AEW Double or Nothing Results: Jon Moxley Saves PPV and More Hot Takes

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2019

AEW Double or Nothing Results: Jon Moxley Saves PPV and More Hot Takes

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    Jon Moxley's AEW announcement.
    Jon Moxley's AEW announcement.Credit:

    All Elite Wrestling put on its first major pay-per-view Saturday night called Double or Nothing. While it was a fantastic night of wrestling, it didn't feel like the WWE killer many people were hoping it would be.

    The in-ring action was as good as anything you will see this year, especially when it came to some of the bigger matches. But it felt like so many other wrestling shows we have seen before.

    This was the company's first event, so we have to give it time to build characters we might not be familiar with. But when the announcers blank on who is in the ring, there is a problem in the communication department.

    Fans of pro wrestling should be overjoyed that the show turned out as good as it did. It looked polished, there were no major technical issues with the online stream and it was getting attention from everyone on social media.

    Let's take a look at what worked and what needs to be improved before AEW's weekly show launches this fall.

Jon Moxey Saved the PPV

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    At the end of Double or Nothing, when Chris Jericho was giving one of his classic heel promos following his victory over Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley came through the crowd to the loudest pop of the night.

    The former Dean Ambrose proceeded to attack everyone in the ring, including the referee, but his rival moving forward will clearly be Omega since they ended up brawling all the way to the stage.

    The entire PPV was a lot of fun, but until Moxley showed up, it felt like so many other indy shows we have seen before, just with a bigger budget.

    Moxley's appearance is going to keep people talking for weeks, and that is the kind of attention AEW needs.

    It kind of felt like when Lex Luger showed up in WCW right after his final appearance with WWE. Given Ambrose has left WWE for AEW, we could see more people follow in his footsteps.

    Moxley's appearance made Double or Nothing more than just another indy show. Whether it can continue riding that momentum until its TV show debuts is the question.

Too Much Blood

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    Cody and Dustin Rhodes did their father, Dusty Rhodes, proud by putting on a dramatic and emotional match that will stand the test of time, but there were moments when it felt like it should have ended sooner.

    Before they even reached the halfway point, Dustin bladed at ringside to appear as if hitting an exposed turnbuckle had busted him open. We used to see people do this in WWE all the time, but this time was different.

    Instead of producing just enough blood to look painful, Dustin was pouring crimson on to the mat at an alarming rate. Some fans may like that AEW is willing to take risks and do things WWE won't under PG rating restrictions, but there are reasons why policies have changed.

    It got way too bloody in the ring by the end, and it will give more fodder to people like TV show host John Oliver when they come after the wrestling industry for being barbaric.

    The match would have been great without anyone bleeding. A little red can add to a story, but the amount Dustin lost by the time he left the ring was disturbing. Let's hope he was able to get patched up without needing any serious medical attention.

WWE Missed the Boat on Scorpio Sky

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    We saw a lot of former WWE, WCW and TNA wrestlers appear during Double or Nothing, but one man who had a standout performance has been flying under the radar for years.

    Scorpio Sky has been working since 2002 and has made appearances in numerous promotions around the world, but WWE fans will remember him as Harold from the group therapy sessions with Kane and Daniel Bryan.

    He has never been controversial and always represented the sport in a respectful manner, but more importantly, he is incredible in the ring. Sky can do almost anything between the ropes, and he has the charisma to match his skill.

    How WWE let a talent like him slip through its fingers is a mystery. If the people running the show at AEW are paying attention, they need to strap a rocket to Sky's back and push him to the moon.

Too Similar to Other Companies

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    Part of the appeal of AEW when it was first being talked about was the approach it was going to take to the business. Wins and losses are supposed to mean more, and the show is supposed to have a more sports-centric feel. We didn't really get any of that.

    It's still early, so there is plenty of time to incorporate more changes into the product. In fact, it was smart to present something familiar before trying to be different so casual fans were still engaged.

    However, AEW wants to be seen as different than WWE, and what we got on Saturday felt like a cross between an NXT TakeOver event and early TNA weekly PPVs.

    AEW even had two tunnels for the entrance ramp just like TNA used to in the early days. The announcers made a few passing references to wins and losses meaning more but never went into how that would work.

    None of this is a negative, though. AEW needs to fit in with the rest of the wrestling world before it can differentiate itself. You have to walk before you can run, and AEW is already walking at a brisk pace.

Wrestling Needs More Dogs

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    Anyone who follows Cody and Brandi Rhodes on social media is familiar with Pharaoh, their Siberian Husky mix and unofficial AEW mascot.

    When Cody was shown arriving early in the show, Pharaoh in the back window received one of the biggest pops of the night.

    AEW should take this as a sign and bring that good boy to more shows because a lot of pro wrestling fans miss the days when some wrestlers had mascots they would bring with them to the ring.

    Koko B. Ware had his loyal parrot, Frankie, Jake Roberts had Damien the snake and The British Bulldogs had Matilda. Cody should find a way to use Pharaoh without putting him in any sort of danger.

    This might be the smallest hot take in this article, but it's one a lot of fans can get behind.

WWE Doesn't Need to Worry Yet

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    It's an exciting time to be a fan of pro wrestling. We have more choices than people have had in decades when it comes to high-quality in-ring action.

    WWE is still the undisputed king of the industry and will be for a long time, but many are hoping AEW lights a fire under management and gets it to work harder to produce better programming.

    When WCW Nitro first launched, it was already an established promotion a lot of fans knew about thanks to big names like Ric Flair, Sting and Hulk Hogan already working for the company. AEW has some familiar faces, but it is still a brand-new entity.

    Shots were fired at WWE a few times during Double or Nothing, but nobody delivered any anti-WWE promos or trashed anyone from the company in a specific way. The most blatant reference was Cody's symbolic smashing of a throne with a sledgehammer.

    Anyone who thought WWE was going to be in trouble right away was kidding themselves. AEW will present a fun alternative, but it won't cause CEO Vince McMahon to lose sleep.

    The best we can hope for is WWE starts to take its emerging competition more seriously and starts trying to give us more reasons to watch live every week. If AEW can do that, it will have accomplished something a lot of people have failed to do in recent years.


    What did you think of Double or Nothing? Should WWE be scared? Did the PPV do enough to establish the company as a threat?