstars who could help swing a new, budding wrestling war one way or the other.

But it speaks to the way fans like these guys. It also speaks, at least a bit, to the way WWE goofed with them the first time around. If they come back, there is no reason to break them up again. The good thing wasn't cooling and won't. Wrestling is partially about entertainment, and these guys consistently bring something every week that WWE can't always say it has.

Keep in mind this is also WWE, where second chances abound and even burned bridges are rebuilt in time. That it would help pop an NXT brand not only making a debut on television but also going to war with AEW is a mere convenience of timing.

The funny thing is, in the scope of the greater wrestling world, the return of Enzo and Big Cass on one of the Wednesday night shows with the war under way was almost a given. This sort of rumor isn't a shock. The only shock would be WWE passing on the opportunity to get these guys back under its umbrella.